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   Chapter 17

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"Well, he certainly needs one!" Hella agreed with a small smile.

"What did you tell him?"

"That I would have to check with you." Allie shrugged. "I don“t

know. I want to take it, but do you think it“s safe?"

"We agreed that I couldn“t travel on a hurt ankle. I don“t suppose

it matters if we rest here or at that rickety cabin. Besides, Alex

Conal seems like a very nice man."

Allie hugged her sister, "I was hoping you“d say that." She

whispered into her sister“s hair. She backed away and stood up.

"I“m going to go tell him. Thanks, Hella."

Alex was standing at the window when he heard her enter the

room. "Did you talk it over with your sister?" he asked keeping

his face turned away from her.

"Yes." She answered.

Silence filled the room. Finally, when he could stand it no longer,

he turned to face her. "And?"

Allie smiled, "And you“ve got a housekeeper. But I do have one

question: Do you even own a broom?"

Alex laughed and ran out of the room. He ran upstairs and

rummaged around in the closet until he found what he was

looking for. "Look at this." He said, dropping a large box down

onto the living room floor.

Allie walked over and kneeled beside the box. "What“s in it?"

She asked.

He opened the flaps. "Take a look." He invited.

Allie looked into the box. There were many bottles of cleaners

and dusting rags. She took out the bottles. In the bottom of the

box she found a dustpan, packages of curtains, a

nd a tablecloth.

"What“s all this?" she asked.

Alex sighed. "A house warming gifts from my mother. Can you

believe it? I wanted a flat screen TV. So, can you use it?"

"Yes. It“s too late to start tonight but I“ll start first thing in the

morning." She stood. "Where“s the kitchen?"

"Across the hall." He stood, looking a bit confused.

Allie walked across the hall and into the kitchen, "Can you get

me paper and pen?" she asked as she began to rummage through

the cabinets.

Alex quickly got what she asked for, when he returned she was

looking through the fridge. "What are you doing?" he asked as

she began to write furiously on the paper.

"Taking inventory. Can you go grocery shopping for me


Alex made a face at her back, "Sure no problem. Just write down

what you need."

Allie didn“t answer.

Alex watched her for a few seconds more before he mumbled

something about heading to bed and left.

Allie finished her list then went up to bed. Hella was sleeping

when she arrived in the bedroom.


The next morning dawned bright and sparkly. Alex found Allie“s

list on the table. He wrote her a note and went to the store.

Allie was scrubbing the bathroom when she heard Hella calling

her name. Allie went in and sat down on the edge of Hella“s bed.

"How“d you sleep?" she asked

"Fine. Alex did a good job on my ankle. Are you cleaning?"

"Yeah," Allie said pushing her braid over her shoulder. "There is

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