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   Chapter 16

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Alex was sitting in a chair. "The bed“s finished."

Alex stood, "Alright. Have a seat. I“ll be back." He picked Hella

up and took her up to the bedroom.

"I can walk." Allie heard her sister protest. Allie ran her fingers

over the TV thick dust covered her fingers. She brushed her hand

against her pants to wipe the dust off.

Alex reentered the living room. "Hi. The bed looked great.


Allie turned, "You“re welcome. By the way, I never got a chance

to thank you for rescuing me from the wolves."

"No problem. I“ve always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress."

Alex gestured to the couch. "Have a seat." He invited.

Allie crossed the room and sat down.

He stood silent for several heartbeats, just watching the girl on

his couch. Now how should he start in on the topic he wanted to

discuss? He had never been one to beat around the bush. Best to

just jump in and spit it out. Still, he wasn“t sure how his request

would sound to her, so he figured that he should start out easily.

Reel her in, so to speak. With any hope, she would find his

proposition to be favorable. "How do you like my living room?"

he asked.

Allie glanced around the room. "It“s umm... nice. Very nice."

Honestly, the room reminded her of a dirty version of what had

once been the Harbor“s living room, only minus the TV.

Alex laughed. "Stop pretending. It“s dirty and bare. Not homey at

all. Admit it." He taunted her.

"You don“t mind?" Allie asked.

Alex shook his head. "It“s the truth. So how“s your leg?"

"Fine." She said, wondering where this conversation was going

and why he kept asking about her leg and whether s

he could


"Alright." Alex ran his hand through his hair and sat down in the

chair. Obviously, the time for bush beating had ended. Time to get

to the point. It was probably best to just blurt it out. And that is

what he did, "Allie, do you want a job?"

"A job? Doing what?" Allie gasped. Was this the plan he kept

mentioning? Was this what all his weird questions had been

leading up to?

"As a cook, housekeeper. That kind of stuff. I“ll pay you of

course." Alex stood and began to pace the room. " I know the

house is a big mess, but I know you can it. See, I invited my

mother over to my house for dinner on Sunday. I“ve had this

place for three years and it“ll be the first time she“s ever seen it. I

really don“t care what she thinks, well, not usually but this time is

different. She never thought me capable to live on my own. She

still seems to think of me as a child. Which I don“t mind most of

the time, but I don“t want her to think-"

Allie stood, and took a few steps toward him. "Alex, Stop. I“ll

take the job and I“ll start right away." She said, "Well, after I

check with my sister, I mean. If it“s okay with her then I will."

Alex stopped his crazed animal pacing, and turned to face her.

"Okay. You check with her and get back with me."

Allie walked up the stairs to her bedroom. "Hella?" She called

out, hoping that she wouldn“t be sleeping.

Hella opened her eyes when Allie entered. "Hi, Allie. What“s

up?" she asked recognizing the hopeful look on Allie“s face.

Allie sat down on the end of her sister“s bed. "Alex wants me to

work for him. He wants me to be his housekeeper and cook."

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