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   Chapter 15

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 2996

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Alex smiled back, "Though it hurts my ego to hear that, I must

admit that you“re right." He eyed her in silence for a few seconds.

"How do you feel?" he asked again.

"Stupid. I hate being in bed during the day."

Alex nodded, "Can you walk?"

Allie leaned forward, her eyes light with hope. "I think so. My

leg hurts, but not enough to hinder walking. I could try it."

Alex stepped forward. "I“m right here. I won“t let you fall."

Allie threw back the blankets; placing her feet on the floor she

stood up.

Alex“s left arm was around her back, his right hand gripping her


Allie turned her head in his direction and smiled. "You can let

go, it“s like a dog bite, not a broken leg."

"Are you sure?" Alex worried.

"Look, you let go but stay near. Okay? Then you can catch me if

I go to fall."

Alex nodded. He let go of her and took a step away from her.

Allie turned and walked around the room. She didn“t fall or even


Alex watched her progress, thankful that her leg hadn“t been

seriously injured. Cuts and bruises would heal. "Does your leg


"A little, but I can walk just fine." Allie was quick to assure him.

"Good." Alex glanced down for a moment, then back up at her.

"Allie, would you mind helping me to make Hella“s bed?"

Allie laughed. "Is that why you wondered if I could walk?"

Alex pulled some sheets and blankets from a closet. "Yeah. But I

am glad that you can walk."

"I“ll help y

ou on one condition." Allie grinned, prepared to

bargain to get what she wanted.

"Yes?" Alex turned to face her, worried that she would request

something entirely ridiculous.

"You don“t even try to make me stay in that bed."

Alex laughed and tossed his bundle of blankets on the bed, "Oh,

you don“t have to worry about that, I“ve got plans for you, little


There! Another reference to his plans for her. What were his

plans? "Alex you keep mentioning plans. What are these plans?

What are you going to do to me?"

Alex chuckled. "It“s not what I“ll do to you, but what I“ll do with

you. And you“ll find out soon enough. In the mean time, will you

help me with this bed?"

"Sure." Allie grabbed the fitted sheet and snapped it into place.

Alex watched her for a few seconds. "Meet me in my office

when you“re done." He started for the door.

"Wait! You said I was to help you make the bed!" Allie teasingly

protested his departure. "But besides that you forgot to tell me

where your office is."

"Sorry. I“ll make it up to you later. It“s down stairs, in the living

room." He called over his shoulder as he thundered down the

stairs for the millionth time that day.

When Allie finished with the bed she walked down stairs. She

turned left and peered into an open door. It looked like a living

room, a very dirty living room. She walked in; her sister was

lying on the couch her ankle propped up on a couple pillows.

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