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   Chapter 14

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were about to say?"

Hella“s face flushed, "Uh... yes. Exactly right."

Alex stood. "Excellent. I“ve got a knack for taking words out of

people“s mouths. Come. Allie“s to see you." Scooping her up like

a kitten, he ran up the stairs and banged through the door. "Allie!

I“ve brought you a visitor!" he sat Hella down on the end of

Allie“s bed.

"Hella! How“s your ankle?" Allie asked leaning forward.

"Fine, Allie, I heard you were a victim of a wolf attack? What


Allie frowned remembering the attack. "I was on my way back to

you when I saw a wolf in front of me. I turned to run away but

they had me completely surrounded."

Hella leaned forward and grabbed Allie“s hand, "I“m so sorry.

Allie. I never should have sent you into town-"

Alex cleared his throat loudly, both girls looked up at him. "I“m

sorry, girls. But visiting time is over!"

"OVER!" Allie shouted, "She hasn“t been here for more than

three minutes!"

Alex shuffled his feet and grinned. "I know, but you need rest,

little dearie. Come on Hella." He bent to pick her up.

"I do not need rest! I“m perfectly-"

"Allie, are you arguing with your doctor?" Alex asked.

"You“re not my doctor, you“re a-"

"Good friend?" Alex swiftly interrupted. "Wonderful, then you

won“t mind your good friend saying that you need to rest. Oh, and

Allie, I appreciate being numbered as one of your friends. No

better way could you have repaid my kindness toward you."

Allie“s argumentative words slipped from

her tongue and down

into her stomach, where they rested like a rock. "Of course,

Doctor. My pleasure."

Alex continued to smile as he lifted Hella from the bed. "Don“t

worry, you“ll have plenty of time to visit when I move Hella“s bed

in here." He turned and gave Allie a comical glare in which he

wagged his eyebrows up and down. "Now you rest!" he ordered,

his voice coming out like a boom of thunder. The words and

comical expression left Allie in a fit of laughter. Alex put Hella

back on the couch. "Be with you in a few." He yelled to her as he

jogged back up the stairs.

Hella sighed and leaned her head back. He was like a tornado, or

a hurricane. She chuckled. Or like a child on a sugar high. The

only time she remembered him sitting still was when he was

riding his horse, Emma. Hella looked up when she heard a

thudding on the steps.

Alex ran past the living room and into the kitchen. He ran back

through, the thudding on the stairs came again.


Allie sat in the bed watching as Alex darted around the room

putting the bed together. He whistled a cheerful tune while he


"Thank you, Alex." She said.

He glanced up at her and smiled. "Any time, princess. You

feeling okay?"

"Sure." Allie nodded, "I hardly hurt."

Alex lifted the mattress and dropped it down on the bed frame.

"Well." He turned to face her. "That could be because either I“m a

really great doctor or you weren“t very badly hurt."

Allie smiled, "I“d bet on the latter reason."

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