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   Chapter 13

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much indebted to you."

"To me?" Allie gasped in surprise.

"Yes. Those wolves have been attacking people in the down.

Taking down there leader may divide them I wouldn“t have gotten

that chance without you playing the part of the bait. Caring for

you and your sister is the least I could do. Besides", He leaned

down and repositioned her pillow under her head, "I“ve got plans

for you, Miss."

Allie“s eyes went wide, her breath caught in her throat. "Plans?"

she croaked.

Alex smiled down at her, a dimple appearing in his left cheek.

"Yes, but needn“t worry about that now. You focus on healing.

I“m off to see Hella. Bye." He shut the door behind himself.

Allie struggled to sit upright. Plans? What plans did her have for

her? Plans to end her life? She gripped the blankets to her chest,

her knuckles white. And she had just been thinking that he might

be a nice man! Plans! Don“t worry about it now. That“s what he

had said, but how could she obey that order? Especially when her

and her sister“s lives were involved. He could be downstairs

murdering Hella right now! But why would he go to the effort of

making Hella and herself well, if he only wanted to kill them?

I“ve got to stop this, she thought. He may not be a killer. But then,

what other plans might he have for her? A shudder rippled

through her body. What could be worse then death? Allie didn“t

want to find out.


Alex walked into the living room. "How does your ankle feel

now?" He asked testing the water with his finger.

"Numb and tingly." Hella replied, "And how“s my sister?"

Alex grinned, "Oh, she“s fine. Worrying, but I suspect that she

does that frequently."

Hella laughed at his apt assessment of Allie. "Yes", she agreed,

"Allie“s a pro at worrying. I love her, but she“s going to turn gray

before she reaches twenty-one."

Alex shrugged and sighed. "Wish I had an antidote for the

worrywart disease." He said fully appreciating Hella“s humor.

"You don“t worry much yourself, do you Alex?" Hella asked.

"Not if I can help it." Alex dropped down beside her on the

couch. "The only thing worrying does for you is makes you old

faster and gives others reason to worry about you. I must admit, I

do get concerned over things, but I never worry about anything.

Concern and worry are two different things. Even when I am

concerned, I try to stay cool and let no one know. I don“t like to

spread alarm."

Hella smiled. "That was wonderfully put, Doctor. And now, may

I see my little worrier?"

Alex grinned and stood. "Not until I wrap your ankle."

"It“s not broken, is it?" she asked.

"Just a bad sprain. I want you to keep off of it for at least a

week." He dried her foot off with a towel and began to wrap a

bandage around it. "Am I correct in assuming that you and your

sister have no place to stay?" he asked while he wrapped.

Hella shook her head, "We“re staying in that cabin--."

"Which is unfit for human life." Alex interrupted. "Both of you

shall stay with me. You may share a bedroom if you like."

"Thank you for the offer, but we wouldn“t want to--."

"Offend me by declining my offer?" Alex interrupted again with

a grin. "Excellent, I will move a second bed into Allie“s room."

He finished her ankle and smiled up at her. "Was that what you

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