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   Chapter 12

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3109

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Hella took the time to glance around. What she saw surprised

her. The living room held a straight-backed chair, a striped couch

and a TV. That was it. No rugs on the floor, no pictures on the

walls. The walls weren“t even papered or painted. This was the

house of a doctor? For some reason, she had always expected that

doctor“s lived a more comfortable life then normal people. And

here, in this doctor“s house, dust and dirt lay on the floor in piles.

The window was so dirty that you couldn“t see out of it. Had this

room ever been cleaned? She wondered. True, her and Allie“s

life“s had been just as simple, but at least they had managed to

keep all of their nothing clean.

A burst of cold air filled the house. Alex shut the door and

walked into the living room. He shrugged out of his coat and

dropped it on the dusty chair. "Warming up?" He asked.

"Yes, thank you. May I see my sister now, Doctor?"

Alex grinned. "Sure. On one condition."

Hella frowned. "What“s that?" she worried.

"You call me Alex. Not doctor."

Hella smiled up at him. He was certainly a nice man. She didn“t

think she had anything to worry about. He wouldn“t hurt her or

Allie. "It“s a deal." She agreed. "Now may I see my sister?"

"No." Alex kneeled beside the couch and began to probe at her

ankle again.

"But you said-Ouch!" She cried out as he hit a tender spot.

"I said you might see your sister. But first I“m going to tend to

this ankle." Alex stood and left the room. He returned a few


oments later with a pan filled with hot water. Pulling a bottle

from his shirt pocket he uncapped it, measured out a portion and

dumped it into the water. Alex took Hella“s foot. Her ankle was so

swollen that he had to cut her sock off of her. He placed her foot

in the hot water. The pan was deep enough that the water rose

above her ankle.

"How long do I have to soak my ankle?" Hella asked.

Alex stood and studied her for a few moments. "Fifteen

minutes." He decided. "I“ll be back." He returned with a mug.

"Drink this. It“s tea. It“ll help take down the swelling. I“m going

to check on your sister. You stay here, and drink that."

"Alright." Hella agreed.

Alex climbed the stairs two at a time and pushed open the

bedroom door. The girl was lying in the bed. Her wide brown

eyes fastened to the door.

"Is my sister okay?" She whispered.

Alex crossed over to the bed and began to examine her bandages.

"She“s fine." He assured her. "She“s downstairs. I“m taking care

of her ankle. When I“m done you can see her."

"Thank you." She smiled at him, then her smiled faltered.

"Ummmm.... sir--."

"Alex." He offered.

She nodded, "Alex, I“m afraid that we don“t have anything to pay

you for the services you“ve given us."

Alex laughed. "Don“t worry about that, lass. You gave me the

opportunity to kill several wolves, including their leader. I would

have never gotten that opportunity if it weren“t for you. You see

Miss", he said tossing her a crooked grin, "I consider myself

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