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   Chapter 11

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3390

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Allie blinked up at the big man kneeling beside her. It was the

man that had been following her in town earlier that day. How did

she get here? Why was he with her? "Hella“s my sister. I left her,

she“s injured." She murmured trying to stop her tears.

The man nodded. "Stop crying, Love. Everything will be all

right. Was your sister with you when the wolves attacked?"

Wolves? With a gasp, Allie remembered. She quickly shook her

head. "No. I left her in a cabin. She hurt her ankle."

The man stood, he towered above the bed. "Alright, I“m going to

go and get her. Was the cabin near the place where the wolves


Allie nodded.

The man left the room. A few minutes later, he returned with a

mug. Sitting it down on the nightstand, his arm went under her

shoulders as he helped her sit up. He gestured to the mug. "Hot

toddy. Drink it. While I“m gone I want you to stay in this bed and


Allie barely nodded before the man was gone again.


Hella“s head jerked upward when the door of the cabin slammed

open. Winter wind and snow flurries swept into the cold building.

The door shut and a large man stood there. Hella said nothing;

she sat on the floor of the cabin gazing at the man, wondering if

this was a dream. The man stood at least 6“2. His hair was blonde,

sun streaks revealing how much time he spent in the out doors.

Snow clung to his hair and coat. Turning his head slowly, his

sharp blue eyes scanned the bare, dirty cabin.

Shaking his head, he walked over and kneeled in front of her.

"Name“s Alex Conal. Your sisters at my place, she said you were

hurt?" His eyes moved from

her face to her swollen ankle.

Hella gasped in pain as Alex began to gentle prod at her ankle.

"Umm...yes. Is my sister alright?"

The man continued his inspection of her ankle. He was careful

not to hurt her again. "Yeah. I found her on the losing end of a

wolf attack, but she“s fine."

Hella watched him as he finished his examination and stand up.

"Are you a doctor?" She asked as he leaned down and scooped

her up easily.

"Guilty as charged." He answered with a dimpled smile.

Hella took in the blue t-shirt peeking from under his buckskin

coat. "You don“t look like a doctor." She commented.

He flashed her a grin. "Thank you, Miss. Much obliged."

Hella laughed at his uncharacteristic response. Alex carried her

out of the rickety cabin and to a brown and white horse standing

near the door. "What? No car?" she asked as he lifted her onto the

horse“s back and swung up behind her.

"It“s a pain to start in the cold. Besides, Emma“s better in a

snowstorm. Doesn“t get stuck as easily."

They hurried through the cold and snow to the place where he

called home. "I“m Hella." She said, her teeth chattering.

"I know. Your sister told me." Alex pulled her closer against

himself, trying to shield her from the bone-chilling wind. "It“s just

a little farther." He assured her. Just as he said, about two minutes

later, a house came into view. Sliding to the ground near the door.

Alex lifted her from the horse and carried her into the house. "Sit

here." He ordered, sitting her gently on the couch. "I“ll be back."

He called over his shoulder as he went back out into the cold to

care for his horse, Emma.

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