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   Chapter 10

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3257

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"Love you too, Mom. Bye." Alex threw the phone on the chair

and went outside to turn off his truck. For some unknown reason,

he hadn“t felt compelled to tell her about the girl and the wolves.

Of course, maybe it was because he knew that she would become

batty with worry if she knew he“d found the wolves. But that

wasn“t the reason he held back from telling her why he had been

late. So then, what was?

Sighing, Alex went to the fridge and opened the door. It was

filled with all the wonderful things a bachelor who hated to shop

would eat: half a pizza, a stick of butter, two cans of Pepsi, and a

block of unopened cheddar cheese. Alex chose the block of

cheese. Tossing the wrapper in the overflowing trashcan, he took

the whole block to the living room, where he could enjoy his

dinner while watching TV. The TV soon droned out the sound of

the storm. Cheese gone, Alex soon let his eyes slid shut.

"Alex! Alex!" Alex looked down at his mother“s panicked face.

"Please listen to me, son!"

Alex stared at his mother“s old face, he felt totally immune to her

pleading. "You shall have no more control over me, woman!" He

harshly addressed his mother. Leaning down, he spit into his

mother“s face.

Despite all this disrespectful mistreatment, her calm blue eyes

never looked angry. "Alex, it was all a mistake. Stop being

foolish and put that knife down."

"NO!" Alex“s roar could have shaken the walls. Still clenched in

his left hand was a kitchen stake knife. He raised it up, ready to

jab it downward into his helpless victim.

"Alex, ple

ase don“t." This sweet calm voice was different. Alex

jerked back; he knew that voice. Turning, he saw her. "Alex, it

was a mistake." She crooned. Standing behind him, her smile as

sweet as an angel“s, was the girl he had rescued from the wolves.

Long black curls were freed from their braid; they tumbled down

to her waist. Beautiful chocolate brown--. No! She wouldn“t

distract him. No mistake. Turning, the girl“s scream filled the air

as the knife arched downward and his mother fell to the floor. Her

wide eyes were staring up at him.

"I hate you!" He growled viciously at the lifeless form.

Alex tumbled from the couch, hitting the floor. Breathing hard he

sat up. "What in the-" he muttered rubbing his eyes.

He stood and looked around his dusty living room. Then walked

into the hall. "Mom?" he called out softly. "I“m home." He

whispered in relieve finally recognizing his kitchen. He had just

returned to the living room and sat down when he heard a voice.


Jumping to his feet, Alex ran upstairs and burst into the bedroom.

The girl was tossing on the bed, "Hella!" she cried out again.

"Shhh.... Don“t worry, I“ll get you some medicine." Alex had just

gotten out the bedroom door when he heard her call again.


Alex turned back toward her. "Please don“t swear, Miss. I know

it hurts but I“m going to get you something for the pain."

"No," The girl gasped, "My sister."

Alex went back to her bed and kneeled beside it. "Shhh...." He

comforted her, wiping tears from her cheeks. "You have a sister?

Tell me about her."

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