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   Chapter 9

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 4832

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After many tries, the truck reluctantly started and he backed out

onto the road. He had been driving for a full five minutes before

the snow began to fall. The snow was beautiful, each piece so

special. He loved to look at it covering his land like a magnificent

blanket. Other then that, he hated snow. Hated how cold it was,

hated how it clung to his boots thus making it easy to slip. He

hated how it piled up so high it was difficult to walk a mile.

Other then its beautiful pure look, snow was a pain in the butt.

But he didn“t have to go out in it yet, so Alex sang along with the

radio, enjoying his ride home. A high-pitched scream caused Alex

to frown. "I think I need some new speakers." He muttered,

turning the volume down. Broken speakers wasn“t much of a

surprise, he had to replace just about everything else on the old

truck. Just as he was rounding a curve, the scream came again.

His right foot jumped to the brake.

The wolves were there. They formed a circle around their prey.

Their prey-a person- was lying on their stomach. One wolf was

standing near her neck. The others were moving in. Grabbing the

pistol from his glove box, Alex rolled his stubborn window down.

Pistol pointing skyward, he pulled the trigger. The shot sounded,

but the wolves barely noticed the distraction. Frowning in

concentration, Alex lined his pistol up and shot the wolf nearest

the familiar body on the ground.

The loss of their comrade didn“t shake the wolves“ confidence in

the least. One wolf“s teeth went to the girl“s leg. His reward was

to be the next to die. Sweat pouring down Alex“s face and neck;

he took aim at a wolf making his way to the girl“s neck. He

missed, his bullet entering a wolf standing back and to the left of

the targeted one. That did it. When this wolf went down there was

a yipping and a howling and the remaining wolves scattered. Gun

still in hand, Alex threw open the door and ran to the girl“s side.

Shoving a wolf carcass off of her legs, Alex ran a practiced eye

down her backside. The wolves had attacked her from behind,

evidence of that was in the marks marring her neck. Her left leg

was torn and bleeding, but it wasn“t as bad as it could have been.

Shrugging out of his coat, Alex wrapped it around her. Scooping

her up he ran to his truck. It was the same girl

he had seen in

town that day.

Alex breathed a prayer the entire way home. The snow was

piling up; swirling every which way, it made visibility difficult.

After a painstakingly slow drive home, he threw the truck in park

and hopped out. Making tracks through the snow, Alex opened

the passenger door and gently lifted the small unconscious body

from the seat. He had parked directly in front of the door, so he

had only a few steps to go to reach his house.

Leaving his boots on, Alex took her to a bedroom upstairs and

laid her on her stomach on the bed. Retrieving some bottles and

cotton from a cabinet, he gently cleaned the wolf bites. The ones

on the back of her neck weren“t especially serious. When her

neck was properly bandaged he moved onto her leg. The wolf had

died before it had gotten the chance to tear chunks of her flesh

away. Even so, her pajama pants were ripped from his effort, and

the broken skin revealed where his teeth had sunk into her. All in

all, this girl had been very fortunate.

Alex smiled to himself as he cleaned and bandaged her leg. He

had wanted to know more about her, and here she was! Of course,

he had had to go through wolves to get to her, but he had the

feeling that she would be worth it. For some unexplainable

reason, he felt drawn to this girl. She definitely had a story to tell,

and Alexander Conal wanted to sit at her feet and hear it. He

gently flipped her over so that she was now lying on her back;

and he tucked the blankets around her slight frame. Alex stood for

a moment, looking down at her sleeping face. Such a beautiful,

mysterious girl. On impulse, he brushed the curls from her

forehead and pressed his lips gently to it. His hand lingered on

her cheek for a moment longer before he backed out of the room

and shut the door softly.

Just as he reached the front door, the phone rang. Wheeling

around, Alex quickly snatched it from its base. "Hello?"

"Alex! I“m so glad you made it home! I was worried!" His

mother“s voice filled his right ear, as she continued to express just

how worried she had been. "I called twice but you never

answered. I was ready to send the police after you!"

"Well, I“m fine mom. That roads were bad, that“s all. Look, I left

the truck running. I“ll talk to you later. OK?"

"Alright. Love you, Alex Rae."

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