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   Chapter 8

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 4086

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Allie walked down the sidewalk, looking left and right at all the

stores. It was a cute town. Nobody could say it was

superannuated, though it was quite small. The sidewalks were

barren except for a man who had just stepped out of a convenient

store. She felt his eyes on her as she walked. Once, she was

tempted to look at him. Allie inhaled sharply when he began to

cross the street. This is ridiculous, she thought, a man crosses the

street am I immediately label him a murderer. For all I know, his

car could be parked over here. Allie kept on walking, determined

not to let him see her steps falter, if he was looking. Then the man

stepped up onto the sidewalk and turned. He was now walking

directly behind her. Still doesn“t mean following me, she told

herself. A shiver ran through her body, partly from the cold, but

mostly from fear. She would test him; see if he really was

following her. Pausing, she turned and walked into a bookstore.

Trying to slow her racing pulse, she picked up the nearest book

and began to read the back cover. Nobody entered the store while

she had been reading. Sighing with relief she put the book back

on the display stand. Pushing open the door, she stepped outside.

Her eyes went wide. There he was, leaning against the bookstore,

a bag of groceries in one arm. Turning quickly, she began to run

down the sidewalk. She could hear heavy footfalls behind her, so

she knew he was following her. What am I doing? She wondered.

If he wants to kill me I should face him, not run from him. He“ll

probably catch me anyways. Stopping abruptly, she swung



Alex almost ran into the dark-haired girl. She was facing him and

soon he was staring into chocolate colored eyes.

"Why are you following me?" She demanded, her voice

trembling slightly.

That“s a good question, Alex thought, why am I following her?

"Sorry, Miss. I didn“t mean to frighten you. My name is Alex

Conal. You must be freezing. Here,

take my coat." He started to

shrug it off.

"No." She said quickly, putting a hand on his arm to stop him."No, I“m fine.

Will you just tell me what town this is?"

"Greenstem. Look Miss, it“s freezing out here--."

"Thank you." Turning, she crossed the street and headed back the

way she came.

Alex sighed. "Why do beautiful women have to be so

untouchable?" He wondered aloud. Turning, he walked back to

his mother“s.

"Alex, take your boots off!" His mother yelled as soon as she

heard the door slam shut.

Alex rolled his eyes. He set the brown bag down, tugged off his

boots, and retrieved the bag. As soon as he stepped into the

kitchen, his mother“s eyes went to his feet. Seemingly satisfied,

she stepped forward to relieve him of the grocery bag.

"What took so long?" she asked as she began to assemble two


Alex crossed to the window and looked out. "Oh, you know me.

Can“t go to town without frightening a girl."

His mother cut his sandwich into four finger-sized triangles.

"Scaring girls?"

Alex evaded the question by stating his thoughts. "It“s getting

colder. Looks like we“re in for a bad storm. I should get home

before it hits. I“ll take my sandwich with me." He grabbed all four

triangles and left the kitchen.

"Alex! You promised me the whole day!" His mother protested,

following him to the door. "You could stay here."

Alex stuffed the sandwiches into his coat pocket. He leaned

down and kissed her cheek. "No one to feed my cats." He turned

and was out the door before his mother could combat that


Alex loved his mother, he really did, but that didn“t mean that he

wanted to be trapped in a house with her for goodness knows how

long. After enduring childhood and struggling through the teen

years with her, he had been glad to get out from under her roof.

Whenever he came to visit, she was civil, even nice, but that

didn“t change the long harbored feelings of animosity he felt

toward her.

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