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   Chapter 7

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3433

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"Well," His mother stood. "We“ll have meatloaf sandwiches as

soon as you run to town and buy my a loaf of bread."

"Mom, can“t you remember to do your own shopping?" Alex

whined teasingly.

"Well, you wouldn“t want those bold wolves to get your ma,

would you?"

"Mom, you know as well as I that those wolves never enter into

your mind when you go to leave the house." Alex stood."White?"

"Yes, and get some ketchup, too." She said handing him a ten dollar

bill. "And don“t let the wolves get you." She warned with a


Alex walked out of the kitchen and to the front door. "Hey mom!

Can I wear my boots to town?"

"Get to town, you smart-mouth!" His mother replied appearing

in the living room doorway.

Grabbing his coat from the chair, Alex walked out of the house

and into the autumn air. It was only the middle of September, but

the temperature stood at 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It was such a

short distance to town that Alex decided to walk. It might seem

crazy to walk with the temperature so low, but it sure beat

fighting with his truck. His “85 pick-up didn“t like to start on

warm days. On cold days it was next to impossible. Thankfully, it

wasn“t too far from his mother“s to town. He could make the

entire trip in less then twenty minutes. Alex walked briskly to

town, pulling open the convenient store“s door he walked in.

"Afternoon, Alex." The cashier called. He was sitting in front of

a pot-bellied stove, playing cards with the store“s manager.

"Good hand?" Alex asked stepping closer to warm his hands near

the stove.

"It is for me!" Laughed the manager.

Alex smiled and went to fetch the bread and ketchup. I

t was just

like a scene from a feel-good movie. Their town was far from

out-dated, but it was comfortable. It wasn“t a big town, everybody

knew everybody. Some would call this pokey and old-fashioned,

and when he heard such comments, Alex had been known to put

such visitor“s in their place. This was his home. People around

here still cared about each other, helped each other out, they still

obeyed the golden rule. You don“t find too many towns with

people like that and Alex dared any one to talk bad of it. "Ring

me up, Colin." Alex called from the register.

Colin stood, bringing his cards with him. "How“s your mom?"

He asked as he bagged the bread and ketchup.

"She“s alive." Alex laughed, "She was trying to cut tree branches


Colin laughed, "That old woman“s gonna kill herself before she

goes daft!"

"That“s a fact!" Alex agreed, accepting the change. He grabbed

his bag and exited the warm store. His steps faltered. There,

walking on the opposite sidewalk was the most beautiful woman

he had ever seen.

She looked to be in her late teens, long black

hair pulled back in a braid, cute curls framing her angel-like face.

Alex frowned as he took in her attire. She was clad in a long

sleeved t-shirt and faded pajama pants. What was she thinking?

Coming out here in that outfit! Besides it being indecent, she was

probably freezing. Women! He thought with disgust. Probably

didn“t wear a coat because she was afraid it would hide her figure.

Almost unconsciously making the decision to follow her, Alex

crossed the street and stepped onto her sidewalk. Where was she

going? He“d never seen her around here before.

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