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   Chapter 6

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Allie nodded, she didn“t want her sister in pain. Maybe their staying he would even throw the killer off.

If he was even looking for them. "You“re right. We will stay. Is there anything that

you want me to do?"

"Yes. Could you go on searching for that town? Find out where

we are so we can determine how far we“ve come."

Allie stood. "I“m going to search for a river or someplace where

we can get water. I found a cracked bucket. It“ll leak but it“s all

we“ve got." Allie turned and gave her sister one last look before

she left in search of the town.


Alex shrugged out of his coat and tossed it on the chair. Leaving

his boots on, he walked to the fireplace and held his hands out to

warm them.

"Alex? Is that you?" His mother called from the kitchen.

"Yes." Alex answered. "Were you expecting anybody else?"

His mother appeared at the door. "Alex! Just look at that dirt

you“ve tracked in with your boots!" She scolded.

Alex turned and glanced at the dirty carpet then back to his

mother. "Sorry." He said.

Tadaka placed her hands on her hips. "Sure you are, and you“ll

prove it. The vacuum is in the hall closet." Turning she went back

into the kitchen.

Sighing, Alex took off his boots and tossed them in the general

direction of the front door. His mother never changed. Clean

houses were nice, but he honestly couldn“t see why she fussed

about dirt so much. Humans were formed from dust, after all. If

dirt and dust was good enough for God, it should be good enough

for his mother. Idly, he wondered if over cleanliness was a sign of

a sanity disorder. Regardless of his personal thoughts, he got the

vacuum, plugged it in and cleaned up his mess.

To be honest,

since he had moved out of his mother“s house, he rarely cleaned

anything. He didn“t even have a dish set of his own. It was too

much trouble to do the dishes every week. He preferred to use

paper plates and cups. He hoped that it wouldn“t be too long

before they invented paper pots and pans that wouldn“t burn when

you set them on a stove.

As he rolled up the vacuums cord he

imagined his mother“s face if she ever visited his place. He

chuckled as he put the v

acuum back into the closet. She would

probably have a heart attack.

His mother stepped back into the doorway. A smile lit her face as

she surveyed the carpet. "That“s better." She approved. "Now

come into the kitchen and visit your old mom."

Alex followed his mother into the kitchen. He grabbed a glass

from the dishwasher and filled it with milk. "So how have you

been, mom?" He asked dropping himself into a chair he grabbed a

handful of warm cookies.

"Ornery as ever," His mother teased.

Alex grinned. "That“s good. I“d hate for my mom to start turning

soft and sweet."

Tadaka folded a dishtowel then sat down. "Any more reports on

wolf attacks?"

Alex frowned as he bit into a soft cookie. "Yeah. Ted Robin“s kid

was late coming home from school. A bunch of us went out

searching for him. Found the kid about three miles off the main

road. Body was half-gnawed. Upper leg and left side of the

abdomen was almost completely gone. He also had bite marks on

the back of his neck. We figure that“s how they brought him

down. They seem to prefer sneaking up from behind."

His mother was shaking her head. "In my day we hardly heard of

wolf attacks. How many does this make now?" she asked sadly.

"Six in the last month. It“s hard for us to catch up with the pack.

We“ve been able to reduce it by two, but so far we haven“t been

able to get the leader. Pack number stands at fourteen now. Mom,

I don“t want you to go out of your house too often. These wolves

are bold. They took Robin“s kid right in the afternoon." Alex

leveled a steady gaze at his mother, then sighed.

He knew she wouldn“t take his warning seriously,

he had been hoping he could scare some fear into her.

"That“s terrible." She said clucking her tongue softly.

Alex frowned and grabbed another cookie. His plan to scare her

had obviously failed; she ignored his warning completely.

"What“s for lunch?" He asked taking a drink of his milk.

His mother laughed and handed him a napkin for his milk

mustache. "Don“t you eat at your place?"

"Sure," he said wiping the napkin across his mouth. "But you

know me. Always looking forward to the next meal, wherever it

may be."

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