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   Chapter 5

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3856

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"Tadaka Lefu Conal! What are you doing?" Tadaka turned toward

the angry voice. A tall man made his way across the yard. He

climbed the ladder and pulled himself up onto a branch opposite

of her in the large willow tree.

"I“m cutting some branches, dear." She answered smiling at her


"Mom, you“re sixty-six years old! You should not be climbing

trees and massacring them with a chain saw! Give me that thing!"

He grabbed her weapon of choice and killed its engine. He

leveled his gaze on his mother. When he spoke again his voice

was quieter, his words calm. "I told you I was coming over to

take care of these branches. I cleared my whole day to spend it

with you. You knew that, I told you last night on the phone."

His mother frowned. "I“m helping you!" She protested. "I don“t

want you to spend your whole visit working."

"Mom, cutting these branches won“t take me all day. I can“t let

you cut them. You have no idea what you“re doing. If I left you

out here to work, I would be waiting in the house all day! Now

please be reasonable and climb down from this tree before I carry

you down over my shoulder!"

"Alexander Rae Conal! Don“t you dare to-."

"I will threaten you, and I will carry through on my threat, too.

Now what“s it gonna be, Momma?" Behind Alex“s stern face, he

wanted to laugh. After all the years his mother had spent spanking

him, sending him to his room, punishing him, and giving him

endless chores, he rather enjoyed giving her orders accompanied

with threats. From the look on her face, she wasn“t taking the role

switch very well. She looked like she had just eaten a large piece

of sauerkraut pie. Still, the bible did say to obey your parents.

At that thought Alex relented just a little.

"Look mom, why don“t you go on into the house and bake me a

batch of your home-made cookies and I won“t even char

ge you

for cutting down these limbs. Deal?" He flashed her an amiable

smile, a small dimple appearing on his left cheek.

Tadaka couldn“t resist her son“s beautiful smile. The boy certainly was a charmer. She

smiled back. "Oh, alright. But I want you to be careful, young


Alex helped his mother onto the ladder. "Always am." He replied

cheerfully. As his mother made her way to the house, the chain

saw ripped to life and Alex directed its destructive teeth into the

willow“s limbs.


"Hella!" Allie dropped down to her knees beside her sister, panic filling her. "Are

you okay? What happened?"

"I hurt my ankle. I didn“t see that small hole, and I stepped in it."

Hella leaned over, both hands clasped gently around her injured


"Can you walk?" Allie asked.

"Not very far." Hella winced. " There was that small cabin we

passed awhile ago. Could we go back to it, Allie?"

"Of course." Allie struggled to get her sister to her feet. "Lean on

me." She instructed. In this way, the girls backtracked to the

crude cabin they had passed earlier that day.

Allie pushed open the door and helped her sister inside.

Once Hella was seated on

the floor, Allie investigated the building for anything she might

use to help her sister.

"Find anything?" Hella called.

"Nothing." Allie pushed her braid over her shoulder and sat

down next to her sister. "What are we going to do, Hella? We

can“t go on with you--."

"Allie," Hella interrupted, "There is no reason why we couldn“t

stay here for a few days. Just until my ankle feels better."

Allie frowned. "But what about the murderer?"

"What about him?" Hella sighed. "I“m sorry, Allie, but I can“t go

on with my ankle like this. It hurts too much to walk. It“s going to swell.

Murderer or not, we have no choice but to sit here for a few days and pray he

doesn“t find us."

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