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   Chapter 4

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“Be terrified. I want your blood in

my cup. The sweetest revenge

is hurting you, emotonly, before

I kill you too. I will take everything

from you.“

From the moment Hella heard Allie“s gasp, she wished she had

thought to shield the note from her sister“s view.

"He spelled emotionally wrong." Allie whispered.

Hella turned to look at her sister“s face. "He had other things on

his mind." She replied.

"Hella," Allie whispered so low Hella could barely hear. "Go, I

will distract him for as long as I can. You must escape."

"Allie, don“t even suggest that."

"Please." Allie begged softly. "I couldn“t live if I knew you were

dead." The squeak of the floorboards cut off anything Hella was

going to say. Silence filled the tiny house again.

"Allie, from this moment on, we must look out only for

ourselves. Don“t bait the killer. Focus on living. Remember

mom“s motto. Smile. I love you." Hella cupped her sister“s cheek before turning away.

Allie didn“t argue, only nodded.

Note clasped in one hand, Hella stepped into the hallway.

Nobody was there. Allie followed her sister down the hall and

into the main room. The candle cast eerie shadows in the dark

room. They saw nobody. Heard nobody. Hella opened the front

door and peered out. Seeing nobody, she stepped outside.

Darkness covered the sleeping town. Allie and Hella walked

silently through the tiny town. Hella didn“t know who had

killed her father, but she felt sure that the same person had

killed her mother. Why would anybody want to hurt her family,

though? It didn“t make any sense. The murders were widely

placed, but they were committed in the same nature. That is what

led Hella to the conclusion that her parents shared the same

murderer. When they had lived in the city, they had no enemies to

speak of. Even after they moved, they had no enemies. True, most

people in the town weren“t particularly fond of their father, but

they wouldn“t want him dead. Mr. Harbor had

proved himself

harmless enough. Almost everybody in the town liked Allie and

Hella, so why would they be passing out death notes? None of

this made any sense to Hella. The note had said: “The sweetest

revenge is hurting you emotionally, before I kill you too. I will

take everything from you.“ Hella didn“t know what had caused

such violence, but she fully understood the last part of the note. It

meant that they had to get out of town, and go far away from it.

Allie didn“t speak as they made their way out of town. Words

could neither express nor help the distressing fear she felt

weighing heavily on her mind. Hella didn“t seem inclined to

speak, either. That worried Allie more then she liked to admit.

Always, throughout her life, Hella had been the “smile and look

for the silver lining“ kind. Nothing got her down for long. If

anything ever did get her down, she never showed it to Allie. But

this time was different. There was no "Smile, Allie. Remember

mom“s motto." There was nothing. No confident smiles and

cheerful eyes, no comforting hugs, or gay laughter. Just silence.

Total and complete silence. The thought of Hella losing her spirit

hurt Allie worse then her father“s death. She had to do something

about it. What could she say? How could she comfort her sister

when she herself was worried? Allie laughed suddenly. Hella

jumped, eyes wide, she glanced at her sister. "We“re just like the

Israelites, Hella. Roaming the wilderness, searching for the

Promised Land, away from oppression." Hella smiled but said

nothing. Allie frowned then reached out and clasped her sister“s

hand. "Don“t worry, Hella. Everything will be all right. We“re

tough. No matter what happens we always make it through."

Hella nodded and gave Allie“s hand a squeeze. "Thanks, Allie. I

know. I“m just worried about the journey. This is wild territory."

She said, thinking of the note still clutched in her left hand.

"We“ll make it." Allie promised.

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