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   Chapter 12 His Attitude Stinks!

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Updated: 2017-12-20 18:18

Derrik sat slumped over in the chair beside Aleia's bed. His hand still held her's even in his sleep.

Aleia slowly woke up and looked around until she found her husband sitting there beside her. She smiled and gently squeezed his hand. She loved him so much. Though was being very careful not to wake him. He needed his sleep for he had many important things that he would need to do. She looked at the deep set frown to his lips and she wanted to only make him smile again. Sleeping in a chair didn't seem so comfortable, when he woke up she would move over so he had enough room to sleep beside her.

Through his slumber, Derrik sensed Aleia's thoughts. He slowly roused himself to a conscious state. Was Aleia really awake and thinking or was it just a dream? Derrik wondered as he peeked one eye open. There she was, her beautiful eyes wide open and gazing at him. Derrik opened both eyes and smiled at her. "Good morning." He said in a gravelly voice. He cleared his throat. "How are you feeling, darling?"

"Good morning my loving husband." she said softly with a smile, "It feels better, at least I can breathe." she said softly, she scooted over in the bed, "Why don't you get in here with me and hold me." she suggested softly, "Then you can sleep a bit better."

Derrik rose from the chair and attempted to get into the bed without jostling it. He settle down next to her wrapped her in his arms. He pressed a kiss to her temple.

Aleia smiled as she snuggled into him, "I love you." she said softly. "I love you so, so much." She knew that she could never live without this amazing man. She was so grateful that they found each other.

"Me too." Derrik whispered as he kissed her temple again. "Mehana is dead. Si is staying here for the time being along with the others in Mehana's posse."

Aleia nodded softly, "Everyone is safe though? How many did we lose?" she whispered lightly.

"Only Mehana." Derrik chuckled softly. "I doubt any of us consider her a loss though. You just relax, everything is fine now."

"Yes, not so much of a loss." she smiled slightly, "I think we did our job well."

"Yes, we did." Derrik got up from the bed. "I'm going to get so


"Then why the fuss?" Derrik asked, his brow puckered in complete confusion.

"You didn't ask if we wanted breakfast."

"Oh good grief." Derrik turned to Aleia. "Did I tell you marriage was good for him?"

"You never told me that." Aleia said.

"Good." Derrik said with a glare at Dax, "Because his attitude stinks."

Aleia laughed softly, she didn't know what to say to that. She just shook her head, Then she turned to Dax and Titiana, "Congratulations by the way."

"Thanks." Dax said. "At least one person noticed our happily wedded bliss."

Derrik smiled at Aleia as he pulled the breakfast tray onto his lap. "Let me feed you a sweet roll, my dear." He said with a wink at Dax.

Aleia smiled, "That would be lovely thank you."

Derrik smiled as he placed a bit of sweet roll in her mouth. Then he took a bite of his own. He moaned in delight. "That is the best. You should go make yourself some breakfast for you and your bride, Dax."

Dax took Titiana's hand. "Let's go make a picnic of our own, sweetheart."

"Sounds fantastic, let's go." she said as she squeezed his hand and left with him.

Aleia looked to Derrik and smiled, "Now we are even stronger than we were before. Just think about all that we can do, we will be able to handle anyone that comes against us. We will be able to do anything, because we will do it together."

"You said it." Derrik said as he tenderly kissed his warrior wife.

*~* Finis *~*

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