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   Chapter 11 No Pulse

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When Dax woke up the next morning and went down to make tea and breakfast Aleia was in the kitchen, "Sleep well?" She asked looking up to him. From the look on his face it looked like she startled him and it made her laugh a little bit. No doubt he wasn't used to someone being up and in the kitchen when he came in.

"Except for a mild interruption, I slept perfectly well." Dax poured several cups of tea. "How did you sleep, Mistress Aleia? I know it is selfish but I was rather glad it was you Derrik woke up instead of me. It made for a nice change."

Aleia smiled, "It wasn't that selfish of you. I'm just glad he was able to sleep after that. To be honest though, I didn't actually sleep at all. I never can before a battle. So instead I went over attacks and defenses in my head."

Dax dumped a cup of tea down the drain, "In that case, its green tea for you this morning." He said as he filled her cup with a different liquid.

Derrik walked into the kitchen, his hair was tousled from sleep and he had a pillow case crease on his left cheek. "Morning, " he mumbled as he picked up Aleia's cup of tea. He finished it in one swallow. His eyes widened in surprise, he coughed slightly. "Dax, since when do you serve green tea for breakfast?"

"That was Mistress Aleia's tea, sir. She didn't sleep well and needed the boost."

"Oh. Well, make her another cup, I'm going to go get some endurance tablets for all of us. That should take care of any sleep or focusing issues." He turned to Aleia. "Sorry I drank your tea. Guess I'm still not used to there being more then one cup on the counter. Guess I'm gonna have to start waking up more awake." He chuckled.

Aleia smiled, he was so cute in the morning. "It's ok, I bet that was quite a surprise for you." She stood and ran her fingers through his hair. "Drinking my tea that is."

Derrik grinned, " I would've enjoyed a kiss more." He hinted.

"Then come closer." She said as she leaned up and kissed him on the lips. She smiled up at him, "Does that make the green tea taste better?" She teased.

"Yup." Derrik smiled and kissed her agian. "It needed a little sugar." He winked at her and left the room to get the tablets. Today was the final day.

Aleia kissed him back then watched him go. She turned around and got her cup of tea off the table and took a sip. "Thank you Dax."


Derrik sighed as he watched the sun sink low in the sky. They had finished last details and ran two drill practices with the town. All children under the age of eighteen were safely locked inside Derrik's cave. Now that only had to wait until morning. Until Mehana's arrival and attack. And until the thwarted her and win the war.


Aleia went to check on the children, they were all so cute she had to admit. They were not like the children at the federation that was for sure. She quietly closed the door behind her before she went to the drawing room to sit down and just think about everything that would happen the next day. Would they make it? Would their plan succeed? Though she was sure that everyone was well prepared, she wondered how many lives would be lost in this battle. At least at the end of this the people would be free and not slaves or worse? That made her resolve stronger that no matter what, she would do anything necessary in order to save as many people as possible.

Derrik stood outside the drawing room. There was a heaviness to Aleia's thoughts. A darkness that he didn't like.

He entered the room. "You should be asleep." He softly said as he sat on the sofa and pulled her into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, cuddling her close to him. He pressed a kiss to the top of her hair, "I love you, Aleia Girl, I love you." He whispered as he gently began stroking her back.

"I couldn't sleep." She admitted. She leaned her head against him, "I love you too Derrik. I want to make sure you know that." She said softly. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you." She spoke softly.

"You're going to make me angry if you keep thinking like that, Aleia. No matter what happens you are not to sacrifice yourself. Do you understand?"

"I understand." She said softly, "So when do you want to marry?" She asked changing the subject.

Derrik wanted to growl, sure, she understood but she didn't agree. And she wouldn't listen to him either. "Maybe we should marry now, I don't think you plan on being around to marry me after tomorrow."

"If you want to marry now then let's but I am not going to throw my life away. Derrik I want to be with you always. To have a life together. I'm not going to intentionally let myself get killed. I have something to fight for now like I never had before. To have a life with you. I'm not going to give that away."

A huge smile spread across Derrik's face. He believed she was telling him the truth. He pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "If we marry now we won't get any sleep tonight." He warned.

"I don't know about you but I didnt plan on getting sleep tonight anyway." She whispered kissing him.

"Then by all means." He mumbled between kisses, "let's marry tonight."

"Then my love let us not waste anymore time."

Twenty minutes later they were married and kissing on the couch again.

"I love you so much."

"Not as much as I love you." He said kissing her long and hard.

Aleia giggled after she kissed him back, returning the same amount of hardness to his kiss. "Oh? Do you want to bet?" she whispered kissing him again. She stroked his soft face, he was the most amazing man she had ever met. Her mind was flooded with love for him and her picturing their future together. Her mind no longer held images of a bleak future but of a promising one of happiness, love, and finally somewhere that she belonged.

"I'll bet that I'll live you forever more then any dragon ever loved a human." Derrik murmured as he placed light butterfly kisses on her forehead, checks, and chin. He paused and smiled at her. "Will you take me up in that?" He asked.

Aleia smiled, "Yes of course I will take you up on that." she smiled and kissed him, You know that I will love you more than any human has ever loved a dragon." she kissed him again.


Dax walked into the drawing room with the tea, it was going to be a beautiful day, he thought to himself. He paused, there asleep on the sofa was Master Derrik and Mistress Aleia, shiny gold bands on each if their hands. Looks like last night had been a special night that neither of them would forget. He sat the tea down and glances toward the window. It was still dark outside. Dax had risen earlier then he usually did to prepare the tea. He decided that everyone would want to be up earlier since today was the day of the attack, they wouldn't want to miss the first part of there plan. He quickly woke Aleia and Derrik then went to call Titiana.

Titiana was already awake and coming out the door when he got there. Her hair was pinned up and out of her way and had her battle jumpsuit on. "Good morning." She looked around for a moment, she thought it was odd she hadn't heard talking. Normally by the time she got up, Derrik and Aleia were up and about. "Tea is in the drawing room?" she asked.

"Yes." Dax said as he walked with her down the hall. "It appears that there was a wedding last night, a wedding that our friends didn't bother invitin

thin a couple days she would be back to her normal self. "And I'm putting you in charge of making sure that she doesn't try to do too much moving either because she is going to try to get up."

Derrik nodded and slipped inside the room. He pulled a chair close to the bed and picked up her hand. He just sat there, stroking her hand and whispering pleas for her safe recovery.


Dax smiled at Titiana. "You did good, darling." He said pulling her into his arms. "How about we have a private celebration?"

"Thank you, " Titiana smiled at him, "Sounds good to me, you have anything in particular in mind?"

"You never answered my question earlier." He reminded her.

"Oh?" She asked going to play dumb, "And what question was that?"

Dax felt his spirits plummet when he discovered that she didn't even remember his question. It had been an important question for him. He'd always remember that moment, mainly because of how she made him feel but also because he had never asked another woman such a question. "Did you want more tea?" He asked instead. "The attack came before you got to have any." He slowly turned away, hoping that he was masking his expression well. He didn't want her to know how much he enjoyed her.

"Dax please wait." she said, she put her hand on his shoulder. "Now that wasn't the question you asked me." she told him, the smile on her face gone.

"Titiana, stop." He whispered as he turned back to face her. "It's okay." He wasn't going to tell her that he didn't feel he could take her rejection, after all he had been through in his life he felt that this would be the final blow to his heart.

"No, it's not okay." she said, "I remember the question you asked."

"You do?" Dax's eyes lit up with a joy that was usually only seen in the eyes of children.

"Yes of course I do. How could I forget something so sweet, said by someone that I never would have thought could have..." she shook her head trying to find the words, "given me the time of day."

Dad's eyes widened in surprise. "Don't you realize what a pearl you are?" He asked, his emotions raw with the depth of his feelings for this amazing woman. "You are the only woman who has ever been wonderful enough to catch my attention. I thought someone like you wouldn't want an ordinary man like me. I'm nothing special, Titiana. I've never been to a military academy, I can't turn into a dragon and fly hundreds of people on my back. Like Mehana said, I'm only a dumb farmer. The only thing I can do, is love you."

"That is all I could ever ask. You don't have to be from a military academy or anything like that. As long as you love me and I mean truly love me that is all that matters. But I need you to know I can never be a normal little wifey that cooks and cleans and things like that. I don't have that capacity. I'm not a pearl or anything precious. I am just....well me."

"Maybe to other people you aren't anything precious. But to me- Titiana, to me you are the sun that melts away the darkness of night. You are the sot caressing rain after a life time of life in the harsh desert. You are perfectly right for me and I promise you- I promise I will never ask you to be anything beyond what you are. I just want to love you and be loved by you. I want you to belong to me and I want to be claimed by you. If you agree to any of this, I ask you, would you marry me today?"

Titiana smiled at him and took his hands into her hands, "I would love to marry you today, at this very minute if it is possible. Because, Dax the truth is I have already fallen in love with you and I don't think that I could be apart from you for very long."

"Then let's marry now, for I cannot stand another minute of being a free man. I'd rather be tied to the most wonderful woman in existence." Kissing her knuckle, Dax turned and led her from the cave. They married and returned to the still silent cave. He smiled at her. He couldn't help himself. He pulled her close and kissed her passionately. "I love you." He whispered against her lips.

She kissed him back, her hand lightly resting on his cheek, "I love you too Dax." she whispered. She ran her hand through his hair. She loved the feel of his soft skin, of his hair under her fingertips.

Dax smiled as he pressed several kisses to her soft lips in quick succession. "I believe our tea will have to wait. Some things are just more important." He lifted her hi to his arms and kissed her the whole way up the stairs.

She was actually really light, "That's right, farmboy. Take me away." she whispered kissing him.

Dax didn't reply because he knew if he did it would require him moving his lips from hers. And he just couldn't do that. He shifted her closer, and kissed her more deeply instead.


Titiana's kisses for him also deepened as she wanted nothing to separate them, no reason for their lips to ever have to part. Words were so unnecessary.

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