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   Chapter 10 A Dangerous Patience

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Derrik sat in the war room reading some papers he had found about Mehana. Apparently she was considered as a warrior with high potentional. She preferred blasters to swords and she hated pickles. Derrik sighed. All of this was fascinating but none of it helped with a plan to defeat her. Derrik sure hoped Titiana and Aleia could come up with a feasible plan.

Aleia and Titiana walked into the room then, "Derrik, this is Titiana. Titiana this is Derrik."

"It's nice to meet you Derrik, thank you for letting me stay in your home during my visit here."

"A pleasure." Derrik said rising to his feat. "Now, I assembled a list of information I've found about Mehana. Can you tell us anything useful? We can add the information to the chart I've started." He said motioning to the chart on the back wall.

Titiana took a step closer to the chart to look over what he already had.

Derrik had added the few bits of information he had found. He found many pages of information but most of it centered around her career and the different training camps she had been in.

Titiana stepped back as she thought for a moment about what else she knew that might be useable. "She isn't the type to sit back and watch her team do all the work. She is glory hungry so especially in this she is going to take the biggest farm that is in the area."

"Then I'll handle that farm, I will not let her destroy that property." Aleia said, "I can make sure that one of those stones is on that property especially so that the guns on the starships will not be able to fire at it."

Titiana nodded then, "She is not good at hand to hand combat, that is why she likes the blaster so much. If we can get it out of her hand then that will be to our greatest advantage. On coming into the planet she will have the starships of her crew in defense formation until probably around here." she pointed to the point on the map, "At which point they will split up to go their separate ways. They are not expecting a real fight and so the other three star fighters will take the other three corners. Here, here, and here. If we set up defense teams in those three area's then we can take them out without her even noticing. You said that you created a jammer?"

Aleia nodded, "That is correct."

"Good that means that Mehana will never know that the other teams have already been overturned. She is too proud to ask for help either so it looks like it will be her against you and if you have someone to fight with. The others are proficient at hand to hand combat but they're not experts except Si, he is really good. He's the weapons specialist."

"Most likely he will probably be in this corner don't you think?" she asked point to one of the second biggest farms.

"Absolutely, I have no doubts."

"Derrik, perhaps you should take that corner then, you will have the advantage in that fight. If we can get him out of commision the other ones will be easier. Then we can have Ti here and Dax here." Aleia said pointing to the sections.

Derrik nodded as he listened to the girl's discussion. "Ladies, something occurred to me. You say she's terrible at hand to hand, right Titiana? Well, all we have to do is get the blaster out of her hand like you said. I may have a plan to do just that."

"How do you mean? She isn't going to put her blaster down when she sees what's waiting here for her." Titiana said with a frown.

"True." Derrik agreed. "That's why she won't see it until it's too late."

Aleia smiled as she caught onto his meaning. "You mean we take the advice she gave you during her video transmission?"

Derrik nodded.

"Wait a second." Titiana said waving her hand to pause the couple. "What suggestion did Mehana give in her transmission?"

"I didn't tell you?" Aleia asked with a frown. "I thought I had."

"Mehana said we should spend our time digging our graves so she wouldn't have to trouble herself with doing it after she completed her goal." Derrik filled her in.

"So, what are you suggesting, Derrik?" Titiana tilted her head as she tried to jump aboard his train of thought

"That we stage our deaths." Aleia said.

"What?" Titiana's mouth fell open. She thought she had been called to help with a battle strategy not a death march.

"No, " Derrik said, "it's not like you're thinking. We continue with our orginal battle preparations but we also stage our destruction. See, Mehana will do a life scan when she is closing in on our planet. If it detects no living beings it will confuse her and her staff, throw them off. They will land and do a more complete examination. If she sees bodies lying around and if we plant some sort of powerful burned out explosive, proof of how we died, she will assume that the dumb farmers killed themselves."

"She will be more relaxed, thinking that all she has to do is clean up the mess and take control of the planet." Aleia jumped in.

Titiana's eyes sparkled with delight. "And if she thinks the threat no longer exists then she won't have her blaster in her hand, because she will be busy making other plans. Then we launch the orginal attack on them."

"Exactly!" Derrik said, pleased that Aleia had caught on quickly enough to his thoughts to help explain them to Titiana. Aleia may have a bit of a mind-reader in her as well.

"It sounds great." Aleia said with a frown. "But how will we confuse her scanners? We can't stop breathing."

"True, but there are ways to mask it. I have several shields that can be used to mask breathe, pulse, and heartbeat. If each of us used one we could easily fool her. We could also throw blood about. Make it real gory." Derrik grinned at Aleia and Titiana. "The way we set up our blood and carnage could also help our battle."

"You mean like we create an obstacle course that will trip them up during the hand to hand. Like slipping on blood and falling over left over bombs."

Derrik chuckled. "Something like that. If we used a bomb to destroy ourselves we'll have to expect damage to our surroundings as well. Blown up chairs, wrecked buildings, the works."

"Placed just so, we would be practiced in fighting around it because we'd know exactly how we put everything but Mehana and her group would be unprepared and untrained."

"Yes, " Titiana said, "but there are other ways to destroy ourselves. We could have poisoned everyone and leave traces or we could release a toxic gas-"

"Now wait a second, " Derrik said shaking his head, "we don't want to kill ourselves for real but I think we get your meaning." He turned to Aleia. "Baby, what do you think? How should we kill ourselves before our grand battle?"

"Pick quickly. Aleia." Titiana warned. "We have a lot of work to do, planning a successful battle strategy and the deaths of a hundred farmers with take a bit of time and careful planning."

Aleia thought quickly as she tried to figure out which one, "We can't pretend to let out a toxic gas because I don't think they have that kind of technology in town. I think that our best bet will still be the bomb idea. It will be a bit more work however it will be more convincing."

"Then that is what we shall do." Derrik confirmed.

Titiana nodded, "And with Mehana thrown off it will throw the others off as well. All of them will be completely off guard."

"Even for Dom being off guard, however, he will not go defenseless into the fight." she warned Derrik.

"I'll be able to handle it." Derrik assured her.

Aleia nodded and though she knew that he would be alright, she worried about him. What if something happened that he didn't expect? She remembered what he had told Dax earlier that day about his past. In a way it made her feel a little bit better. "Alright she said, "This is what I'm thinking."


Aleia had to admit that it was rather fun helping to cause this destruction. Oh yes, Mehana would be convinced that with the threat of annihilation the people had just done themselves in. They had seen it a few times after all and she was going to try hard to mimic one of those scenes.

Titiana had been on those same adventures and knew well what that kind of scene looked like. Though as she worked she looked around the town, this was an odd place. It made her wonder how Aleia could stand to be somewhere that didn't have technology. That had been their whole life growing up. Practically from when they started training at a young age they were taught how to use technology and how to never live without it. It was few people that left the federation and then it was usually only because they could no longer serve or some other such circumstance. With technology, Titiana was adequate but Aleia had always been great with technology. Their plan of attack was solid and she was sure that they could win.

Aleia looked over to Titiana and smiled to herself, it was so nice to have her friend around even if it was just for a short stay, but who knows she could fall in love and want to stay as well. That is when the idea came to her. She looked over to Derrik to see if he had read her thoughts. They might have to do a little matchmaking themselves, for Titiana and Dax.

Derrik couldn't help but chuckle as he felt Aleia's eyes on him. "Would you like to make plans for another kind of attack, Aleia?" He murmured only f

ar this is not good." She couldn't help but think about how she hadn't been able to sleep all night either. Now she knew why, she felt so stupid for not seeing it sooner.

"You said Mehana was blinded by glory. I think she would do anything to make herself look grand. Even stupid things. Si, though, Si isn't hungry for glory. He's not stupid and he won't waste his time doing something that doesn't relate to his ultimate goal. If glory isn't his goal, then what is? If we could figure that out we would have a greater chance at winning against him. I wish I could've spoken to him. It would tell so much." Derrik sighed. "What can you tell me about his background? His achievements?"

"Let me think." Titiana said as she thought about him, "His father always expected so much from him. His dad was one of the higher ups and because of that they moved a lot from branch to branch. He never got really close to anyone because of that. He came to our branch when he was about 11 I think. When he got older he decided to specialize in weapons and he got real good real fast. He kept how good he was a secret though, especially after Mehana and him were first becoming friends. Because as soon as she saw you as a threat it was like she painted a target on your back. In the meantime however, she has always been...short with him putting him down and such. There is something in his eyes every time though, like...." she looked to Aleia for help.

"Like he is buy his time, a very dangerous sort of patience directed at Mehana." Aleia finished, looking up from the table to Derrik.

"He's waiting until she is in a vulnerable position. Then he moves in." Derrik closed his eyes and thought about Mehana and the attack she planned on Fickleberry Sportal. "Si is expecting a fight." Derrik said. "He knows we wouldn't do as Mehana suggested, and since she tipped us off to her plan, he knows we're will fight her. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he-. Ah. Chaos, Aleia. Chaos. That's when he will make his move against her. Mehana will be concerned with the attack. But as for his motive? Hey, was Si ever- did he ever do wrong things in the past or did he follow the rules generally? Was he known as a rebel?"

Titiana thought back for a moment, trying to remember any time that he actually got in trouble. She couldn't come with any, she looked up to Aleia who just shook her head. "He was more a rule follower. I can't ever truly remember him getting in trouble actually." She admitted.

Derrik smiled, "That's what I thought."

Aleia looked at him thinking for a moment, "Which means the threat is not for us. Not if his purpose of overtaking her is stop her and the chaos that she begins." She said slowly.

"Exactly. But-" Derrik's eyes widened. "We're going to mess him up." Turning, he jumped up from his chair and ran to the communications room. He pressed several buttons and typed something into the computer. Several light flashing and beeping was heard. "Perfect." He said with a smile. He looked up at the girls. "I managed to send a message to Si's personal communicator. I checked too, it's not bugged. Just in case though, I sent a careful message."

Aleia smiled, "You're so smart, hon."

Derrik frowned. "Now I just hope Si is smart enough to figure it out."


Si frowned as his communicator made a pinging noise. He frowned at the unknown ID. "The dead will rise in the Sportal. The dead will fight. The dead will win."

What? Dead can't rise, fight, or win. Si closed his eyes as he repeated the message over several times. In the Sportal. Fickleberry Sportal. That's it, the people of Fickleberry Sportal had a plan. Why were they letting him know though? They didn't send a message to Mehana, which meant they must not want her to know. They couldn't possible know of his plan. Si frowned, as he thought of his plan. No, he had been very careful. Still, they sent the message only to him. They must've really want to get this message to him, it wasn't easy to find the ID's to private communicators. The dead. The dead. Si smiled, they were going to play dead, then attack when Mehana's guard was down. Si nodded, this was very useful information. He shrugged, he didn't know how but based on the information, the strange message, and the extent gone to to reach only him, Si knew that someone on Fickleberry Sportal knew of his intentions.


Aleia sat on one of the chairs with her eyes closed, "He's smart enough he'll get understand." she was quiet for another minute and then she smiled, "And I do believe that he just has." She said as she opened her eyes. "Well I guess we better head back to bed to get as much rest as we possibly can before tomorrow."

"I am fully agreeable to that." Titiana said as she stood, "I'll see you both in the morning. Well later in the morning anyway." She then left back to the room.

Aleia looked back to Derrik when Titiana was gone, "Any chance you're going to get some sleep?"

"I don't know." Derrik shook his head. "I may be able to sleep now that my mind is clear."

"That'll be good, it's always good to get as much sleep as possible. We have a busy day tomorrow."

"Yes." Derrik kissed her forehead. "You head to bed now, I'll be fine."

Aleia smiled and closed her eyes for a moment enjoying the feel of his kiss on her forehead. "You know if you don't go to sleep I will have to come find you." she teased with a smile. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep, she never was able to before a battle. "Goodnight my love." she leaned up and kissed his lips for a moment before she turned and headed toward her room.

Derrik stood and walked to his room. He might as well try to sleep. Even if it didn't work at least he could say he tried.

Once Aleia was back in her room, she sat down on the floor and began to think about the next day. About her attack and her defense. She knew that the people of Fickleberry Sportal would be ok, with Derrik as their ever strong leader. He would lead them to victory as he had done in the past and there would be peace once more.


Derrik drifted asleep. A smile on his lips as he dreamt past the upcoming battle and of his future with Aleia.

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