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   Chapter 9 Romancing The Warrior

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Aleia got up the next morning very tired, truth was she hadn't really slept so well the night before, especially after the encounter between her and Derrik. She decided to just grab something quick for breakfast and then went outside and started to work surveying and trying to find that stone. When she finally found it, she got the materials that she needed to chip some away. She got several large pieces and took them around town to the different places before she went back into the cave, "Dax have there been any new transmissions lately?"

"Only one, but Derrik got it so you would have to talk to him." Dax said with a smile.

"Oh...right." she said hesitantly, "Thanks." she said, "And where is he?"

"He is in the war room, Miss."

"Thank you." She walked into the war room. She hesitated before speaking, "Who was the transmission from?"

"My manservant tells me that you are avoiding me?" He turned to face her.

She looked away from him, "I....I'm not avoiding you...I just have much work to do before the attack. That, however, is hardly the point."

"Then look me in the eye."

Aleia turned and looked him in the eyes, "See?"

Derrik smiled at her, a slow tolerant smile. "Yes. But you're not seeing me. You're looking me in the eyes but refusing to 'see'."

Aleia laughed a little, "How can I look at you and still not see you? Sometimes you make no sense you know that? You completely baffle me. Anyway about that message."

"I told you." He looked at her but was clearly not 'seeing' her as he spaced out. Turning his vision inward he thought of how she looked last night in the communications room, she was flushed, her heart racing. No, she wasn't scared. Not at all. He couldn't help but smile as he remembered the feel of her hair and skin.

"Right..." she said just watching him waiting for him to come back to reality. She was really starting to believe that there was no message and this was Dax's way of trying to get them together. She was not so stupid as she looked, "Then I'll leave you to what you were doing then."

Derrik stepped forward with a small grin tugging at his lips. "At last you finally looked at me." He slid an arm around her back and gently pulled her flush with his body. "You guessed correctly. There was no message. It was Dax and his attempt to get you to me. He is quite the matchmaker. Aleia."

"So I'm learning, if you'll excuse me I need to go do something." she said stepping back away from him, "I guess I'll see you later?"

"You are avoiding me." A frown puckered his brow, his lips turned down in sadness. How could this be? The only woman he'd ever wanted didn't even want to be near him. Of course, the small devil in his mind said, if you kissed her you may do a fair job at convincing her otherwise. But to steal a kiss? Badly as Derrik wanted to, he wasn't sure that he could. He wanted her to want him. And soon, before he lost his patience and kissed her without permission.

Aleia felt bad, without her permission her hand touched his brow in an effort to smooth it. When she realized what she was doing she pulled it back. "I'm not avoiding you, I'm just not comfortable with all of this." she shook her head, "I could never be what you want. I wasn't raised like that, I was raised a warrior." she looked down for a moment before she looked back up at him, "Please don't think that there is something wrong with you because that is not the case. I....I could never be...." she shook her head.

"You don't understand. Aleia, it would take a trained warrior to be my bride. This isn't about giving anything up or becoming something you're not. This is about two special people joining forces to become the perfect pair. Together we would be whole. I can feel it, can't you? Don't you realize that I am the one who will complete you, the perfect compliment to you and your beautiful skills?" Leaning down, Derrik rested his forehead against hers. "I want you, Aleia. The warrior Aleia. You are perfect the way you are. Aleia, you complete me." He whispered. Derrik pressed his lips against Aleia's soft full lips. Heaven pure heaven. The kiss lasted bare seconds, just a soft press but it was enough to tear Derrik's heart out.

It barely registered for Aleia what was happening. He could feel her relax in his arms as she then took a hold of his shirt so that he couldn't go away so quickly as she kissed him back for several moments. Never had such words been spoken to her before, she doubted that she would ever hear such words again. He made her feel something she never knew was there before. She smiled a little as she looked into his eyes, "This gives new light to the statement that all is fair in love and war." she teased as her hand caressed his cheek gently.

"Well, " Derrik said still surprised by her actions. "We are in the war room." He bent and kissed her once more, this time a bit longer.

Aleia kissed him back until he pulled back so she could catch her breath, "Exactly." she said breathless. How could he want a woman like her? She knew something about him that she figured, only few people knew. Suddenly there was nothing that she wanted him to say more than that he loved her. At the same time though it would break her heart because she knew that after a while he wouldn't want her anymore but she would be here as long as he permitted it. Secretly she hoped there would be more moments like this.

"Aleia, I realize we will have some busy and dangerous times ahead of us soon, but I want permission to pay court to you. I want to claim you, keep you as my own. I was not teasing you when I said I wanted you to rest with me until my dying day. Will you allow that, Aleia? Will you accept an ancient dragon like myself as your betrothed?" Derrik felt like his heart was suspended in midair. The wait for her response was maddening and nerve wrecking at the same time. Would she accept his heart and fly with him? Or would his suspended heart go plummeting to the ground. Derrik barely breathed as he waited.

Aleia stroked the side of his soft face, looking into his eyes to make sure he was not joking with her, that he truly meant what he said. What was that look she saw in his eyes. She knew that it was not a lie, was it affection she saw? Everytime he looked at her this look is what she saw. She smiled then, she supposed she had made him wait long enough, a good enough payback for making her wait twelve minutes and sixteen seconds when they first met. "How could I deny my dragon anything he asked?" she asked him and then she smiled, "Of course you may." she said softly.

Derrik enjoyed her soft touch on his face but he was doubting that he heard her correctly. Did she just agree? Of course she did say that she couldn't deny him anything. Perhaps she was doing this only because she couldn't tell hi

off. If I focus hard on something else sometimes I can ignore thoughts but as a general rule I know everybody's thoughts at all times."

Aleia smiled and shook her head turning her back to him as she examined more closely the room. "I'm sure that there would be much to enjoy in the mornings." she agreed.

"You could enjoy it better from on my lap." He said with a grin and a welcoming pat. "And while you enjoy the view from my lap you can elaborate on this plan of yours."

"Oh is that so?" she asked as she walked over to him but she didn't sit down, "Well that's part of the reason I need Titiana, to help me come up with a contingency plan."

Derrik snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap. "Well then we can just discuss flowers or something." He teased.

Aleia laughed as she fell not so gracefully in his lap. "Oh yes because that would be such an interesting conversation. Do you know that Dax spies on us?" she smiled a little at what he would think if he was watching right now.

"I know. Why do you think tea is so late?" Derrik grinned. "And I think you'll find the subject of flowers very interesting, since I thought we could discuss which ones will be in your bridal bouquet." Sliding Aleia off his lap, Derrik stood and sat her down in the dragon chair. He knelt before her. "Aleia, I don't know many fancy words but I do know that I love you and I want you for my wife if you'll have me. Will you marry me, Aleia?"

Aleia's hands went to her mouth to hide her surprise, was he really asking her to marry him? She couldn't believe it. She didn't know what to say at first but then she smiled, "Of course I will, and you never need fancy words with me. Only three simple ones." she smiled down at him.

"Bring a sandwich?" He teased.

She laughed, "Not quite the words that I was thinking of." she admitted.

Derrik chuckled as he stood to his feet. Taking her hands he pulled her up. "I love you." He whispered just before he kissed her.

Dax smiled as he stood at the door with the tea supplies. This was so sweet. He loved the Derrik and Aleia had found companionship. Not wanting to disturb them but not wanting the tea to cool, Dax entered the room and set the tea service on the the coffee table. He cleared his throat. "Celebratory tea anyone?"

Derrik pulled back and frown at Dax. "I could kill you for interrupting this kiss." He complained. "This was the best kiss yet."

"I believe you'll say that after every kiss, Master Derrik." Dax smiled at Aleia. "Sugar in your tea, Mistress Aleia?"

Aleia smiled, "Yes, please Dax." she looked to Derrik, "Well I promise that won't be the last kiss you will ever receive." she teased him.

Derrik frowned. "You better not be lying to me, woman." He teased with a low growl.

Aleia then leaned up and kissed him like she never had so far, she held it for a minute or so before she leaned back, "I stay true to my word." she smiled at him before sitting on the couch once more with her tea.

Derrik smiled. If she kept kissing him like that he'd never want tea ever again. In fact, tea time should be replaced with kissing time. Derrik smiled at his idea. Not bad. He thought as he accepted his tea from Dax.

"I know what you're thinking, and if that happened then when would there be time for tea?" she asked before she took a sip.

Derrik smiled. "After the kissin'." He winked at her. "We could share a sugar cube, darling."

"Now that is an idea." She agreed, "As long as we don't cut out tea time."

"If we cut out tea time I would have nothing to do." Dax said as he stirred his tea.


Dax finished preparing a room for Aleia's visitor. Derrik's cave didn't have much to offer in the way of comforts but it was clean and had plenty if you liked technology or war.

Dax hurried off to prepare supper. They would be hungry after all their planning, they needed to keep up their strength for the coming battle.


Aleia went to the rendezvous point when it was about time for her to arrive.

Titiana opened her cockpit and jumped out of it, "Aleia!"

"Ti!" she called as she more like ran to her ship and hugged her friend, "It has been a long time."

"Yes it has now, you must tell me everything as to what has happened while you have been here."

"Well probably the newest and most exciting news is that I'm engaged." Aleia said with a smile.


"Really? You've got to be kidding me. I must meet him."

"Of course! In fact it is to his house that we're going." Aleia smiled as she showed her the way.

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