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   Chapter 8 Excited By The Dragon

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"Did you have a nice conversation?" A low gravely voice asked.

Aleia stood calmly. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe -. Screw the exercises! There is a dragon in the room! Aleia glanced around the room, taking in the only exit and the closed window.

"Are you frightened, little one?" For such a large creature, the dark purple and silver dragon fairly glided forward. He contained a grace that humans simply could never attain to.

Aleia tilted her head slightly so she could look the dragon directly in the face. "No. Of course I'm not."

The dragon made a soft purring sound as he stepped even closer. "What would it take to scare you, Aleia?" He whispered.

"Nothing would scare me." Aleia said firmly, raising her chin in defiance. She was determined to hold her ground against this odd creature. Hmm, it was interesting that he knew her name.

"Those are strong words." The dragon reached out and brushed his hand against her cheek. His touch caused her to shiver slightly. To Aleia's surprise, his scaly skin was not dry and rough nor wet and slimy. Instead, it had a soft polished feel to it. "But, you are afraid of certain human emotions. Aren't you, Aleia? Emotions like love. Does love scare you, Aleia?" He moved his hand to brush against her other cheek, then he ran his hand down her soft hair.

Aleia jerked away from his soft touch. "Don't touch me." She hissed. "It makes me uncomfortable not afraid." Aleia was determined that he would see no weakness in her.

The dragon countered her move and slid closer until she was pressed between the rock wall and himself. "You like my touch." He whispered. His sweet breath washed gently over her ear and hair. "It makes you uncomfortable because you've never experienced such a pleasurable feeling. I can feel your pulse racing. You aren't scared of me, no. You are excited by me." Taking both hands this time he gently cupped her face and tilted it upward so he could look into her beautiful mesmerizing eyes. He had never seen such expressive eyes on a human before. "You don't know who I am?"

Aleia shivered with pure ec

. Aleia was exciting and daring. She had a spark of life that called to Derrik. She had skills which other women lacked. Skills like combat and jammer creating. She would fit perfectly with Derrik's life- both his calm human life and his strange dragon life. Derrik could understand her reluctance to accept his affections. She was raised in a harsh cold environment, her reaction to his advances was understandable. Even so, Derrik had never acted like such a fool towards anybody especially a woman. A part of him, a small part that rarely showed itself felt nervous and rejected. He had never put himself out for a woman before, to know that she rejected his efforts he felt unsure of himself. Like maybe he wasn't enough for a woman. Derrik struggled to push aside his uncertainties.

He liked being so close to Aleia. She lit his blood on fire. Derrik had struggled not to press his lips to hers. He had wanted to so badly but he knew that he couldn't kiss her until she wanted him too. Derrik sighed, she may never ask for his kiss. Should he push for her affection? Should he trap her like he did tonight? His being in the communications room had not been a mistake. Derrik heard Aleia's thoughts as he had been passing her room. So he waited for her in the communications room. No matter what happened, Derrik was sure he would treasure tonight above all others. For tonight he had touched heaven.

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