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   Chapter 6 Mistress Aleia Has A Fit

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"Yes, I suppose now is the time." Aleia said, she came out of the shadows. "Where shall we begin?"

"I want to know how you know that woman and what connection you have with her. While you're at it, include details of this federation you're involved in."

"I have no connection with her other than we used to work together. She is greedy for power, wanting to move up in the federation. They pride themselves on technology but it's nothing like this." she said looking around the room again.

"And what is their goal? What do they spend their time and resources doing, Aleia?"

Aleia let out a breath, "Control. That is their goal, complete control of everyone and everything. And if they need to kill people to get their way then so be it."

"And you approve of this?" he asked disappointed in her.

Aleia turned away from him, for she could not handle his gaze anymore. "I did." she said, "But now I want to help you to fight them." She turned back to him.

"What can you give me so I can trust that you won't turn on us? We will require complete loyalty. I won't have anyone hurting the people of fickleberry."

"I have nothing but my life and word. Those I offer to you as proof of my loyalty." She was quiet for a moment, "I can teach them how to fight, how to defend themselves against the federation."

"You may help us. I hope you will prove your honor true."

"Thank you." She bowed her head in respect of his authority. For she now understood just how much authority he had. "Now however I really need to see my ship so I can retrieve some things."

"I believe it is this that you are wanting." He said handing her the unique swords.

Aleia took them from him and examined them, she smiled then as they felt so familiar in her well trained hand, "Thank you. This is exactly what I was going to search for." Her eyes seemed to lighten up by having them in her hands.

"I know." Derrik said watching her reaction to the blades.

"So where do we start? I can't fight an army on my own."

There was no spoken response just a weary look in his eye as he watched her.

"Right, I'm going to get myself into something more suitable and then come up with a plan of attack. Will you find some people who will help fight?" Aleia asked.

"The entire town is at the ready."


Aleia felt so much better being in a jumpsuit as opposed to that dress. Now that the dress wasn't distracting her and she could have her katana swords in their holsters at her back, she could think this out. And think it out is what she needed to do. In all the past battles the federation would use their technology to help them. Since this place didn't use any technology that could be a disadvantage or it could be an advantage all of it's own. No technology meant Mehana's jammers wouldn't work nor any of their means to stay in contact with the others. Aleia carefully planned. She knew Mehana would expect all of this and come up with a plan for it. So Aleia decided to do the opposite of what the federation would expect. Hopefully, just hopefully, the federation wouldn't realize what they were doing until it was too late. As one of the best pilot's and second best in fighting, Aleia knew what to expect from them and what their undoing would be. She returned to Derrik's cave and was admitted inside by Dax, then she went to search out Derrik. "I want to know what you think of this plan."

Derrik nodded for her to continue with the explanation of the plan. "Go on." As he looked her over in her jumpsuit, he had to agree that it fit her better than the dress that she had bought. There was something different about her now that she wore this attire. She seemed in control, confidant.

"One thing about the fede

problems for me." The man hissed. His anger finally was showing. "You've been nothing but problems since you were born and I won't have you making me miss out on all those credits I stand to gain. So you can take your worthless life and spend it here. I hear this federation is good at recycling trash."

The crowd seemed to gasp as one when they heard him refer to her- to all of them- as recycled trash. The insult cut deep. Humankind had supposedly grown past such dull insults in the last hundred years. Apparently, he didn't know and was still employing the harsh tactic.

"I hate you, you stupid farmer." The girl growled. She stepped closer to the man and lowered her voice to a menacing hum. "And my training, everything I learn here will be devoted to you. And when I am finished, when I've been made complete I will eliminate you and all stupid farmers like you. You may take me at my word, for I will not stop until I have risen above and beyond this federation."

The man never was given the chance to reply as the girl spun away from him. She stood for a moment staring at the crowd that had gathered to watch her arrival.

Titiana stepped forward with a smile. "Welcome to the federation. I'm Titiana and this is Aleia, and Ally." She said gesturing to the girls who stood on either side of her.

The girl gazed at the three of them for a long moment before she nodded. "Mehana."

"Come, Mehana." Aleia said with a smile. "We've been short a girl in our apartment, perhaps administration will allow you to bunk with us."

"Then lead the way." Mehana said. She followed the girls out, not sparing her father another look.


"Aleia." Derrik was becoming concerned. He tried rousing her, for more than five minutes he tried to gain her attention. Her lips moved, her head would move occasionally, but she didn't notice Derrik or Dax.

"Aleia!" Derrik shook her gently. "Aleia, please answer me."

Aleia blinked several times before she looked, really looked at Derrik. "It's not the federation."

"What? What are you talking about, Aleia? What do you know?"

"Mehana is not doing this as part of the federation. She's struck out on her own. This planet was specifically chosen because most of the people are farmers. She is exacting her revenge now. She said she wouldn't stop until she had risen above and beyond this federation." Aleia's eyes widened as she pierced Derrik with her stare. "She's chosen now to act. This is personal for her."


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