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   Chapter 4 Sleeping Warrior Lady

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After tea, Derrik showed Aleia to the room where she would be staying for the evening. "I hope you find everything to your comfort." The room was large with few furnishings. It had a large bed in the middle of the room, a large arm chair and a dresser. The room was decorated in shades of lavender, purple, and silver.

"It's fine, thank you." Aleia admired the room but the thing that caught her attention most was the comfortable looking bed. It was piled with decorative pillows and warm looking blankets. She couldn't wait to snuggle underneath them and take a small respite from her recent adventure.

"If you require anything at all, simply call out and someone will come in to attend you promptly. Did you wish a bath before you sleep?"

"Thank you but no." Aleia had bathed well in a creek before she had put on her 'impractical' dress.

"Very well. I shall leave you then. Have a pleasant evening." Derrik cast her a small smile before pulling the door shut behind himself.

Aleia smiled to herself, this would be a pleasant nights sleep. At least she wasn't sleeping on the ground again. She sat on the bed and bounced slightly. It was a soft bed, just right for sleeping. She stood and undressed before climbing under the warm thick blankets. Her head barely hit the pillow before she drifted off to sleep.

Derrik marched down the hallway, away from the room that held the sleeping warrior lady. He chuckled to himself as he recalled her startled look when he had spoken some thoughts she'd had at the beginning of the dinner conversation. That had been cute. She had looked almost vulnerable when he had mentioned the dresses being 'practical'.

"Master Derrik. There are a number of town officials who wish your presence tomorrow. It has something to do with an odd wreckage they found on Mayefhiew's land."

"Of course." Derrik had been expecting this. It had taken longer for them to discover the wreckage then he thought it would. "Tell them they may address me tomorrow at ten o'clock sharp. Perhaps we should allow our guest to attend as well." Derrik smiled at Dax, "It would be interesting to gain her thoughts on the matter."

Dax bowed, "Very well, Sir. I shall notify them of the arrangement. Did you wish anything before I retire?"

"Thank you, no, Dax. I have some things to do before I sleep."

"Like examining a certain wreckage?"

Derrik smiled at the wise man, "Perhaps."


Derrik Deegan stood before twisted metal. It was amazing, he thought, that the girl had not been more seriously injured. It appeared that the ship had seen its share of battles. Only a battle fighter would receive markings on its hull like this. Derrik ran his hand over parts of the hull. It was true that most of the metal was twisted, but you could plainly see marks where this ship had been shot at. It also revealed that it was only two years old which meant that this ship and its owner had seen more action then she let on. Of course, Derrik mused, if he looked close enough he may find a number of similar 'scars' on his female houseguest.

Deegan wanted to see what was on the inside of this mysterious ship. He glanced around to make sure he was truly alone before he altered his shape. Becoming his dragon form. He moved forward and carefully pulled the twisted metal apart. He noticed some skin particles inside the vehicle. Unless he missed his guess, it appeared that his guest had been trapped inside. It also appeared that she had pulled herself free. He made quick work of examining the interior of the ship. It had very little inside except for a couple of rather interesting swords. No doubt, the girl would be wanting them. They appeared to be very valuable, lethal weapons. The kind that a person accustomed to danger would carry. Well, viewing this wreckage had proved to be very valuable. So, just what else hadn't his guest told him?

Nevermind, Derrik had the impression that tomorrow would be an interesting day. In the meantime, he was going to take these swords back to the cave and do a bit of in depth study on them. He might as well as study the ship as well. He dug through the wreckage until he discovered the piece that contained the ship's model number. He would discover just what this ship was originally designed for and what it was most commonly used for. He was also curious who had boughten and commissioned this particular model.

Derrik turned and hurried back to the cave. He wasn't going to his bedroom however. He had plenty to do in his analyzing room.


The sun shined brightly into the large picture window inside Aleia's bedroom. Aleia woke up slowly, the warmth of the sun causing an odd feeling of comfort that she hadn't felt in a long while. When she was fully awake she heard somebody knocking at her door.

"Miss Aleia. Master Derrik has requested your attendance for breakfast. Will you be joining him?"

"Yes. If you would be so kind to wait, I would appreciate an escort to the breakfast room."

"Of course, my lady."

Aleia jumped from bed and made quick work of dressing and turning up her bedclothes.

She opened the door to discover not Dax but Derrik waiting for her.

He offered her his arm which she ignored. "Dax said you wished an escort." He said as he placed her arm on his elbow. He hid a grin as she pulled it promptly away.

"Yes, I didn't wish to get lost in this cave of yours."

"It can be rather difficult to find the different rooms." Derrik agreed as he placed her hand back on his arm.

"Yes, well, I am hungry this morning. I appreciate you sending Dax to fetch me." She calmly stated as she removed her hand.

"It was no problem at all." Derrik assured her. Accepting defeat, he held the door open for her before following her into the room laden with delicious smelling food. "Some of the townsfolks will be arriving today to discuss a matter of importance. They seem to have discovered an odd wreckage on a farmers land. I thought you may like to be present for the discussion."

"When are they coming?" She asked as she buttered a slice of homemade bread.

"They were told to be here at ten o'clock sharp. I trust they will not be late."

"I would like to hear what they have to say."

"Then y

ou shall. I don't believe it will take too long for them to state their cause and concerns. They are a very forward people."

"I have noticed." Aleia wryly said.


The people arrived right on time, knocking on the large metal entrance door to the cave.

"Dax, let them in and escort them to the conversation hall."

Dax bowed, "Yes, of course, sir." He then left to let the people in. He led them to the large hall where they held these massive conversations.

Aleia looked around the room they were currently in, it seemed to her that this cave was a labyrinth full of rooms. She watched as the people entered. She suddenly realized the warrior stance she had, thankfully the dress was good for hiding it except for the hands behind her back. She relaxed the stance and went back to watching the people, hopefully he hadn't noticed.

"Derrik thank you for meeting with us this morning in these very distressing times." A large man said as he glanced over to Aleia and then back, "Why is this woman here?"

"Why do you require that information since it is I whom ultimately sees to the protection of this planet including the safety of you and your family. If you have further questions about Aleia, you are free to press the red button on the wall." Just to the right of where Derrik Deegan sat was a large red button. The red button had an engraved label above it that read: Destruction of Nosey People.

"That is quite alright, my apologies." The large man straightened himself to his full height. Even so, his head barely touched Derrik's shoulder. "We believe that it should be destroyed immediately." The man said getting back to business.

One of the other men in the group spoke up, "Yes, it seems to be too dangerous to remain. What if more of them come? It is best to just destroy it and wash our hands of it."

"Perhaps no one knows that it is missing and if there is no proof that it was ever here then that will prevent it happening again." The first man spoke up again.

Aleia was starting to have problems remaining silent. Even so, one would never be able to tell it from her face for it was entirely expressionless. Her mind, however, was a whirlwind of thought and emotion. They couldn't destroy the ship, they didn't even understand what it was. If someone attempted to destroy it and ruined the fuel cell in the process, that would cause an explosion that would level a city twenty times their size. As she listened to the men talk about what should be down with the 'odd wreckage' she realized that their fear must stem from the fact that they had no technology around here, so they had no clue what it was. Then it occurred to her, would a planet that knew nothing about spaceships have the parts to fix one? Probably not. Which meant that she was stuck here unless Derrik had some sort of secret supply, though she rather doubted that. Which meant that her only real hope was that her people would come and get her but then again, they had no clue where she was and with the lack of technology and the destruction of her ship, she couldn't contact them. Her and that ship had been through a lot together since she had joined up 2 years ago and she couldn't just stand by and let them talking about destroying it and actually go through with it. "Excuse me, but when did you find this wreckage?" she asked when there was a slight pause in the conversation.

"It was discovered just yesterday." The first man said.

"Isn't it possible that it could have landed there before 'just yesterday'?" Aleia asked.

"I don't understand what you mean."

She let out a silent breath, hoping for patience. "I mean, isn't it possible that it might have been there for several days?"

"Well, I suppose so." The second man reluctantly agreed.

"Now, no one has been attacked by some strange being or by the wreckage itself. Is that correct?"

"Well, no not yet, but it might suddenly decide to attack." The second man said.

Aleia bit her tongue for a second before she replied, "Why would it? If it has had an opportunity all this time to cause harm but hasn't yet. Wouldn't it make more sense that it would have acted while no one knew about about it?"

The first man reluctantly nodded. "I suppose so but still the fact remains that we don't know where it came from and where the person who owns it is."

"From the size of the wreckage that you make it out to be, it seems that the person who owned it was inside. With that being said, if it is truly as bad as you say then it is more than likely the owner is dead or if not then the fact still remains that he hasn't attacked anyone and therefore is not a threat. If no one has come by now for assistance then it is very likely that no one else is going to come for assistance." One by one she shot down every one of their concerns carefully keeping her face and tone was respectful. Derrik could sense that if they pressed her any further that calm demeanor would quickly change.

"So then, what is it that we should do with it?" One of the men asked.

Aleina turned to Derrik, "With your permission I would like to look over the wreckage myself and get it out of the farmers field so that it will delay him no longer." Maybe it wasn't as bad as she remembered it being, perhaps she would be able to fix it herself with odds and ends that she could find around this place. She might be able to fix it enough to at least find a planet that had enough technology and parts to fix it completely.

Derrik smirked slightly, "You think you need to look at the wreckage?" He asked knowing full well that the wreckage belonged to her. If she is any kind of warrior, one of the first things you do is learn your ship completely.

She wasn't quite sure how she felt about that smirk but responded, "Yes, in order to move it to a more suitable location. It also has me very curious."

"Well, I shall have it brought here." Derrik turned to the officials, "If that is your only concern, I believe we are finished here." He stood preparing to go in his dragon form to retrieve the wreck.

The officials nodded and thanked him for his time before they left.

Aleia looked to him after they had gone. "Thank you." she told him, "For everything."

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