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   Chapter 3 People Do Wear Clothing

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It took Aleia a full moment to recover what she was going to say. She well knew that in order to be able to get home she would need to be nice. She prepared herself mentally for the kindness involved in her required task. "I know that you are a busy man, so I won't waste too much of your time. I need your assistance, my ship crashed here just under 2 weeks ago and I need to get home now. It's urgent and I've heard that you're the one that can help me."

"Hmm. You say it's urgent that you get home? And yet you crashed nearly a fortnight ago. Why the delay in contacting me?"

"This is an unfamiliar place to me, it took nearly a week to find civilization and due to the injuries sustained during the crash the doctor insisted that I kept off my leg for another week. Today is the first day travel has been possible for me."

"I see. Well, in that case, you must dine with me and perhaps I shall hear your request tomorrow." Derrik Deegan took her by the arm and pulled her inside. The large door slid shut behind them.

Aleia was beginning to have a problem holding into her cool demeanor. She could not delay this any longer. She needed to get back, otherwise there would be serious repercussions when she returned. If she ever actually got to that point, of course. "You don't understand, it cannot wait until tomorrow."

"And what is the hurry?" Derrik cocked his eyebrow. "Everybody must make time for dinner. Even you." Derrik proceeded to lead her down a long hallway.

"I cannot disclose what the hurry is, " she replied, "However, dinner can wait until I am well on my way home." She could feel herself losing control. 'Just hold on, ' she whispered to her mind. 'This is the only person on the planet that can help you. Don't make him too angry otherwise you'll be stranded here forever.' She nearly groaned at thought.

"Nonsense. Dax!" he called, "You may get another setting. She will be joining us."

"Very good, Sir." Dax responded and then left to prepare another setting.

"Come along now. The dining hall isn't far."

"Then we can talk about my request over dinner. For it is important that I get out of here as soon as possible." She hoped that stressing the urgency of needing to get off the planet would change his mind. She was never good at having conversations with people, especially pleasant conversations. She didn't want him to know exactly where she came from though, so she was going to have to be very careful about not giving too much away. That was the last thing she needed, she didn't figure that these people and the Federation were on very good terms. Though, of course, nobody said one way or the other and she wasn't going to find out by telling her whole life story.

He walked with her down to the dining hall. "I never mix business with dinner. We may discuss it after dinner, perhaps." He held out the chair for her to be seated.

Aleia stared at the infuriating man, for a moment unsure. She glanced down at the chair then back into his eyes. "I would be most grateful, thank you." she said as she sat down. This was definitely something she wasn't used to and she wasn't sure that she liked it either.

Derrik smiled and sat as well. "How are you enjoying our fair city?"

Aleia smiled, "It is very nice, different from what I am used to."

Derrik arched an eyebrow, "Oh?"

"There is a lot of technology where I come from." That was all she was going to say about that.

"And what are things like where you come from?"

Aleia shrugged, "Like most any place I would imagine." she was going to have to be careful from now on. "Now, is it always like this around here? I mean with the men and women dressing and acting like that?"

"I don't understand. They act and dress as what they are, men and women. Do people not wear clothing where you are from?"

She almost laughed, "Well they do wear clothing. The clothing where I'm from however isn't so...." she didn't know what to say, if she said impractical then he would immediately guess where she was from no doubt, "Fancy." she finished, "I mean, women in dresses and the men in button down shirts? It looks like they're in their Sunday clothes."

Derrik smiled in tolerance at h

is guest. "On the contrary, their clothing is very.. " He grinned, "Shall we say practical?" He leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers as he prepared to enlighten her on women's fashions. "Their dresses or skirts, if they prefer, are usually equipped with functionality. Pockets, food storage. The skirt can also tear away into a very nice jumpsuit. Didn't you notice that when you purchased a dress? Or did you buy one of the more expensive 'fancy' ones?"

Aleia just stared at him in surprise, how had he known what she was thinking? Obviously her host was not quite as he seemed. She would need to be even more careful to guard her mind as well as her mouth. Though it did make her wonder just how long he had been listening to her mind... "I didn't realize that they had such a feature but I am glad that you have told me these things. I suppose it's a good thing my dress only cost ten dollars then."

"Ten dollars! That's insane! What person pays ten whole dollars for a measly dress? Lady, ten dollars is the most expensive dress this town sells! You must've boughten some useless frilly dress!"

Aleia put her hand to her forehead and sighed, "Of course. This isn't home, I should have known better. Leave it to me to buy some worthless dress." She shook her head, "Just to make the situation even worse, this had to happen."

Derrik attempted to comfort her. "Now, don't fret. Dax has a dress you can use from the last time he went undercover as a female spy." His face remained straight as he gave her this priceless information.

She laughed slightly, "That poor man." she said, "That's quite alright I think I can suffer this one until I can get a more suitable one tomorrow."

"Are you quite sure? You and Dax appear to be the same size." He said as he eyed the parts of her body that he could see above the table. "Well." He amended, " you may have a bit more up top then dear Dax does."

"Believe me sir, I am positive." she said and shook her head looking down at the table, she wasn't positive but this man must be crazy. Was he teasing?

Derrik grinned mischievously. "Of course, if you preferred my trousers, I sure I have a spare pair." His eyebrows wagged up and down in the most humorous way.

Aleia she laughed so hard that she couldn't even answer him. He was really something else, that much was for sure!

He smiled in the sweet pleasure of success. He made the odd lady laugh. And laugh hard. "Perhaps, you'd like to take your tea in the parlor?" He suggested as he pushed back from the table and moved to her side.

She pushed back her chair and stood up grabbing her cup of tea. "That sounds very nice, thank you. You will need to lead the way because I don't know where I am going, so after you." she gestured him forward.

"We'll go together." Derrik took Aleia's arm and led her down a long, very long winding hallway. "We'll use the parlor in the mistress' suite since you will be staying the night here as well. Meanwhile, we may be able to discuss your travel plans. Would you like first or third class reservations?"

Aleia wasn't so comfortable with her arm through his so she slipped her arm free and continued to walk beside him."I really can't stay."

"Nonsense, I won't let you leave until you've had a proper nights rest. Especially with your recent injuries. It is truly only wise of you to accept my invitation. And have no fear, I shall not sleepwalk into your room during the night. You will be safe."

She didn't know what to say, she was speechless. Sleepwalk? Now she knew for sure that he was crazy. "I think it would be better if I left after our discussion." She was not accustomed to this sort of joking around. This whole planet felt so foreign to her.

Aleia didn't want to think about sleeping. The last few nights she had not been able to sleep well due to nightmares and her own sleep walking. She didn't like being in a place she wasn't familiar with. Deep down, however, she knew that he was right. With her injuries still recovering, it would be impossible to see the footholds and be able to get down safely. She sighed, "I will stay if that is still alright." she said. She would do no good to her people dead.

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