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   Chapter 2 Making Her Learn Patience

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A/N- hello all you lovely readers! I just read this neat story and wanted to share it with you! It's called Edges of Blythe by Shama, username is wildnfree999. You you have some time check it out! It's pretty awesome and the descriptions are fantastic! And now back to my story! Enjoy!! ??

The sheriff frowned at the young lady standing before him. She sure was a strange one. "Miss, I'm afraid you don't understand. Deegan will not accept visitors until tomorrow. It's isn't so much the question of you being afraid or not. It would incur his wrath on me if I were to interrupt him on this day." He scratched his jaw and shook his head. "Sorry, I just can't risk it."

Aleia frowned as she attempted to maintain her polite demeanor with the law official. "Then at least take me half way to him or else tell me how to get there myself. I don't

Have time for this delay."

The sheriff shook his head. Maybe the female was dim- witted. She didn't seem to understand what she was asking. To see Deegan on his dedicated off days could bring death or worse. Deegan was not a "man" to be trifled with. When he said no visitors, he meant no visitors. As lawman and chief advisor to Derrik Deegan, it was his duty to issue at least one more warning. If the lady wouldn't take it, well, what else could he do? "He won't receive you well. In fact, you'll be fortunate if he'll agree to see you at all."

Aleia resisted the impulse to roll her eyes at the fool who called himself the sheriff. "Well, that's a relief." She stated flippantly. "I've never been received well. There's no point in starting now. I'm sure I can handle anything he throws at me."

The sheriff shook his head. Stupid young child. "Go into the eastern mountains. You'll need to climb twenty feet before you'll come to the entrance of his home. It isn't too difficult to get there, just time consuming."

"Then I'd better leave right now. I thank you for your assistance." With a final nod in doubtful gratitude, Aleia headed off in the eastward direction.

She walked out of town. She walked past cabins which probably the homes of the townsfolks. Even the cabins looked strange to her. One level, small and concise. Not at all like the split level apartment homes she was accustomed to.

She could see the mountain in distance, though she didn't realize it would take her three and half hours just to reach the base of the mountain. She sighed as she gazed up at the mountain. Three and a half hours to reach the mountain. How long would it take her to climb twenty feet? Normally such a feat would be beyond simple. But in her weakened, wounded state? She shook her head and felt determination rise in her. She would do this quickly and get on with her mission. Too many delays. Gritting her teeth, she began the climb. To her satisfaction, it only took twenty minutes to climb to his home entrance. Aleia smiled down at the distance she had covered.

" I coul

d climb it in ten minutes on a good day." She assured herself. She turned to face what appeared to be a cave entrance. Except while caves had open mouths allowing you to enter at will, this cave had a solid door. No buttons, or speakers. No door chimes. Aleia sighed in frustration at the simpleness of this irritating town. She'd just have to do this the old fashioned way. She reached out and knocked on the large metal door. As she waited for her knock to be acknowledged, she marveled at the largeness of the door. The only doors she had seen that size had been in docking bays. Those kinds of doors were required so ships could enter and exit. Why did this cave require such a door? And why was the occupant taking so long to answer her knock. She knocked again, louder this time.

Ten minutes she stood at that door. And still no answer. Aleia was more than irritated at this point. She was considering breaking and entering. Only problem was, how did one break into a cave?


"How long will you make her wait, Master?"

Deegan smiled as he accepted the cup his manservant offered him. "Until she learns patience."

"With all due respect, Master Derrik, I doubt it'll be easy to teach that one anything."

"Perhaps you're right. Do you think twelve minutes and sixteen seconds is long enough?"

"More then enough, sir. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion you may have your hands full when you finally admit her."

Derrik Deegan turned to study the girl again. "You have to admit though that she has grit. Most people would've left after waiting so long. Instead, every thirty seconds she knocks on the door and hollers my name."

"Yes, Master. She does appear to be a rare breed."

"Dax, bring me my cloak. I believe I will meet with her now."

"Which cloak, Master? The regular one or the... Ahem... Larger one?"

"Hmm..." Deegan pondered as he studied the girl again. "Let's throw her off a bit. Bring the regular one."

"Excellent choice, it's always wise to save your other side for... Umm.. Important occasions."

Deegan grinned. "Just my thoughts, Dax. Just so." Deegan accepted the cloak and turned to exit the viewing room. "Dax, have security on standby just in case. Her injuries appear to make her weak but we don't want to assume anything. That could be an ultimate mistake."

"Of course, Master Deegan. And would you like me to have infinity balls at hand?"

Deegan paused a moment before he answered. "Perhaps one. I doubt we'll need it but... You understand, Dax."

"Of course. It'll be ready."

"Excellent." Deegan pasted a friendly smile on his face as he strode towards the entrance. "Now is the time we shall greet our guest."

He pressed a hidden button and the large door slid open. He stood there staring at the girl. "What did you require?" He asked, his voice coming off a tad gravelly.

"I need to speak with Derrik, if you don't mind."

"You are speaking to him."

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