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   Chapter 5 Compliments of the stranger

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As with most towns in the west, this one followed the usual protocol. Women in long dusty skirts moved around, baskets and children clutched in their arms as they took care of their shopping at the local mercantile. Horses were tied to the rail outside the Sink'em Saloon. The name was fitting considering how many men lost all of their money and then some in that fine establishment. Pounding could be heard from the three- walled building towards the edge of town, as a man of muscle pounded steel to fit his will.

Nothing much seemed to be out of place in this small usual-like town. Just another day, thought the giant of a man who was leaning against the roof beam outside the mercantile. He didn't smile, didn't greet anybody as they passed. He simply stood, taking in the surroundings and people from beneath his dark, dusty Stetson. He studied everything with careful calculating eyes. After several long minutes, he decided that the saloon would be the best place to start. It shouldn't be too difficult. Find a man who seemed to know about the town, if he wasn't drunk already, buy him some drinks. The rest should take care of itself. The man had done this often enough. It was really much too easy. Maybe he should find a new line of business. It wasn't like he was attached to this one, and it was getting much too routine. Of course, if he did beg out and run off he will have made a vengeful enemy. Not to mention a powerful one. No, it would be better to just carry this assignment out to completion then he would leave.

As with the rest of the town, the saloon was just the normal kind that every small town and city had. Nothing marked it as special, not even the drunks parked at a table throwing away their money. Several of them had a girl either on his lap or leaning over his shoulder. The man leaned against the bar and called out to the tender. " I need a whiskey, and not the watered- down stuff."

This statement caused several heads to turn to him. Sets of blood-shot eyes gauged the giant stranger as the bar tender made his way over. It wasn't even three and this place was filled with a bunch of wasted men.

" You got the cash to pay fer the good stuff, son? " the bartender asked as he too eyed the stranger.

The man flipped a single gold coin onto the counter. "That enough?"

The bartenders eyes widened slightly as he eyed the strange cowbody with renewed interest. "Sure enough." He said as he grabbed one of his unwatered whiskey bottles.

The man at the bar eyed the other men sitting on the rough stools that were nailed to the floor. His eyes landed on a younger man, he looked rather lost in this place. Target found.

Standing straight, the man gestured to the barkeep. "Get that lad some of the good stuff too." He said.

The lad's eyes widened in surprise as the bartender slid him a shot glass. "Compliments of the stranger." He said before turning away.

The boy gulped down the drink, trying not to sputter as the strong liquid burned down his throat and through his blood to end up in his liver. He turned and walked down to the stranger, 'cause his God-fearing mama had raised him to be polite. "Thank ya fer the drink." He said as he leaned against the counter trying to act as if he did this everyday.

The big man turned to him. "Name's Dom." He said before he drained his glass.

"Ya new in town?" The kid asked trying to be polite although he was just curious because he had never seen such a man in town before. If he had ever seen such a large man he would have surely remembered him, drunk or not. Dom stood at six foot six. Every inch of his body was hard trained muscle. The dark hat shaded his face giving him a mysterious look. All in all the man screamed danger. And here he was talkin' to a kid just barely of age who had yet to prove himself.

"Been here since last night." The stranger answered as he gestured for more drinks. "You from around here?"

The kid nodded as he reached for his glass. "Lived here most my life. 'Cept when I didn't."

Dom shot a quick glance at the kid. Was he trying to be funny or was he really just dumb? At the boys straight face as he turned his attention to his drink, Dom figured it was the latter. "You got a name, kid?"


Dom snorted. He shoulda figured. "You know anything about the people in this town, Joe?"

Joe shrugged. " I might. What's it to ya?"

Dom couldn't help the slight grin on his face. His opinion of the kid just raised a notch. " Just curious. Might be settlin' down near here. I've gotta know if there are any outlaws or strange people 'round here."

Joe nodded as he took a smaller sip of his whiskey. His throat just couldn't take any more gulping. Of course the slow trickle just might be worse. "Makes sense." He agreed. "We ain't got no outlaws 'round here. Nobody strange 'er anythin'. "

Dom's good opinion just lowered a notch. The kid took it just like that? That wasn't even Dom's best excuse. Weak. This kid had a lot of growing up and toughen' up to do. Still he was getting the information he needed. " What about other towns near here? Every hear of anything strange 'bout them?"

The kid slowly shook his head as he reviewed each town through his mind. "Not really. Just yer normal towns, I reckon."

Dom sighed. Obviously he had chosen the wrong target, either this kid truly didn't know anything or he was just too stupid to realize what Dom was asking. D

om straightened, threw the bartender another coin and started towards the swinging doors when a shrill scream silenced the room just as a card table went flying against the wall. Dom turned to observe the scene when his eyes immediately locked on a young girl with long curled blonde hair. Her back was to a man's front as he held a lethal knife to her white throat. Tears rolled down her cheeks, causing little trails to form in her face powder. Dom stood by the doors watching the scene, wondering what it was about and who was going to die.

A man wearing a red shirt held a fistful of cash towards the man with the girl. "You think I care?" He boomed. "I'd rather the cash then her any day!"

The man with the girl intensified his glare, when he spoke his voice was low and cold. Dom knew from experience that that kind of voice was meant more danger then a hot angry one. "You won't care now. Maybe not even tomorrow. But I will kill her. I will kill your mother, your wife, and your daughter. Then I will take your precious money before I break your bones and slit your throat." Though the word were quietly spoken, everything with ears in the room heard them. His meaning was not missed.

Except by the man in the red shirt who decided to lunge at the man with the girl. Glasses where smashed, chairs were broken as the man used the girl he held to fend off the punches and swings from a broken chair. During the scuffle he had dropped the knife that had been held at the girls throat but she was in no less danger. As she shielded the man from his attacker, her forehead received a blow that caused her to pass out. Her lip was spit, her nose appeared to be broken and that was just the damage Dom could see. This had to stop. The man continued to toss the girl around blocking blows meant for his body. He lifted her like she weighed nothing at all. She probably didn't, she looked barely eighteen. Dom turned to the barkeep who watched the situation with something akin to fascination. "A bottle of your watered whiskey." He growled at the bartender. Some place the man kept. The bartender turned and handed his a bottle with a black X on the label. Dom turned away in disgust. Holding the bottle firmly by the neck he lumbered over, closer to the fight.

Never let it be said that he hit a man from behind. " Hey, Red!" He hollered above the ruckus. The man paused in his attack as he turned. "Whadda wa-" the mans unsavory speech was cut short as a swift blow to the head caused him to fall to the ground. Dom dropped the broken bottle beside the fallen body as he walked slowly over to the man who still held the limp body of the girl. He stood over the man, looking down on him with burning hatred. " You have two choices." He spoke quietly, his voice holding the same qualities as frozen water. "Give me the girl and hide your sorry hide before I decide to beat you. Or die at my hands before I take the girl from you. What's it gonna be, Bloke?"

The man holding the girl narrowed his eyes at Dom before his smarts kicked in and he realized just how stupid it would be to egg on a man almost double his size. If the situation hadn't been so serious, Dom would have laughed at the man when this realization occurred to him.

The man however had a reputation to keep, he didn't need it being said that he just handed over his living shield peacefully. "You're not worth my time." He spit. Dropping the girl on the floor at Dom's feet, the man turned, his heavy footsteps indicating that he was leaving the building. Dom wanted to chase after him, wanted to beat him until he could barely breath. He wanted to cause that man's death. But time wouldn't allow it, this girl needed medical help. Now Bending, Dom scooped up the girl as gently as he could. Carrying her unconscious form bridal style, he nodded to the barkeep and exited the building.

His heart broke as he saw the broken and bloodied face of the girl. Her soft beautiful features were now bruised and cut. She had a rather large piece of glass in her left cheek. Dom carried her into the building with the sign that announced it as being a clinic. "Doc!" He shouted as he laid the girl gently on the white made-up examining table. A woman wearing a apron exited the room just to the left. "What happened?" She asked as she hurried forward to the examining table.

"Fight at the saloon. Are you the doc?"

She nodded as she continued to examine the girls face, her gentle hands then sliding over her throat. There they stopped to catch her pulse. " I am. Hand me that bottle." She nodded to a bottle sitting on a shelf near him.

Dom got the bottle and handed it to the woman. He knew better then to criticize a woman, especially a hard-headed one. And any woman who was a a doctor only got there by being hard-headed. Besides, the young broken girl needed help. He couldn't provide it, but this woman could.







I also wanted to give a shout out to Happiee for her book Bad Boy Vibes. I am totally enjoying this story right now and encourage you to check it out! It is awesome!

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