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   Chapter 12 Grandbabies

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 4858

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Micah smiled and squeezed Lily's hand as they approached the door. "Don't worry, love." He reassured her yet again. Today, Micah and Lily decided they should announce their marriage to there friends. Namely Zane and River. Poor Lily was terrified of their reaction to her. It was common knowledge that she had worked in the saloon as a serving girl. She still worried River might hold that against her. Women were always more critical of their own gender. No amount of assures and kisses from Micah could bring Lily comfort. Besides all of this, a small part of her mind and heart worried after her little sister. She still hadn't heard from Lacey and Lily feared the worst.

Just as Lily had convinced herself to turn and run from the small Soddy, the door swung open to reveal a young pregnant woman.

"Micah" the woman teasingly scowled, "Did you come to eat my pie?"

"Of course." Micah replied with a lopsided grin. "I could smell that pie burning all the way to my cabin in the woods. That's one thing I'll give you, River. You can burn a pie like nobody else! Mmmm-hmmm!"

"I oughta bake a pie outta you!" River declared upset at her poor pie being ridiculed like it was.

"Now, now, River. Don't get violent. You're going to scare my wife."

"Wife!" River gasped and for once noticed the small blonde woman that was attempting to hide behind the large deputy.

"This is my wife Lily. We've come for you to make us dinner." Micah said p

efore my boy steals your girls first kiss when they're fishin' one night. Soon after that he'll get all dressed up and ask Micah permission to court his little girl."

"Micah will give him a hard time, " Lily agreed. "But he'll come around because he'll want his baby girl yo have the same kind of happiness he and I have."

"Soon we'll be planing a wedding."River sighed in delight, " and it won't be long after that and we'll be rocking our little grandbabies."

"You think they ought to have twins?" Lily asked.

"Oh yes! They must have twins! One for each of us to cuddle!"

"Well well well." Zane teased as he closed the door behind Micah and hung his hat. "Now that the two of you have planned the lives of our unborn children, can we eat?"

"That is if you didn't want to plan your grandchildren's lives too." Micah grinned as he and Micah took a seat at the table.

"Oh you two just hush up." River scolded. "There's nothing wrong with dreaming."

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