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   Chapter 11 Peach Pie & Kisses

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 6495

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"Just have a seat, I'll be with you shortly." An older man called out as Rhett entered the small white building.

Still holding Lacey, Rhett took a seat and flashed a rogues smile at Lacey. "Are you comfortable, baby?"

Blushing pink, Lacey struggled a bit in his arms. "Rhett!" She hissed. "This isn't proper."

"It's perfectly proper." Rhett assured her, his grin never leaving his face. "Now stop wiggling or I'll be forced to kiss you."

Lacey gasped and immediately became still. Rhett chuckled, "Are kisses from me that disturbing, baby?" He murmured against her ear. His hot breath tickled her neck and sent shivers down her spine.

She wanted him to kiss her! Oh how she wanted his kiss on her lips. "It-It's... The doctor will see." She murmured, his dark eyes were studying her face, seemed to memorize every feature, read her every thought. She loved his eyes, they had a depth... A mysterious depth that held more secrets then he betrayed.

"Hey, Doc!" Rhett called, his eyes never leaving Lacy's. "You gonna be long?"

"Several minutes more if you can wait. I have to wrap this arm." The doctor called cheerfully as he continued his work.

"Do you mind if I kiss my girl in your waiting room?"

"Rhett!" Embarrassed Lacey hid her face in the shirt material covering his chest.

Chuckling, a white haired man with faded blue eyes stuck his head into the waiting room. "One thing I've learned in life, is that you should never pass up the chance to kiss your sweetheart. I'll call you when I'm ready."

"I can't believe you did that." Lacey whispered.

"Believe it, baby." Rhett whispered against her lips.

"But he's gonna think that we-"

"Love each other." His fingers caressed her soft cheek. "Do you love me, Lacey?"

"I- " talking a deep breath, she raised her eyes to meet his smoldering dark brown eyes. "I do." She bravely murmured.

A handsome smile spread across Rhett's face. "Well that makes

e me if I let her miss the weddin'!"

"Preacher!" Rhett called. "You can come in. She said yes!"

Several minutes later saw Rhett and Lacey holding hands before the preacher as they exchanged vows before God and the Doctor and his missus.

"Rhett, " the preacher finished, "you may kiss your bride."

Unable to contain the joy and hope filling his heart, Rhett smiled as he bent and place a gentle kiss to Lacey's upturned lips.

"This calls for a celebration!" The doctors wife declared. "We're not having anything special, mind you but your welcome to join us for supper if you're of a mind to."

Looking to Lacey, Rhett nodded and said, "thank you, ma'am. We'd be honored."

"Wonderful! Come along. Preacher, you're welcome too!"

The five sat down to a fried chicken supper with large pieces of peach pie.


"That's odd. " Lily mumbled.

"I wonder why she hasn't replied." Micah said. "You don't suppose your father intercepted the telegram, do you?"

"I'm not sure... But she should have replied by now! Micah, I'm worried about Lacey."

Wrapping her in his arms, Micah pulled his new wife to him. "We'll find her, sugar. I've got to arrange a few things in town but we can leave day after tomorrow and find your sister. We'll bring her back." Micah promised.

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