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   Chapter 9 Secret Girlish Heart

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 10400

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A smooth smile spread across Rhett's lips as he leaned against the wall. "My dear lady, you mustn't strip a gentleman of all his secrets."

"Oh?" Lacey countered. "I rather thought I deserved an answer. You did promise to answer my questions. Is it my fault if I asked a question you wish not to answer?"

"You are a harsh lady."

Lacey made no reply, she merely folded her hands in her lap as if she were sitting in a fine parlor and waited for his reply to her question. He had promised her answers. Lacey rather thought that he would give her and answer to the last question, even if he wasn't particularly pleased with it.

Sensing that she would not continue the conversation until he answered, Rhett heaved a sigh. "Milady, " he began, " would you simply allow me to say that I... that is, I've always been rather- What I mean to say is-"

Lacey arched a brow as the fine gentleman continued to stumble in his words. For some reason he seemed rather undone. Was his true reason for following her so disturbing?

Rhett stopped his stuttering and took a deep breath. He couldn't possibly tell her the real reason he followed her. How would she accept that? The thought nearly made him laugh. How do you confess to a woman that she has always intrigued you. When Rhett had seen her sneaking out of the city it had terrified him that he might never see the lady in his dreams again.

If Rhett pronounced that confession, Lacey would be sure to slap his face.

"I was merely concerned for your safety, my love. My heart required that I keep near to you."

"Your heart? What ever does your heart have to do with this matter?" Lacey wondered in honest confusion. His words sounded more like something a lover would say to his intended. But that simply could not be. Though Lacey may have once dreamed of it, she was past such childish fantasies. She would look no deeper into his words than the surface. Even so, when he mentioned his heart... well Lacey couldn't quench her curiosity there.

"It would hurt me deeply if harm were to come to you." A simple, common reply. Rhett was proud of his diplomatic answer. Surely she could find no fault with that!

Lacey attempted to ignore it, but she felt her heart drop just a bit. Try as she might, a small part of her secret girlish heart couldn't help but hope that he cared a bit more then common curtesy required.

Forcing a smile to her lips, Lacey said, "Am I to assume that you mean to follow me to my destination then?"

Stretching his long legs out in front of him, Rhett ran a hand through his rather untamed hair. He liked it mused like it was. It felt so comfortable and relaxed, unlike the polished styles living in town demanded that men keep.

Lacey watched Rhett's strong tanned fingers mussing his hair. For a slight moment, she envied those fingers. What must it feel to her fingers through his dark hair. She was vaguely aware of someone calling her name. Rhett, she assumed, but she was beyond talking. Her mind had gone down an entirely different path and she was loath to deter from it.

Shifting her weight, Lacey rose t

lways keep you safe. You'll forever be warm and comfortable. I will love you desperately without fail. " Micah spoke his words in earnest, he was certain his heart had failed to beat. Her answer- Lily's reply to his heartfelt promise and question held the key to the rest of his life. He had so long admired this simple serving girl. Simple serving girl in most people's eyes but to Micah she was like the flower she was named after. She was elegant, beautiful, sweet and kind. She was truly the queen in his garden, and Micah longed for her love in return.

"My father though- he is.."

"No threat to you, Lily." Clasping both her hands in his. "I've promised you security and I won't waver. I won't let anyone hurt you Lily, whether it be your abusive father or a stranger in a saloon."

His promise rung true in Lily's heart. A smile slowly spread across her lips. "I've been trying to save up to send for my sister. She still resides with our father-"

"We will send for her, she can stay with us as long as she needs. I'll add another room to the cabin."

"Could you add a couple of extra rooms?" Lily asked.

"Do you have more than one sister?" Micah puzzled.

"No, but eventually we'll need more room for wee ones."

A large delighted smile spread across Micah 's face. "Lily, do you mean-"

"I will marry you, Micah." Lily assured him. Small tears of happiness gathering in her eyes.

Sweeping her into his arms, Micah held Lily against himself as he placed a firm kiss to her sweet upturned lips. "We should go into town." He muttered in the next breath.

Lily laughed. "It's nearly dark."

"We'll take a lantern."

Giggling, Lily allowed Micah to pull her out of the house. "Wait here." Dropping her hand, he strode across the yard to the barn. Disappearing inside, he reappeared a few minutes later leading a saddled horse.

He stopped near the porch and looked up at Lily. "Have you changed your mind?" He asked with a lopsided grin.

"Nope." Lily promised.

"Then let's go to town." Pulling Lily up behind him, Micah rode for town.

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