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   Chapter 8 Rogue Lover

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 6402

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Lacey rubbed her eyes as her mind tried clear itself from the fog of sleep. She was sitting up in the woodshed she had taken shelter in earlier that morning. It was dark now, the moon shining brightly through the the cracks of the small woodshed.

"Apparently, I've slept the day away." Lacey murmured as she stretched. The fact that she slept through the day without any one detecting her was nothing short of a miracle.

"Morning glory." He tossed her a casual smile as he shut the rickety door behind himself. He didn't seem at all aware of the panic his presence sent Lacey into.

"What- what are you do- That is, who are you?" Lacey stammered, straightening to her full height. A total measurement of five foot two.

The man chuckled as he moved toward her. "Calm down. You act as if you don't know me." His smile turned into a full grin. "You'd think a girl would recognize the chest her head laid on all day."

"I- I beg your pardon!" Lacey cried in exasperation.

"No need, darlin'. I enjoyed it myself."

"How dare you!"

"I knew that one was coming. You ladies seem to have a book full of lines you're supposed to say in a situation such as this." Ticking off on his fingers he continued as he moved slowly closer to the pretty lady. "What are you doing here? The next you'd say is who are you? I beg your pardon. Next would be How dare you. And- " Reaching out he took both of her hands in his. He was so close to the minx that she was forced to look up at him. "Your next appropriate move would be to slap my face."

"Why- why you!"

"Am I right?"

"You know you are!" Lacey scolded. How in the world did this man know she was here? Why was he quizzing her so and what did he mean with that nonsense about sleeping with her head on his chest. Why just the thought of such a thing could cause ruin to a girl's reputation. Of course, Lacey had cursed her own reputation when she decided t

lunged to his feet and began pacing.

Lacey looked up in surprise at the odd reaction.

"That is exactly what I've heard as well. But-" He ran his hand irritably through his hair. "They claim I can seduce a woman with one look, right? But what look? How do I know which look works and which one doesn't?" He began his pacing again. "Is it my 'I'm bored, please stop talking look'? Or perhaps my 'when is dinner to be announced, I'm starving look'? Or maybe-" Rhett stopped at the sound of Lacey's melodious laughter bubbling up from her sweet lips. He smiled as he stopped in front of her. "Apparently you find my predicament funny?"

"You're rogue lover who doesn't know how to seduce a woman." She laughed. "I've never heard of such a thing."

" I didn't say I didn't know how. I merely said I don't consciously know what look works."

"That is even more dangerous. Your subconscious seduces?"

"Apparently. Now, what's your next question?" Rhett asked as he eased himself back onto the floor.

"Why did you follow me?"

"That one is easy. I won you."

I beg your pardon?"

"Our dear mayor bet his lovely youngest daughter during his poker game and I won."

"You mean you followed me only to collect your winnings?"

"Not exactly."

"What then?"

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