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   Chapter 7 Chicken

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 7632

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"Hey sugar, how bout you keepin' me company for a while." A whiskery unbathed man said as he caught Lily round the waist and pulled her down unto his lap.

"Let me up!" Lily shouted trying to pull herself free.

"Come on now, I ain't that bad. You and I could have quite a time together. How about-"

"Lily you're needed in the kitchen." Bubba stood near the man's elbow. "I suggest you free her, sir." He struggled against his desire to pummel the barbarian. Sir, indeed!

"Why should I?" The man mumbled, his face was pressed against her neck, his lips leaving disgusting kisses on her skin.

"Because I own the place and the sheriff is sitting just over yonder." Bubba said. "Now. Let. Her. Go."

The man pulled his face from Lily's hair just long enough to eye the saloon owner. "I ain't wantin' any trouble, mister. Just a little lovin'."

"You picked the wrong girl for it. Don't make me involve the sheriff. Let her go."

The man was silent for a few short seconds before he pushed Lily from his lap. "I'm 'bout finished here anyways."

"Good." Bubba pushed Lily ahead of him as he walked to the kitchen area.

Lily nearly collapsed against the counter. "Thank you, Bubba." She whispered as she used the kitchen rag to scrub the skin of her neck.

"This is getting too dangerous, Miss Lily. "

"It's doesn't happen all that often, Bubba. "Lily pleaded with wide eyes. "And you handled the brute just fine."

"Lily, one of these days a man's gonna grab on to you and no amount of sweet talking is gonna make him let go. It's dangerous. I'm not exact big enough to defend your honor or anything thin. Heck you know that, Miss Lily." The small wiry man frowned at the petite girl in front of him. She was a beauty alright, a petite remind beauty.

"Please, Bubba. Don't fire me. I need this job! There's no other jobs to be had around town!"

Bubba sighed. "Alright, Miss Lily. How about we settle on a compromise, a deal of sorts." At her brief nod, he continued. "It's dangerous for you here and I like and respect you a lot, Miss. I don't want to see you getting hurt by a no account man. So, I'll let you stay for a bit longer on the condition that you promise to start searching for another position."


"Now, Miss Lily, I understand yo

t right." He murmered. Unable to stop himself, his hand rose from her neck to caress her soft golden hair.

Lily tried to stay calm. The deputy was so close however, she was certain he would hear her heart pounding. See her desire for his kiss on her neck instead of that horrible man from earlier. She had to... Distract herself somehow. This man would be the death of her. " Do you always wear your apron to repair cabins?" She whispered.

Micah glanced down and a full fledged smiled altered his face. "Only when I'm trying to impress a young lady with my culinary skills."

"You cook?"

Micah laughed and pulled her closer to him in a hug. "Not at all darling. What I do is called burning." His arm still around her, he guided her to the table. "I was planning on leaving this for you and being gone before you arrived. However, since you've spoiled my perfectly arranged plans, would you mind greatly if I were to join you for your supper, Milady?"

Lily giggled in delight as he held out her chair. "Why sir, I would be positively delighted!"

"Excellent! In that case, dinner is served."

He sat a plate of meat down in the table.

"What's that?" Lily asked in curiosity at the strange meat before her.



"At least, that's what it was before I cooked it." Micah said staring down at the blackened meat.

"Well it looks wonderful." Lily said putting some on her plate. "Here, you have some too."

"Thank you." Micah said praying that this wouldn't be their last meal.

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