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   Chapter 3 Escaping the House

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 5839

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As the sun lowered and darkness descended on the fancy four story house, the city began quieting down for the night. Soon, everyone that mattered would be home eating supper or reading the paper in the parlor. The night life would be be coming out, men of all sorts would be dropping coins in saloons cash drawer. Lacey knelt near the stairs in the fancy house. Her were knuckles white from gripping the banister. The house was silent and Lacey prayed that it would stay that way. Not a lamp nor a candle illuminated the house, the servants were in the kitchen having their supper. Usually they served the family before retiring for the evening, but Lacey, claiming a headache, begged off from dinner and went up stairs to rest.

Lacey lay her head against the banister. If her father came home too soon this night, she really would have a headache. The clock in the parlor struck seven o'clock. With each chime, Lacey's heart lightened. Hope was beginning to take place in her heart. The cities offices always closed every evening at five. The fact that Mayor Lawrence Vanculon wasn't yet home meant only one thing. He'd stopped by the saloon to lose a few coins. Lacey found it difficult to believe that a man of such social status would be caught drinking in public. Apparently, the city held that same opinion. They boosted several saloons and dance halls. One saloon was especially discreet concerning the wealthy and privileged. They serviced only such people. It was a place that the elite could go in the evening without soiling their reputation.

Creeping down the steps, being careful to keep her dress from tangling, Lacey crouched in the doorway of the parlor to check the time. Seven-ten. Mayor Lawrence was two hours and ten minutes late. Turning around, Lacey moved silently up the stair and into her bedroom. Kneeling before her bed, Lacey clasped her hands and bowed her head. "Please father, please let me escape without notice. Please, I beg you to see me safely from this house. Thru Jesus name, Amen." Reaching beneath her bed, Lacey pulled a flour sack out. The flour sack contained an extra dress and set of underclothes. Tied up in two handkerchiefs were several biscuits that she had managed to sneak away from the kitchen. It had taken some doing, but Lacey had managed to sneak away from her maid and buy a canteen from town. Rising to her booted feet, Lacey stuffed her mama's bible in the flour sack and tied it with a bit of ribbon she pulled from her vanity. A suit case would've been too difficult to carry and much too noticeable.

The way the house had been designed, Lacey's chambers stood just above the kitchen. Lacey could hear the murmuring of the servants as they had their dinner and rested after a long day of work. Hoping to escape the house before they finished their meal. Lacey made up her bed to look like she was asleep. Giving her bedroom one last look, she silentl

y pulled the door shut. This part of her life was over. No longer would she live in this morbid house. She would not associate herself with her father ever again. Lacey couldn't wait for her sister to make enough to send for her and support the two of them. Lacey was more then capable of helping to provide for her own life. Gripping her flour sack in one hand, Lacey tiptoed down the stairs. Murmurs from the kitchen could be heard but otherwise the house remained like a tomb- dark and silent. Determined to escape the haunted life she lived, Lacey eased the door open and peered out. The street lamps were lit. There flames burned merrily, gently illuminating the empty street. Ever so cautiously, Lacey stepped from the house and pulled the door shut behind her. A few more feet and Lacey was standing on the sidewalk facing away from the house that had served as her dungeon. This sidewalk- this wonderful sidewalk started the first steps of her freedom. Without a backward glance, Lacey stayed close to the shadows as she made her way out of town.

In her flour sack, an addressed letter waited to be posted. Lacey hadn't dared post it in this city. She knew word might easily get back to her father. She didn't want to risk Lily's new life. No, she would wait until she was far enough from her hometown to post the letter to her older sister. In the meantime she would walk. She would walk as far as her small feet could carry her, then she would rest. And later she would walk some more. Fully determined to let nothing deter her, Lacey raised her head continued on.

The cooler air, caused Lacey to pull her clock closer to her. Autumn was in the air. Normally, Autumn was Lacey's favorite season. She adored spiced cider and apple pie. The leaves scurrying on the ground as the wind blew. The satisfying crunch they made when she stepped on them was nearly addictive. Normally, she adored Autumn. Today was not like a normal day, however. Worries invaded Lacey's mind as she walked. Would it snow before she reached her sister? Would the evenings be too cool for her thin cloak? What if her father discovered her disappearance too soon? He might send out people to search for her before she got far enough away. Her worries would slow her down. She couldn't afford the distraction! Struggling to push her concerns from her mind, Lacey walked on in the night. The darkness made the going slow, but at the same time, it provided a certain comfort that made Lacey feel secure. Perhaps when she was far enough away, she would sleep during the day and travel at night. Of course, if she happened to run into unscrupulous men during the night, there wouldn't be many people awake to hear her cries for help. Switching her flour sack to her other hand, Lacey walked on. Each step contained a prayer, a prayer for her sister, a prayer for her escape, and most of all, a prayer of safety for the both of them.

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