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   Chapter 2 Errant Bushes

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River By LadyRosabella Characters: 5735

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Micah pulled his jacket closer as he rode out of town. He felt cold, not on the outside, but on the inside. He hated being alone, despised the cold empty feeling it gave him. It was days like this that he missed his sweet mother. His hardworking papa and his granny. Years had passed since he had last seen his kinfolk. Why had he allowed so much time to go by? He supposed he didn't even realize time was passing. These past years, Micah's whole life revolved around his deputy badge and Zane. It was time he got away, time he focused on something else. He'd worked so hard building his career that he'd forgotten about the most important thing in life. People.

But this trip would be good for him. He'd get away from the never changing town and spend some time getting to know himself and what he really wanted out of his life. If he was fortunate, an early snow storm would come and he'd be stuck at his hunting cabin for weeks. Of course it wasn't fair of him to leave the whole town in Zane's hands, but at this point Micah didn't even care.

He felt the cool autumn breeze blowing across his skin, it pressed against his hat as he rode steadily onward. The leaves crunched under his horses hooves.

A smile spread across his features as Micah enjoyed the sounds and sights of nature for the first time in a while. There was so much in life that he'd been missing. So much he had taken for granted. When was the last time he'd gone fishing? True, the weather was turning a bit cold for that activity but what hadn't he done it during the warm summer months? He would next summer, he promised himself. He'd go fishing, and hunting. He'd put his back and money into fixing up his cabin. He'd let Lily know he was sweet on her, and if that didn't scare her away, he'd court her and if she still stuck around he might even offer her marriage.

Micah grinned, as he rode up to his cabin. This time next year, he may have a wife and even a family on the way. As the cabin and it's surroundings penetrated his brain, the grin slipped from his face. Micah hadn't been to his cabin in nearly three years. "Gracious, " He mumbled as he climbed down from his horse. "This place needs a lot of work before I can bring my wife and family here." The roof looked like it was ready to cave in, the porch had several rotting steps. The brush that was growing up on all sides of the house made it seem like something from an enchanted forest. "Although it's not very enchanting." Micah mumbled as he stared at the overwhelming brush. The barn looked worse than the cabin. The barn left barn door was nearly ripped off, it hung on on leather hinge. Several boards were missing, a gaping hole in the roof. Micah stood in the door way and grimaced at the large bush that seemed to be flourishing in his ramshackle barn.

"I may have to take you into the house with me."

Micah spoke to his horse as he walked back to the cabin. "I don't think that barn is safe for anything except errant bushes." Careful to step around the bad spots on the porch, Micah pushed the door. It didn't budge. "Must be stuck." Micah muttered as he shoved against the door. "There's more wrong with this place then I thought." The door still didn't open. Frowning, Micah threw his shoulder door. It took two tries before something went toppling on the inside of the house and the door flew open.

Micah walked into the cabin and looked around. "What in tarnation?" He muttered. Micah stared at the interior. It didn't seem to belong to his cabin. Reaching out, he swiped his hand against the table. His finger came away clean. The floors were swept. No cob webs were anywhere. How in the world could the inside look this good while the outside looked like an overgrown forest. "Little men must be living here." He said. "No, men wouldn't make it look this nice." Micah said looking around again. Turning back to the door, Micah pushed it shut. The door swung back open. Frowning, he pushed it shut again. The door swung back open. It was then that Micah noticed the chest of drawers tipped over nearly behind the door. "That must have been what held the door shut when I tried coming in." Bending down, Micah examined the door. "That's why it won't latch." He muttered to himself. "I can have that fixed in a jiffy." Fetching some rusty tools from the barn, Micah banged at the door for awhile before smiling in satisfaction as the door closed and latched. "Now that is a door."

Micah opened the door and went out to his horse. His saddle bags had some food stuffs and a couple changes of clothing. He frowned slightly as his hand felt a soft material. Pulling it out of his bag, a small smile turned up his lips as he gazed at the pink calico print dress. Nearly two weeks ago, he had been sitting in a chair in front of the jail when he noticed a certain sweet lady admiring the soft pink and lace dress from the window of Meyer's mercantile. Unable to resist, Micah had gone and purchased the dress as soon as Lily had walked away. For two weeks, Micah carried the calico dress with him everywhere he'd gone. Stuffing the contents back into his bag, he slung the saddle bag over his shoulder and walked back into the cabin.

Tossing the bag on the table, Micah spotted something rather curious in the back corner of the cabin. It looked like... like a pile of blankets. Micah didn't remember leaving blankets piled up like that. Moving over toward the pile, Micah leaned down and pulled back the blankets.

Eyes wide, Micah found himself staring into the sleeping face of Miss Lily.


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