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   Chapter 1 The Cabin

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Placing a hand to her throbbing head, Lily Vanculon continued her journey through the uncut field of weeds. The late autumn provided a nip to the air that hadn't been there a month before. The ground held more leaves then the trees currently wore. Lily noticed none of these things as she walked on. Though the land held beauties to delight and dazzle the human eye, Lily could think only of getting to the small cabin where she could lie down and rest for a while.

Usually, Lily's job as a serving girl provided a pleasant uneventful day. Today had been different however. On this fall evening, a very loud, drunk horrible man had drug her upstairs in the small establishment. Even though Bub, the saloon owner, had attempted to champion Lily in her time of need, Bub was much too small to be taken as a real threat. The nasty man had only laughed at him. Lily wasn't exactly certain what happened after the rotten man had taken her upstairs. Maybe he hit her. Perhaps she fell and hit her head. Whatever it was had made her head ache something awful. It had caused bleeding too. Lily had woken up in the Doc's office.

Pushing the wooden door open, Lily let herself into the small abandoned cabin. She didn't know who had lived there originally, but whoever they where they weren't living there now. Lily found the cabin before she had even seen the small western town. Tired and hungry, she had decided to rest for the night in the cabin. The next day, after seeing how worn down the cabin and lands looked, Lily figured it would make an ideal home for her.

It was nothing like the grand house she had grown up in, but it was exactly what she needed. To her way of thinking, if the cabin and its' land were so ill kept then she would be able to live in it without worrying about whoever owned it. Sure she was trespassing, but she was too tired and sad to let it bother her much. That had been almost two months ago. Lily had been living in the small ramshackle cabin for nearly two months and so far nobody had bothered her. These past two months had been the most peaceful months of her life. If it wasn't for the constant worrying over her sister, Lily would be perfectly happy in her new life.

Closing the door, Lily pushed and heaved until she managed to move the chest of drawers in front of the door. The door had no latch to secure it, and Lily was terrified of someone entering while she slept in the night. Lily was much too exhausted to eat, not that she had much in the cabin. She squirreled away most of her money, doing her best to live on nothing. It was a simple task during the last couple summer months. Bub kindly provided his employees one free meal a day. For breakfast and dinner, Lilly would search the berry bushes in the woods. She had a feeling that she would be eating just one meal a day during the winter. She didn't dare take from her money to buy something as insignificant as food. Not when her employer was kind enough to offer her a meal a day.

"It's much better to save your money until you can buy your sister's freedom."Lily mumbled to herself as she moved to her pallet set up in the far corner of the one room cabin.


Micah slammed his hand on he table. "What do you mean she left?" he was doing his best to keep himself under control but his good intentions were slipping away as worry and fatigue filled him.

The old doctor sighed as he turned to face Micah. "Listen, I told you, she woke up and decided to take herself home. She wasn't in danger so I had to let her go."

"How could you be so careless?" Micah snapped in frustration. He ran his fingers through his hair irritably.

"Micah." The doctor sat down in the overstuffed chair in front of the window. He gestured for Micah to be seated as well. Micah, being in the mood he was currently in, stubbornly refused to sit. The doctor sighed and continued. "The girl is young and healthy. She said her head ached some but otherwise she was fine. The bleeding stopped hours ago. Her heartbeat was strong, her pulse steady. I would have never agreed to let her leave if I thought she was in danger of any sort. You must believe me, Micah. I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I've dedicated my life to helping people, not hurting them."

Micah seemed to deflate as he sank into the afore offered chair. "I'm sorry, Doc." He mumbled. "I just worry about her. She's so..."

The old doctor

chuckled and slapped Micah's knee. "I understand son." He grinned. "I'm in love with my own woman."

"She's just so pretty and sweet. And alone.. I just want to take care of her." Micah groaned as he buried his head in his hands. He had it bad, he knew he did but he just couldn't help it. He'd been attracted to the petite woman the first time she had brought him his milk and lunch. She was so unlike any other woman he's seen before. Zane's woman was feisty, she had a snap to her. But Lily. Lily was sweet and kind. She was quiet, seeming to prefer the shadows. Lily withdrew feelings in Micah that he didn't fully understand. The last few years he'd been so busy building his life as a lawman that he hardly looked twice at an available female. True, Lily did nothing to force his attention to her, but he seemed drawn to her anyhow.

"Have you mentioned your... 'attraction' to the girl?" The kind doctor asked drawing Micah's attention back to the conversation at present.

Micah shook his head. "I just asked her to eat with me one night." He admitted.


"She agreed." Micah said. Just thinking about that one evening had him craving her attention and company. It was one of the best meals Micah had ever had at the saloon. Not because the food had been any better but rather because he hadn't eaten alone. Micah hadn't released before just how lonely he was, how much he craved Lily's gentle companionship. This was getting him no where. Micah stood. "I better leave, Doc. Thanks for caring for her. I appreciate it. " He pulled some coins from his inner vest pocket. "I'd like to settle her bill with you, Doc. If you haven't any objections."

"None at all." The doctor agreed pulling himself to his feet as well. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather have Bub take care of the payment? It did happen while she was in his place."

"Yeah, but I'd rather take care of it myself, if you don't mind." Micah insisted as he put some coins in the doctors hand. "Will that cover it?"

"Easily." Doc assured him.

"Hey, Doc. Don't... don't tell anyone I paid it, okay?"

"Whatever you want, Micah."


"Good luck to you." The doctor called as the young man left the room. "Poor boy." He shook his head as he went to find his wife." That poor boy has it bad, I'd say. Mighty bad."


"Micah!" Zane smiled as he he watched his deputy walking from the doctor's house. "You not feeling well?"

"Not me, I was just seeing how Lily was." Micah shoved back his hat as he talked with his old friend. Sheriff Zane had not only saved Micah's life a few times but he was also Micah's good friend. The two made a good pair and they were well respected in the small western town.


"The serving girl from the saloon. A fella got rather rough with her last night." Micah explained.

"Ah. How is she?"

"Doctor let her go home."Micah rather growled.

Zane frowned as he studied his friend. If Lily was well enough to go home, Zane assumed that should be good news. Micah, however, made it sound as if the doctor had made a grave mistake in permitting her to leave his care. "Was she well enough?"

"According to the doctor."

"What's wrong, Micah? Something bothering you?"

"I don't know." Pulling his hat rather irritably from his head he said, "Maybe I should take a few days. Go hunting. It's been a while since I've been to my cabin."

"Go then." Zane agreed. "I'm sure the town will be fine. Take a week if you need." He said, sensing that his deputy needed his approval on his plan. Micah wasn't usually so down like this. As a rule Micah was a happy, teasing man. The kind that would make you feel better with just a simple glance. Micah had taken on more responsibility since Zane had been rather attached to his expecting wife lately. Perhaps that'a all he needed to regain his sagging spirits.

"I think I will." He mumbled, his gaze turned toward the mountains in the distance. They seemed so far away and yet so close. Micah sighed. He was restless in town. "I'll go up tonight." He drew his attention back to Zane. "Want me to bring back some meat for you?"

"Never turn down good meat. I appreciate it." Zane clasped his friend's hand in a firm handshake. "Take care of yourself."

Micah nodded. "Give my best to River."



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