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   Chapter 12 He's got her upstairs..

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The wind blew causing leaves of red and golden hues to stir. The fields were harvested. The air was cooler, not uncomfortably cold, but enough to require a shawl or light coat. Zane stood in front of his barn gazing up at his new log cabin. It was a good home: solidly chinked, glass in the windows, a chimney that even now had small tendrils of smoke rising from it. A small smile turned up his lips as he thought about what he would find inside the new cabin. River would be in the kitchen, a soft green calico dress and apron. Her long hair would be laying on her back in a thick braid. The smells of the fire and dinner would be filling the air.

A longing filled Zane, a longing he couldn't deny. He wanted to be in that cabin. Home. With his wife. His wife. Zane's small smiled spread into a full fledged grin. He never thought it possible that he would own River's heart. She owned his since before he found her in the pickle barrel but it constantly amazed him that such a wonderful, sweet woman could possibly love him as much as he loved her.

With a laugh, Zane took over for the cabin at a run. He was a fool for standing outside looking into his house, when he could be inside the warm cabin with his sweet River.

Pushing open the door, Zane threw his hat which landed neatly on the coatrack near the door. "River? Where's my sweet River?" He called with a smile as he entered the kitchen.

"Zane!" Leaving her bread half sliced on the table, River went to her husband with a smile. "I'm glad you're home." She whispered. She held his face gently between her hands, her thumbs caressing the rough stubble on his face. "I missed you."

"Did you now?" Zane asked, his grin still in place as he gazed into his wife's beautiful brown eyes.

"Oh yes." River assured him.


cradle for our baby?"

"Well, that's not too hard at all, " Zane said, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. "Cradle's fairly ea-"

River knew the instant the meaning of her words hit him. Slowly, Zane turned around, his eyes wide with surprise. "River, did you say... Our baby?"

"Yes, Papa." River smiled at him, a small fear niggling her mind. Would he be happy? Or upset? Or-

"River!" Zane kept back onto the bed and kissed her. "You're gonna be a mother?"

"And you'll be a father."

Zane kissed her again, before crushing her in a hug. "Our baby." He murmured against her hair. "We're having a baby. Our very own baby, River!"

"I know." River laughed. Tears of joy streaming down her pretty face. She couldn't ask for more, she truly couldn't. She had everything she could ever need to be happy.



I'm so excited you finished reading my story! Hope you enjoyed the short journey through my mind! Haha!

So I'm planning on writing Micah and Lily's romance in another story called Loving Lily! River and Zane will also be in Micah and Lily's story so you can still follow them too! Stay tuned for the first chapter! Happy day to you!

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