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   Chapter 11 Squirral Hunting

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The men wasted no time in watching the sweet scene taking place before them. No, their leader was temporarily distracted by a woman but they still had their eyes focused on the goal: Robert Krillan. Leaving Zane in the arms of his woman, they galloped onward determined to carry out the thoughts of their master. Like bees swarming to the hive, they galloped on letting nothing deter them from their goal. Micah, though shot and weakened, rode with the men from town. He would see this through. He would report back to Zane.

The men slowed as they neared the area they were sure the ambush would be, while in town Zane had indeed wired ahead to the town of Fairview. It didn't take much time to convince the neighboring town and sheriff to aid in the capture of the wanted criminal. These men were ready, now all they had to do was...

"I hear horses coming." A shop keeper murmered, his pistol ready in one hand. Silence reigned..

"Hefty, you lousy fool! You're no better than a rotten woman!" A harsh male voice filled the clearing.

"It ain't all my fault, boss. You fell asleep just the same as I did. In fact, you..." Hefty paused in his speech, his bloodshot eyes landing on the men surrounding them. Nearly every gun owned in the town was aimed at the two men.

Hefty's gulped. "Heyy ya'll." He attempted a smile. "You all ummm.. Squirrel hunting?"

"Not unless you've grown a tail." Micah ground out. The pain in his leg hurt unbearably but he was determined to see this through until the end.

Krillians eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the banged up Micah. Krillan was old but he wasn't stupid. He recognized the man that had been in the saloon with him that day.

Hoof beats caused Krillian and Hefty to look beyond the men surrounding him. Rage seemed to seep from every pore as Krillian recognized the girl that sat protectively in his sons arms.

"You.. You did this to me?" Krillian accused his son.

"It's long over due, isn't it Krillian."

All his life, Robert Krillian had lived in the wrong side of the law, he handed out justice by his law, and profited from the failure of others. As an outlaw went, Krillian was rather lucky. Little jail time and certainly no noose. But then he had to get caught up on something as insignificant as a girl.. A prize that had escaped him. So long he had been determined to regain wait he thought belonged to him and now it was to be his undoing. Krillian could feel in his bones that this was the end. Even so, he had to try. "You ought to address your pa more respectfully son. I've killed men for less than the way you just spoke to me." The old man held his head high. Even when he was clearly losing he was determined to demand respect.

Respect no one gave except one.

"You're not my f

ot tall.

"Bub, I was wondering if you and me might do some trading."

Bub's eyes narrowed. "What kind of trading?"

Micah put several coins on the table. "An evening with your serving girl."

"Lily? Hey now Micah, she doesn't do that kind of serving. " Bub began.

"I know, I know." Micah interrupted with a raised hand. "You have Delilah and Meg for that kind of entertaining but that's not what I'm asking for, Bub."

"Just what are you asking for?"

"I like Lily, Bub. I want to spend time with her maybe make her my wife eventually."

Bub's eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hairline. "You what?"

"I want to court her, Bub. Proper like."

A slow smile spread across the man's face. "You do, do you?"

"If you'll let me?"

"And if I don't?"

"I'll arrest you."

Bub laughed and slapped Micah on the back. "Boy, you can have at it and with my blessing. There's one thing I ought to warn you about."

"What's that?"

"She's got a bad past. A mean pa. Used to hit her and stuff. She's been hiding from him. He ain't found out she's here as of yet but you never can tell."

Micah nodded in appreciation. "Thanks, Bub. For everything."

"I'll send her out."

Just as Bub promised, Lily came out with two trays. "Here you go." She said setting each meal down on the table. "Something else I can get for you?"

Standing, Micah took her hand in one of his larger ones. "Miss Lily, Bub said it'd be okay if I asked you." He nodded toward the table. "Would you umm.. Would you care to dine? With me, I mean?"

A slow smile spread across Lily's face. "I'd be honored." She said, a soft pink blush illuminating her face like the first pink rays of sun.

Barely able to contain the grin threatening to burst, Micah held her chair and then took his own seat.

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