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   Chapter 13 Numb

Saving Olivia By LadyRosabella Characters: 5511

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The doctors performed surgery as soon as they gained permission. Every second counted when it was something as serious as the brain, the doctor said.

Mason slept at the hospital that night. I tried to convince him that he had to go home to get good sleep but he wouldn't have it any other way. I eventually relented and stayed with him. I didn't want to go home either. Hospitals are eery. I was glad I wasn't alone. I don't know how long it took me to fall asleep but when I woke up, I found the white clad doctor standing in front if us. My head was resting on Masons shoulder, Mason was still asleep. I straightened up and nudged Mason. He didn't even stir.

"Mason, the doctors here."

"I don't need a doctor. " he mumbled. "I'm fine."

I cast an apologetic look at the doctor before nudging Mason again. "The doc is here about your mom, Mason."

That snapped him awake. His head jerked upright and he stood, running his fingers through his hair.

"Doctor." He cleared his throat.

"Mason, would you come with me?"

"Of course. Is the surgery over?"Mason slipped his hand into mine and pulled me along with them.

"Yes, we'll discuss it in a moment." It was complete silence then as the doctor led us down a couple of hallways and into a small office room. I noticed the clock on the wall read 3:23 A.M. I settled into the chair beside Mason and waited while the doctor got a file and took his seat.

"Mason." They doctor looked at me then returned his gaze back to Mason. He spoke softly. "More of your mothers brain was damaged then we originally thought. She didn't survive the surgery, son."

Mason's hand went limp in min

hen I was, I left.

Making a quick decision I took another bus but instead of getting off at my building I got off at Mason's. I knocked on his door but there was no answer.

"Mason! It's Livy, open up!"

No answer.

"Mason! Please open up." I knocked on the door again. I couldn't help the desperation that was filling me. I was truly worried about him.


The door swung open to reveal a unkept, unshared Mason. He was wearing pajama bottoms and an angry expression. "What do you want?" He growled.

"Mason, I want to be with you. It's not good for you to shut yourself away. Let me help you." I pleaded.

"I don't want your help. Go find somebody else to bother. "He started to push the door shut but I put myself in its way.

"Mason, just let me come in. I won't bother you I'll just make you some food."

"I don't want you around!" Mason yelled. He shoved me to the floor and slammed the door shut.

I said on the floor, tears filling my eyes. I didn't know what to do. I felt in my gut that it wasn't wise to leave Mason, but he wouldn't accept me. What could I do?

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