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   Chapter 1 A Cold Night

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When I was little, I used to lay in my bed, curled up like a kitten and imagine my life. The life I imagined was not my future adult life but rather my childhood. I used to dream that a loving couple would come and adopt me. They would take me to their home and give me a room of my own, fresh baked cookies and more love then a child had need for. Of course, that dream never quite came true for me. I had certain 'difficulties' that made adoption elusive. Nobody wants a problem child.

My mother died shortly after I was born. I was told it was in a car wreck. My father apparently felt that he couldn't handle a toddler on his own. He left me with the lady who lived in the apartment next to his. Said he was going out for milk, only he never came back. I stayed with the lady for a week before she took me down to the police station. I had just turned two. If they found my father, they never told me. I went to live in a foster care facility. There I remained a ward of the state until I turned fourteen. That was the day Lydia Milient became my foster mother. Lydia was an eighth grade History teacher. She became my best friend. I had never known anybody who actually wanted me, but Lydia did. She loved me. I stayed with Lydia until I was eighteen. For most teens, turning eighteen is a milestone, a reason for joy. For foster children it means you will be homeless. Eighteen. The big day. The checks to pay for my care stopped coming that day. It was time for me to find my own way. Lydia knew this day would come. She prepared me for it. It was because of her that I maintained a part time job since I was fifteen. It wasn't very much. Being a minor I could only work so many hours. But all of the money I made from that job went into my 'when I turn eighteen and become homeless' fund.

Lydia, being the kind of person that she is, told me that I could stay with her for a while after I turned eighteen. But teachers, they don't make much. I didn't want to be a burden, so I only stayed two months past my birthdate. During this time, I worked full-time at my bookstore job and paid Lydia a small amount to help with my expenses. Finally the day came. Lydia drove me to my new apartment. It was a small place across town. The rent was decent and it wasn't too far away from my job. That was a major advantage since I can't drive. Lydia helped me to unpack all the while laughing and talking. We made pizza that night for dinner. Lydia never had been a very good cook, so I made the pizza while she set out the paper plates and red plastic cups. Two pieces of pizza and four hugs later and Lydia left me. My first night alone was miserable. I felt so lonely and cold. Blanket wrapped around me, I huddled into the corner beside my dresser and cried myself into a troubled sleep. That was the first day of my adult life.

Life didn't get easier but I learned to live with it. I saw Lydia often and that helped. Several nights she would come to my place after work and we would have dinner and play a game of clue or scrabble.

I smiled to myself as I hurried home from work. It was getting dark quickly. I wanted to go home take a long hot bath and then make a surprise cake for when Lydia came over tomorrow night. The air was cold and the side walks were slushy. I pulled my cost collar up as I rounded the corner bringing me to the street that I lived on. Lost in my own thoughts, I didn't notice the three men leaning against the building smoking their lungs.

"Well, look what we have here, fellas." One man drawled casually as he grabbed hold of my arm.

"L-let go." I stuttered as I tried in vain to jerk away from him.

The other two men laughed gruffly as they abandoned their spot by the wall to join their friend.

I could feel my head getting heavier as dizziness overtook me. No, no no! My muscles weakened. I fought, trying to remain conscious as the familiar black started to slid over my mind. I slipped into a sleep.


"Thank you, hon. I appreciate it."

"That's alright, Mrs. Linstrem. Is there anything else you need?


"No, dear. I'll be fit as a fiddle now that my t.v. is working again. It's a terrible bother to have a t.v. that is broken. "

"Well, you won't have to worry about that any longer." Mason laughed as he packed up his tools.

"Are you leaving so soon, dear?" Mrs. Linstrem asked wringing her hands. "I thought you might have a bit of supper."

"I can't tonight, there's a game on tonight that I have to see." Mason said as he buttoned up his winter coat, wrapping a scarf around his neck.

"Some other time then, alright?" The kind lady asked as she walked him to the door.

"For sure." He smiled as he bent and placed a kiss on her upturned cheek. "You take care now." He called as he walked down the hall.

Mason sighed as he walked onto the lift and waited for it to take him down two floors. He was worn out. Work had been tough this week. Caring for his mother was wearing on him. He needed to go grocery shopping. In short, he felt completely stressed with no vent. The doors chimed before they slid open revealing the poorly lit lobby. Mason lifted his bag and headed out into the cold dark night. He pressed the button to unlock his car doors then hurried to get in and shut out the bitter wind. "It is way to cold to be September." He muttered to himself as he turned the car over and put it in drive. He waited for a couple of cars to pass before pulling onto the asphalt road. He had a ten minute drive and then he would be home. He went over his mental check list of everything he had yet to do. Feed mom. Make sure she takes her pills. Help her wash up. Put her to bed. Make a sandwich. "No, I'm out of bread." He muttered to himself.

He squinted a bit as his headlights revealed the shape of a body laying on the sidewalk. "What in the world?" He applied his brakes and pulled over to the curb.

Mason sat still for several seconds as he scouted the area. Nobody appeared to be around. The body lying on the cold concrete didn't seem to move. 'Should I get out?' He wondered. 'They could be pretending.' Every cop show he had ever watch seemed to flash through his mind in a matter of seconds. Kidnapped, raped, murdered. Scanning the area again, Mason made his choice. Opening his door, he stepped out into the cold. The temperature seemed to drop ten degrees since he got in his car. Hurrying over to the body, he nudged their leg with his boot. No response. Breathing out a prayer, he knelt beside the person. A girl. She was young probably not yet twenty. No blood, all bones appeared to be at the right angle, her clothing remained in tack. She didn't appear to be injured, simply unconscious.

Mason gently shook her shoulder. "Miss? Miss? You need to wake up. You're gonna freeze out here." The kid barely had a proper coat. He ran his eyes over her attire. Blue jeans and boots. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail. She didn't look like a hooker. Just then Mason's eyes fell on the item laying just a few feet from her. It was a purse. Laying on the concrete open, it's contents spread out. It wasn't hard for him to imagine what happened here. Now doubly worried about her, Mason held his hand in front of her nose. Short shallow breaths of air hit his hand. Being as careful as he could, Mason scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the passenger side of his car. He fumbled with the door until he had it open then he sat her on the seat and buckled her in. Thankfully, the car was warmed up and blasting heat out of its vents. Closing the door carefully, Mason hurried back to the sidewalk. He stuffed the contents of the purse back inside and carried it to the car. Getting in and closing his door, Mason turned to find a pair of wide dark blue eyes staring at him. "Umm... Hi."






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