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   Chapter 15 The beginning and the end

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Updated: 2017-12-20 17:37

Grace couldn't help but smile as she walked beside Vance in the cool night air. The days were usually so warm, with the sun beating it's heat relentlessly on the hard workers. Tonight, however, was perfectly lovely. Their was a soft breeze that tickled the leaves and helped to relieve the ever present blush heating Grace's cheeks. Vance hadn't said anything since they left Mary Anne to the cookies several minutes earlier. Grace didn't fill the air with words either. She just wanted to hold on to this moment- freeze it in her memory so that she would forever remember the way she felt as Vance's tall strong body walked beside hers. The way his hand accidentally brushed against hers. She wanted to remember it all! The scent of him, the memory of their exchanged kisses, his smile.. This night had been the stuff of dreams!

"It's been nice hasn't it?" Vance's low voice rumbled into the still night air.

Grace nearly gasped, had she spoken her thoughts aloud? "This is a nice evening, the weather has been perfect for bringing in the wheat."

Vance chuckled softly. "Your mind is always on business, pretty girl."

"What do you mean?" Graces eyes widened when she heard his last two words. He thought she was a pretty girl? She liked the way he said it. He didn't say the words in a derogatory way, rather his voice was low and had a certain warmth in it that made Grace's insides flutter.

"I mean this past week. Living here, working together, kissing in barns, baking cookies. Except for the interfering chaperone, it's been perfect, hasn't it?"

Grace chuckled. "Vance you shouldn't refer to your mother that way."

Vance smiled and wrapped her hand in his, lacing their fingers. His thumb stroked the back of her hand. "Can't help it, I don't like unfinished kisses." Vance stopped and

Anne said to herself as she washed her coffee cup, "One thing is for sure and certain, only love can heal broken hearts." Taking her apron off she smiled as she watched her son kissing his sweet fiancée. "The end of one story, " she whispered as a prayer, " And the beginning of many more."


A/N: Hey ya'll! This is the end of The Ranger's Daughter and I think it was the most difficult chapter to write. Hope it didn't disappoint anyone! Now, for all of those who read Loving River and Loving Lily books, I would like to thank you for being patient with me while I got the Rangers Daughter out of my system. Now that this story is completed I will begin the next Loving book. With that in mind though, I got an idea while I was writing this chapter and was wondered how you guys would react to it. How much do you guys like Vance and Grace? Enough to hear more about them? I was considering a book crossover. Since they're planning on changing towns I was thinking of them moving into Micah and Zane's little town and have all my characters meet. Any how thanks for reading my book, hope you guys liked it! Thanks for all the votes and comments, you know I adore them! Happy reading!

L. R.

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