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   Chapter 14 The Ranger

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Grace couldn't even look at Mary Anne. She, still sitting on the counter, chose to bury her face in Vance's back while he turned to address his mama.

"Mama." He scolded. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"Me!" Mary Anne huffed. "What are you doing molesting Grace in the middle of the night?"

"I wasn't molesting her, we were making cookies."

"Cookies? Is that what the young folks are calling it today." Mary Anne was properly horrified at seeing her son and Grace exchanging salvia in the kitchen. But a bigger part of her was thrilled that she caught them. They way Grace was kissing Vance back, Mary Anne knew this way not a isolated event. Grace would never have the courage to kiss a man thus unless she already had experience and acceptance. Besides the fact that Grace had never had a beau, Mary Anne was fairly certain that it had been Vance that had taught her to kiss him that way. All of these thoughts led to her delight in catching the couple, she truly could see them being good for each other. She knew that Vance was exactly what Grace needed and vice versa. Even so, she had a mother figure to uphold. "Vance?"

Vance shrugged, his grin never leaving his face. "They needed more sugar."

Mary Anne rolled her eyes. "I'm going to have some tea, you two can finish your cookies." She informed them, fetching the kettle.

Vance couldn't contain his grin, he could feel Grace's face pressed against his back. Her small hands were clenching the fabric at his waist. And she was giggling. Oh his back caught most of the sound but he could feel her shaking in giggles against him.

Stepping away from her, Vance turned and smirked at the giggling girl on the counter. "Something funny, baby?" He asked stepping closer.

Grace giggled, "Step away, your mom will be back with the wa

met her.

"He just let it eat him up inside until there was no hope left. He put on a show for me but inside.. He died long before his body did."

"He loved you, Gracie. Even to the end, he loved you." Vance murmured as he stepped closer, he put his hands on Grace's forearms and peered down into her face. "The note he left my pa speaks firmly of his love and desire for you to be happy."

Grace nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around Vance and buried her face in his chest. Vance held her tightly, letting her cry a bit before he kissed the top of her head. "Hey, baby." He murmured against her hair. "Wanna go outside for some moonlight sparking?"

Grace looked up in surprise while laughter bubbled up. "But it's so late."

"Time doesn't matter when you spend it with a loved one."

"Am I a loved one, Vance?" Grace asked.

Vance studied her features, she was honest in her question and it tugged at his heart like he'd never known was possible. "You are, baby. You are."

"Go on with you then, I'll finish the cookies." Mary Anne announced standing up from the table. "But Vance.. You mind your manners."

"Oh he will." Grace promised with a smile.

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