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   Chapter 13 Man Chest

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Grace frowned as she gazed at the bowl. The constancy was a little to thin for cookies. "More flour." She decided. She turned toward the flour bag that was sitting on the table but she paused before she could reach it. There he stood in all his naked glory. Well he had him pants on but that didn't stop Grace's face from flushing a brilliant shade of red.

Vance, unaware of her embarrassment, sauntered into the kitchen with a smile upon his lips. "Are you making me cookies?"

"Umm yeah.." Grace stuttered. Her eyes couldn't stop looking at his naked chest even though it was making her feel like she was on fire. "God asked me too."

Vance grinned, "Really?" He asked as he peered into the big mixing bowl. He stuck his finger in and popped some dough into his mouth.

"Proverbs 31: 14 and 15 says that a woman rises while it is still night and prepares food for her family."

"Needs more flour." Vance announced. "Too soupy."

"Will you add some flour while I put wood in the stove?" Grace asked wishing her blush would go away. He was standing so close to her. She could feel the heat from his body nearly rolling off of him. Grace could hardly breathe, her errant mind kept revisiting the kisses that they'd shared. Her mouth flooded with moisture. This was insane! She neede

eem any closer to a courtship. Throwing back the covers, Mary Anne climbed from bed determined that a cup of chamomile tea was just what she needed. Pulling her shawl around herself, she padded softly down the stairs trying so hard not to wake up Vance and Gracie.

Mary Anne walked into the kitchen and nearly passed out at the sight before her. Vance was there nearly ravishing Grace's mouth. Vance's hands slid from Grace's face yo her small waist. Lifting her up he sat her on the counter, he stepped closer, his mouth never leaving hers. Grace grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer, her lower limbs wrapping around his waist pulling him impossibly close.

"Mmhmm." A throat cleared. The throat cleared four mover times before the sound broke through Vance's kiss fevered mind. "It looks like I've arrived just in time to save Grace's virtue!"

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