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   Chapter 12 The Farm

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"Vance!" Grace called when she spied him walking near the horse fence.

Vance paused and looked around. He'd heard his name but there wasn't anybody around. It was nearly dark and both Grace and his ma were in fixing dinner. He sure hoped Gracie would make him some cookies soon. His mouth was simply watering for the warm, sweet, intoxicating cookies that she baked. Vance shook his head and chuckled. Who was he kidding? It wasn't the cookies his mouth was watering for, it was Grace plain and simple.

"Vance!" Grace called again. "Can you fetch an egg from the barn?"

Vance grinned. Eggs went into cookies, he was sure if it! Could he fetch an egg? If it was for cookies he surely could. Vance carried his saddle into the barn and hung it neatly before he moved toward the stall that the chickens preferred.

Someone grabbed his shirt and gave a mighty yank, making him collide with a small soft body.

"What took you so long?" Grace mumbled as she pulled his head down and stood on her toes to reach his lips.

A smile spread across Vance's lips. He wrapped his arms around Grace pulling her into him. His hands gripped her cheeks lightly, tipping her face upward as he proceeded to take control of her kiss, ravishing her lips with his affections.

"You drug me in the barn to kiss me?" Vance murmured as he moved his lips to her neck kissing and nibbling.

"You walked into the barn yourself." Grace whispered, her head fell back allowing him further access to her neck. "I just pulled you into the stall."

"I thought you were making me cookies."

Grace pulled back slightly, "You'd rather have cookies than my kisses?"

"Nope." Vance said stealing another kiss from her swolle

ences need a little work but I think this place has potential. It would be a nice farm for a family starting out."

Mary Anne smiled at his last words. Her cold hard son was thinking of a family now. Mary Anne never thought she'd see the day when a woman would send Vance to thinking about a family and yet she was glad! A quick glance at Grace however sent a from back to her lips. The girls head was ducked, her eyes kept squarely on her plate while she agreed with Vance. If Mary Anne didn't know any better she would say Grace was feeling a but jealous. She held no enthusiasm over Vance's words but rather they made her seem sad. Mary Anne shook her head, Grace was clueless. Absolutely clueless.

Vance rolled over in bed, but a noise from downstairs made him sit up. Was somebody in the kitchen? Curiosity getting the better of him, he climbed from bed and pulled a pair of denims on. He walked down the stairs fastening them as he went. Sure enough, there was a lantern shining from the kitchen. Vance tiptoes to the door way and what he saw made him smile.

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