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   Chapter 11 In His Arms

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Updated: 2017-12-20 17:35

A/N I apologize for all the spelling errors that are sure to have been in this chapter and my last. I really do know how to spell but I have been typing the chapters out on my phone while I'm at lunch. Auto correct has engaged me in a very instance battle over what word I want and what word it thinks I want. I do intend to edit the story but right now I just want to focus on finishing it so please bear with me.

Vance moaned as he tried to remove ache in his neck. He must've slept wrong, he thought. He could feel the sun shining on himself. He took a deep breathe and paused. Something didn't feel quite right.. his chest felt heavy. Vance opened his eyes and then quickly shut them against the bright morning sun. He was outside! He was still under the tree he had been thinking at since yesterday. and that meant.. vance shaded his eyes as he lifted his head and glanced down on his chest and stomach. And there she slept. Her dark hair lay in a silky tangle. Her mouth was slightly open as she breathed. She looked so comfortable there, sleeping under the tree safe in his arms. A small smile spread across Vance's face. She was beautiful and he was free.

Last night had been a very difficult night, he was glad that he finally decided to share the truth with this wild angel. He felt so much better, the weight he had been carrying for oh so long had suddenly lifted. He could hear the birds sing, he could see the sunshine, he could smell the glorious brown hair that was tangled on his chest. It had been a long while since Vance had fel

Mary Anne toward Grace and with a raised eyebrow she asked, "Grace, you should go put on a dress. It hardly seems appropriate to be working the fields on a nightgown and a shawl."

Vance's eyes widened as he studied Grace's lack of clothing. Grace gasped and pulled her shawl tighter. "Yes, ma'am." She muttered. She all but ran from the kitchen while Mary Anne laughed.

"Wheat, my foot Vance. What were you two doing?"

"At the creek."


"Not exactly."


"Not really."

"Well, Vance, what else is there to do at a creek with a girl?" Mary Anne teased her son. He seemed more like his old self and she loved it!

"We slept."

"What!" Mary Anne cried it surprise. She expected that they'd done some sparking but she didn't expect sleeping to be the answer.

"That's all you need to know mama." Vance said with a grin.

"Vance, you better be marrying that girl." Mary Anne warned.

Vance gazed at the stairs where Grace had disappeared to dress. "I intend to mama. Oh, I intend too."

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