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   Chapter 9 Flirting with Cookies

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Grace grinned as she proudly held her fish up, showing Vance her latest catch. "That's four for me and-"

"I know." Vance grumbled. This day of fishing had turned out fantastic. Apparently, Grace was quite the expert fisherman. She was very proud of all her fish filling his bucket. Oh she didn't catch all the fish, Vance had caught some too. Unlike her fish though, he had to through his fish back. They were far to small to be used for dinner.

Grace giggled as she added her most recent fish to the bucket. "You're just sore because I'm better at fishing." She responded as she sat back down on the grassy bank next to him. She had her shoes and stockings off and she was enjoying the feel of the soft cool grass on her feet. Vance also had his boots off and his shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. It was a struggle for Grace to keep her eyes and mind off the strong muscular arms that held the pole beside her. She wondered what it would feel like to have those- shaking her head in disgust she returned her attention to her own pole.

Vance risked a glance toward Grace. She was so pretty! And a master at fishing! She sat on the grass, her knees drawn up to her chest. Ten small toes peeped out from beneath her dress. He couldn't believe the woman beside him. Not only did she fish but she also baited her own hook and offered to clean the fish and cook them when they returned! This was a girl like no other. Those dang toes! She should cover herself up before he was tempted into doing something stupid! "We probably should head back, we have enough for dinner I think." He grumbled with another frown toward Grace's feet.

Giggling, Grace hopped up and pulled her line from the water. "This was such fun, Vance Romance! It's just how it was with my father." Grace sighed with delight as she pick d up the bucket of fish.

Vance straightened and turned, surprise coloring his t

many do you have helping with this harvest?"

Grace cleared her throat as his smoldering eyes landed on her again. He appeared to be laughing although not a sound left him. His lips were turned up in a smirk and Grace nearly gasped when he winked at her! "Three... If you agree that is." She stammered. Blast him! Why did he keep looking at her like that?

"Well, I suppose I can assist. Shall we head out tomorrow? "

"I was thinking the day after, " Mary Anne explained, "we'll need time to gather out things and food for the week."

"Okay then." Vance said standing as he walked to the cookie sheet. He chose a cookie and then held it near Grace's mouth.

Flicking her eyes upward to see his face, Grace took a small bite from the warm cookie. She closed her eyes as the delightful flavors washed over her tongue. When she opened her eyes she was surprised to see Vance taking a bite from the same cookie she had bitten!

"You just be sure to keep your cookie jar, Gracie, and I'll exceed every expectation you've ever had for hired help."

"But I didn't hire you." She stuttered.

"True." Vance chucked her chin. "Then you better keep two cookie jars full. Can't have the help getting cranky." He called over his shoulder as he left the kitchen.

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