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   Chapter 8 Coffee Addict

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Grace stretched out on her bed and closed her eyes. The sun shone on her face through the window. She was fully dressed for the day but felt like she needed a few minutes to gather her courage before she left the privacy of her borrowed room. Yesterday, had been difficult for Grace. She thought she was coming to terms with her father's death but seeing that barn... remembering him... Tears slid down her face and made wet spots on her white pillowcase. The wheat she and her father had worked so hard to plant was now coming ready for harvesting and yet there was nobody to take it in. Grace knew she should go and bring it in. It was rightfully her responsibility now that her father had passed. But to go back to the claim? To work in and see that barn? Grace squeezed her eyes tightly shut, trying to block out the pain and heartache that seemed to wrack her body. She must get up. Today was a new day with new responsibilities. She must get at it. Even though she knew what she must do, Grace didn't move from her bed.

A tapping noise came from the door. "Grace?" Vance called.

Grace swallowed before she stood and pasted a smile on her face. "Yes?" She called as she wiped the tears from her face. She would let know one know she was crying. Strength was the key to survival.

"Ma said to tell you that she made some coffee if you want it."

"Thank you." Grace answered softly. She wasn't used to such kindness, usually she made her own coffee. Mary Anne had been so very kind to her, especially since her father's death.

"Are you okay?" Vance asked.

"Of course." Grace opened her door and smiled at Vance. "It was kind of your ma to make coffee.

"Well, after my third cup, she told me I better fetch you so you could have some before it was gone."

Grace chuckled. "I see, well then, let's hurry so you can get back to your coffee."

"After you." Vance said, gesturing for her to precede him down the stairs.

"There you are, Gracie." Mary Anne turned with a smile. "Come have some coffee before Vance Pants drinks it all."

"Mother." Vance grumbled.

Mary Anne shrugged. "Sorry, dear. I haven't thought of a nickname mature enough yet." She pinched Vance's cheek affectionately, "so until I do, it'll be Vance Pants.

Shaking his head, Vance took his seat at the table and cupped his mug with his hands. "She'll

and he was dreaming.

There she was, the woman he was trying to avoid was walking down to the pond, her yellow calico dress fluttering on the light breeze, a daisy tucked behind one ear. She looked like a flower princess, so pretty and dainty. She was sweet too- Vance shook his head. This is crazy he is never gonna get this girl from his head. Just the sight of her made his heart start beating double time and then his mother today suggesting that Grace and he- that he and Grace.

"There you are." Grace smiled at him. "I've been searching for you."

"Seems you found me."

"Your ma wants you to come home."

"I just started fishing." Vance protested, it is difficult to do anything fun with a woman standing behind you telling you what you should be doing. Mother's. She probably sensed him relaxing in the cool grass.

"It isn't an emergency or anything." Grace said as she eyes his fishing pole in the water. She glanced at him to find his green eyes studying her. "Would you mind terribly if I were to join you in fishing?"

"You fish?"

"My pa taught me, although I haven't been in so long. Do you


"You don't have a pole."

"I can make one of you'll lend me a hook and some fishing line."

Vance shrugged. "Suit yourself." This would be an interesting day, he thought to himself as he watched her search for the perfect branch.


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