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   Chapter 7 Vance

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"I was big for my britches, I suppose you'd say. I was the eldest and thought I knew it all. My folks didn't appreciate my attitude, naturally." Vance shook his head as he gazed ahead. He was driving with Grace, but his mind was in the past.

"What happened?" Grace prompted when he remained silent.

"Oh, I got into a fight with some hot-headed youths. It was pretty bad actually. We were all banged up." Vance tossed Grace a rare smile, she was temporarily stunned by he brilliance of it. He had a dimple!

"You should have see my ma's face when she and pa came to bail me out of jail."

"Jail!" Grace gasped, the dimple forgotten.

Vance chuckled. "You sound like my ma when she found out." he shook his head. "Yup, so what do my folks do? They come down, tell me how disappointed they are in me. Shake their heads in my general direction and then they leave."

"They didn't bail you out?"

"Nope. Pa thought it would teach me a lesson that I sorely needed. He couldn't do anything with me so he figured a few days spent in jail might drive his lectures home."

"Did it work?"

"Eventually." Vance shook his head again, "I was very stubborn. I spent a week in jail. The food was horrible. They had this blind widow lady cook for us. More often then not, we either ended up with undercooked food or overcooked. There was no middle for it. I think the sheriff paid her to do serve us terrible food. When I finally got out, I was burning mad at my folks. Decided I was man enough to make my own way, so I packed my saddlebag and took off."

"So you took up rangering?"

Vance glanced at her in surprise. "Who told you that?"

"The sheriff mentioned that you'd done some rangering and cowboying. He said you used to write letters to your ma."

Vance shrugged. "That's true enough. Spent several years rangering. Gave it up after my wife...passed."

"I'm sorry." Grace murmured.

"Took up cowboying after that. It made for a nice change." Vance continued ignoring her sympathy.


long to gather her possessions. Vance was rather impressed how little she decided to take with her. She was a woman who obviously knew what was important and what wasn't. She left the brick a brack and rugs. She simply took two dresses, four books, and a photograph a man and a woman. Her father and mother, Vance assumed. In less than twenty minutes, they were back in the wagon returning to town. Vance didn't know what to think about this trip. To be honest, his feelings were mixed. He'd never seen a woman that seemed so honest with her emotions. After his wife, Vance had become a rather good judge of character. He was always watching people- analyzing. Grace didn't seem to have anything to hide. Either she was very good at playing this game, or else she really was as sweet and in pain as she seemed.

Grace barely made it away from that barn without a break down. The only way she did was to keep reminding herself that she could not cry in front of Mr. Mcvone. She could not. She would not! Grace hurried in grabbing the few things she that meant a lot to her. She needed to get away from that barn she just kept seeing... seeing... turning her face upward toward the sky, she took a deep breath and slowly breathed it out through her mouth. She had her possessions now she just needed to start a life for herself in town.

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