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   Chapter 6 Slipping Defenses

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Mary Anne smiled as she watched Grace step out onto the porch where Vance was leaning up against a roof support waiting. This was a brilliant idea, it took so long to ride to and from the Lace farm, the couple would have ample time to get better acquainted. Mary Anne really didn't need to spend time helping Susan sew but she decided to visit her friend anyway. She didn't want to be shown a liar!

Grace smiled as they walked across the yard to the barn where Mary Anne stood with the wagon. She was determined it would be a good day. She wouldn't waste one single day of life, not one. Last night, Grace had retired early, it may have seemed that she simply wanted to leave mother and son alone to catch up, but that wasn't her true motive. Grace missed her father, heart heart aches for him. Sometimes it aches so badly it felt like a physical pain. Once in her room, Grace had collapsed on her bed and sobbed tears for the day. She had determined the day of her fathers death that nobody would ever see her cry again. It was weakness and Grace would never display weakness to anyone. She is strong, in control. Only her pillow in her lonely bedroom should ever know how deep the hurt went. Therefore, even though she had had a white night previously, this morning (after her strong coffee) had found her smiling and eager to begin the day. She just prayed and hoped that she could hold it together when they reached the old farm. She didn't want Vance to know just how weak her inner heart really was.

Vance felt torn, as he helped Miss Pace into the wagon and then took his own seat. He was angry at his mother for forcing this long trip on him. He was trying to avoid the girl! Of course he could just whip his shirt off, that would keep her speechless most of the journey but Vance didn't want to do that again. If his mother kept this up he'd be forced to burn a

, it found the couple much more relaxed and dare I say happier than before.

"I've never worked a a bearded lady." Vance said. "I'm surprised you would even have the courage to suggest such a a thing to me."

"You are rather intimidating." Grace agreed with a nod, "But you bleed the same as the rest of us so I don't see you as any different. Just a mite tougher."

"You think I'm intimidating?" Vance was rather surprised. That wouldn't have been a word he would have chosen to describe himself. He wondered why she found that word suitable.


Vance was slightly irritated that she didn't elaborate his stubborn pride refused to allow him any more questioning on the matter.

"You still haven't told me why you left home all those years ago." She reminded him, "Sheriff says you left in a fury."

"Sheriff has no business talking about my past." Vance grumbled.

"Oh quit the grumbling, Vance!" Grace exclaimed. "I know you can laugh."

Vance was quiet for several minutes before he said, "I haven't laughed in a long time."

"Why not?" Grace asked peering up at the tall dark man. She struggled to hold his gaze when he turned his penetrating green eyes on her.

"Because I never had much to laugh about." He said.

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