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   Chapter 8 Chess and Jail

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The Mayor nearly growled in frustration. The man at the desk was being entirely no help. "Listen here, young man." His irritation showed plainly in his voice causing the attendant to shrink back. "My darling daughters are expecting me and I will not disappoint them. If you know what's best for you, you'll just keep searching until you find me a ride out of this city."

The spectacled young man shrugged and shook his head. "I understand your frustration, sir. But there is nothing I can do. My job here is to sell tickets and send telegraphs. I'm just relaying the news, I didn't invent it."

"You are incompetent!" The mayor shouted. "I didn't ask for excuses!"

The young man shrugged again and took a step back from the counter. Personally, he was rather glad there was a counter between him and his irate customer. "Nothing I can do, if you must get to that town so badly I would suggest the fastest way is to rent a horse and ride it. Be prepared to go off the trail however. Like I said, the trail at this moment is impassable. The men from the mine have been working hard to clear it but it's taking some time."

"Time that I don't have." The Mayor was completely enraged now, leaning most of his weight on the counter he grabbed hold of the young man's shirt. "Get me a coach. NOW."

"There a problem here, Tony? "

The Mayor turned slightly to see a large figure blocking the door way. Tony forced a smile, "This gentleman is just upset that the coaches aren't running."

"Sir, " The sheriff moved closer to the mayor. "Young Tony is correct. It's probably going to be a week or so before coaches will be able to run again. Rock slides tend to cause quite a bit of trouble you know."

The mayor sneered at the sheriff, "You look t to be an able bodied man. You should be helping them clear it. You're a wasteful piece of human flesh."

The sheriff shrugged, "Sorry to disappoint you but I have to stay in town. Keep troublesome men like you from destroying it."

The mayor's face turned a nearly inhuman shade of red, veins bulged from his forehead and neck. "Why you incompetent ..."

"You know what, Tony?" The sheriff closed the gap between him and the angry man.

"What's that, Sheriff?"

"I think this man could benefit from a few nights spent in our town's jail cell."

"WHAT? YOU CAN"T PUT ME IN JAIL! I AM A SICKLY MAN!" Several people n the street stopped to star in at them before quickly moving along.

"Sorry, " The Sheriff said. He didn't sound the least bit sorry when he pulled out a set of hand cuffs and secured them on the mayors wrists. "The way I see it, if you're healthy enough to cause such a ruckus, then you're healthy enough to sit in a cell for a few days. Let's go."

she wrapped an arm around her daughter's shoulders. "Darling, it's very early yet but it sure sounds like you're expecting a wee one."

"Really?" Willow smiled briefly before her smile changed to a frown, "What if it isn't that? What if I'm just late because of the stress from the mayor?"

"It could be that too." Lily agreed with a shrug. "To be honest, I'm siding with your mom. Two weeks late is one thing, but you said you're nearly three. And with the symptoms you've been feeling? " Lily shrugged. "I think a little one is one the way."

A smile spread across Willow's face as she tenderly touched her flat stomach. "A baby." She murmured. She had hoped it would be true although a part of her mind dared not to even think it.

"When will you tell Trent?" Lily broke the silence.

"Should I tell him?" Willow worried with a frown.

Lily and River chuckled. "Darling, he's going to find out at some point." River pointed out.

Willow rolled her eyes with a laugh, "I didn't mean that. It's just... well with the news of the mayor. He's worried about that. I don't want to give him another reason to worry."

" I don't think you should wait. Trent would be hurt if you knew so long and didn't say anything to him." Lily said and Willow knew that she was correct.

"It's a man's job to worry, Willow." River said. "That's what makes men such great protectors. They love and care about their family. They will fight for them. Love them. It's that love that motivates their protective side. You give Trent a reason to fight, you are his inspiration and his strength."

"Tell him, Willow and never forget chess." Lily advised.

"Chess? What does that have to do with this?" Willow wondered with a frown.

With twinkling eyes, Lily and River said in unison, "The Queen always protects her King. "

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