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   Chapter 7 Stand and fight!

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"Pa?" Mara hurried through the throngs of happy townsmen to find her pa. Tom felt like a pup on a leash, for Mara had clutched his hand in her own as she hurried off in search of her pa. He wasn't sure what made her take his hand but he was rather pleased that she had. Stupid thought, he was much to old for her. Why the girl was barely out of her teens and here he was nearing thirty. A relationship between them would be nothing short of morbid! "Pa!" Mara called in relief when she finally spotted her pa sparking her ma out behind the cabin.

"Mara." Rhett looked towards his younger daughter though he didn't release his wife from his embrace even though she squirmed. His eyebrow raised slightly as he caught sight of the man his daughter was clinging too. "What's this, daughter?" He turned to face her, crossing his arms firmly across his broad chest. "What did he do?" His eyes narrowed into a menacing stare at the younger man. "I don't need to be planning a wedding, do I?" Even though this was phrased like a question, it sounded more like a threat. Tom was more then tempted to step back and away from the irate father. Only Mara's hand squeezing his kept him firmly in place. After all, the father didn't have to worry. Mara was much too young for Tom. Wasn't she?

"Don't be ridiculous, father." Mara said with a shake of her head. "Tom has been a perfect gentleman and more so."

"What do you mean, darling?" Lacey was rather surprised herself to see their young Mara with a male of marriageable age. Mara had never been one to chase after the boys. Sara was the twin that was more suited to that activity. Mara was more of a homebody, she preferred lighter happier activities.

"Tom has brought a warning for us. I thought you needed to know immediately."

"Well, don't just stand there with your tongue in your mouth. Speak, boy!" Rhett rather commanded.

Despite the seriousness of the circumstances, an impish part of Tom's mind was nearly tempted to bark. Restraining himself and focusing his mind to the task at hand, Tom stepped forward, closer to Rhett. His hand never left Mara's and she stepped along with him.

"Sir, My name is Tom Demko. I used to be an attendant for your wife's father, the mayor."

"What?" Lacey's hands flew to her mouth. Rhett slid his arm around her shoulder and tucked her close to his side.

"Used to be?" Rhett ask


"Well, you can stop." Micah announced.

"You have a plan?" Lily's voice sounded so hopeful. Micah knew both she and Lacey were worried but they were also bothered with feelings of guilt for the trouble their father was due to bring.

"Not so much a plan." Micah hedged. "The way I see it, we have two options here. We can either pick up and take off. Build our lives somewhere else. Canada maybe. Or we can stay and fight for what's ours." He shrugged and sat down beside his wife. "That's the only real choices I see."

"We can't just tuck our tail between our legs and run. That's the cowards way." Rhett exclaimed. "This is our land, our home. This is where I brought my bride and where we raised out babies."

"I agree." Zane said. "I'm done running from fathers."

"Then it's agreed." Trent announced. "We'll stay and fight for our wives, our land, and our lives. Come hell or high water we are staying and no ex mayor is gonna tell us differently."

"We need to get some sleep." Micah said he stood and stretched. "We have many preparations to make. We don't know how long we have."

Rhett turned and smiled at the one man that had remained silent throughout the entire planning process. "You did right, in coming to us boy. You're a good man. An honorable man."

"We understand if you have other plans, Tom." Zane said, "But we'd feel right privileged if you'd stay and stand with us against the mayor."

"Oh, do stay Tom." Mara begged with a smile.

Tom smiled back at her even as he spoke to Zane, "Of course I'll stay. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

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