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   Chapter 6 The Party

Loving Willow By LadyRosabella Characters: 12070

Updated: 2017-12-20 16:18

A/N - Hey, all of you who have still stuck with this story! I just wanted to apologize for taking so long on thing crazy chapter. I have been working on it for weeks and all I could ever get was 364 words- needless to say this chapter just wasn't happening.

Every time I tried to write it I would add like ten words and then quit because I just wasn't feeling it. So... After weeks and weeks of no update I finally decided enough was enough and I deleted all 364 words of this chapter and decided to begin a new. And ... it still didn't help.

I was at a complete dead end and ready to just delete this story since i didn't feel like i would ever 'feel' the rest of the story. Then, a special reader left me a couple of comments. Those comments helped me like you wouldn't believe. I loved her fabulous ideas and now I present this chapter: The party! Hope you all enjoy it! At least I finally got it written! Forgive me for not editing it. Once the words started flowing I had to get it all down before i lost inspiration lol

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Happy reading, ya'll! - Lady Rosabella

Willow smiled at Henry Barker as she handed him a cool glass of water. It was nearly evening and Willow and the other girls were offering the men water drawn from the well. "It's looking wonderful, Henry." Willow commented as he guzzled the water. "You men work so fast. I just can't believe our cabin is nearly complete." She smiled in delight at the newly born building that graced the western plains.

Henry nodded as he handed the glass back to her. "I just can't wait for the dancing to start." He commented with a longing gaze toward the young skirts frittering here and there preparing for the evening party.

Willow smiled, "Well, I'll leave you to finish up. See you at the shin dig, Henry."

"Thanks for the water, Miz Willow."

Willow carried the glass back to where the women folk had set up their tables and chairs. So far it had turned out to be a lovely productive day. The cabin was very nearly finished, thanks to the friendly hardworking hands of all the neighbors. The women, had kept themselves busy preparing food, looking after the young ones and quilting when they had a bit of free time. The weather had turned out beautiful for this cabin raising.

The men and women of the town had worked very hard today. The cabin was almost done and the part preparations were complete. As dusk fell upon them, many were becoming rather antsy, more then ready for the relaxing good time that the party would bring.

Willow herself was looking forward to it. She had hardly seen her husband, and even though she would see him in the evening, she still longed to be in his company. Help him work even. Building a cabin was not exactly an activity that the men wanted women doing. And Willow was nearly giddy with the excitement of seeing her husband. Being held close to him as they danced. Hearing his heartbeat echo in her mind as she rested her head against his chest.

"Listen up!" Micah shouted loud enough so that every one could here. "My family and I wanna thank you all kindly for giving of your time and energy to build our young'un's a house. We thank you from the depths of our heart. It's a mighty fine looking cabin, ain't it?"

The proud men broke in applause and hollering at their days accomplishment. When the noise settled down a bit, Micah continued. "Now to show ya'll just how appreciative we all our. We'd like to invite ya'll to stay around for some food and dancing!"

As folks lined up on either side of the food tables, several men pulled out thei

life. He'd never met a girl who was so honestly happy. She didn't fake it or pretend, instead her joy of living spread out until it surrounded her like a beautiful aura. Tom would be truly happy if he could spend the rest of his life in her delightful presence. His purpose for being in town was slowly fading away to be replaced by a bright sweet smile of the girl on his arm.

After they had heaped their plates with all the good food the women of the town had to offer, Tom led her over to sit beneath a tree near the corner of the newly built cabin. "This has been very nice." He commented as he took a bite of the tastiest fried chicken he'd ever had. "Thank you for insisting I join you, Mara."

"I'm glad you could. I was rather lonely myself before you showed up."

"Really?" Tom asked in surprise.

Mara nodded. "Tom, why did you come to town?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Just wondered if I should expect you to drift out of my life just as quickly as you drifted in." Mara stated honestly. She never broke eye contact with him and Tom knew that she was worried about his leaving.

"To be perfectly honest, I came to warn a family of danger that is soon to come to them."

"Danger? Tom, what do you mean?"

"Do you know two women in this town they're sisters. Their names are Lily and Lacey?"

"Of course. Lily is my aunt. Lacey is my mother."

"You're family has danger coming. In fact I wish we could gather a meeting later with everyone in your family."

"Tom, you're not making sense. What is going on? Why is danger coming?"

"Your grandfather is coming to destroy your entire family. He seeks revenge."

"No." Mara gasped. Surely it couldn't be. Her grandfather hadn't been heard of in years, why would he show up now.

"I used to work for him, Mara. But I had to come and warn your family."

Standing, Mara took his hand and urged Tom to follow her. "We have little time, Tom. We must tell my father. Plans have to be made."

"Let's go." Tom agreed, he was rather impressed with the girl. She didn't give in to fear and tears, but rather she decided that action was the best course. This was a girl he wanted by his side.

Gracious, what was he thinking? Why he must be at least ten years older then her. Lacey's daughter. He shook his head, no, he would not allow his heart to get wrapped up with his joyful angel. His mind was made up... his heart was doubtful.

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