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   Chapter 4 Evil Grandfather

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Lawrence Vancoln frowned at the man standing before him. "Are you telling me that after years of searching for my idiot daughters, they were living only a few towns over?"

"It's understandable for you to be upset." The young man soothed the older gray haired man. "But remember the search has been long and arduous. Your health isn't in the best of condition."

"I don't need you to tell me about my health." Mayor Vancoln snapped. He thumped his cane irritating on the floor. "Tell me about my daughters." He demanded.

"They're both married. The first one, Lily, has two sons. The younger son is still in school from what I can determine he is quiet the academic. The oldest son is out of school and has a sweetheart. Your second daughter, Lacey, is married to Rhett Vermont and has twin daughters."

"I need to get at them in a way that will anger them all." Mayor Vancoln mused. "I need to destroy the whole family."

"If you don't mind my saying so sit, it's been twenty years, your daughters have probably forgotten about you."

"That's all the more reason to destroy them all." Vancoln growled. "All of my previous troubles are because of my idiot daughters and I won't stop until I have destroyed them all! They will feel pain that I've felt only, " Vancoln smiled an evil smile that fully revealed his cracked yellow teeth, "they won't recover like I did. They will suffer and die."

A twinge of conscious affected the young man, Tom, when he heard the older mans words. Tom served as Vancoln's attendant while the man was attempting to recover from a stroke. It was a long torturous process, before Vancoln was able to do many simple activities. Even now, he still had a difficult time accomplishing everyday actives. Tom often wondered if the man was in his full mind. Shortly after his youngest daughter disappeared, Mayor Vancoln suffered a severe attack. The doctors wondered about his recovery, for many many months they thought the man would never recover. Tom was then sent to care for the older man and assist him as needed. It was a difficult task and Tom hated it but he sorely needed money to send home to his elderly mother and his youngest sister, therefore he took the job and stayed despite the problems the older man proves to be. Toms mother had since passed away but he continued to provide for his fifteen year old sister.

When the older mayor has insisted he track down his daughters, Tom had done it thinking that the older man was merely family oriented and wishes to have his daughters near him in his advanced age. Vancoln had to be at least seventy if he was a day, Tom thought to himself. So Tom had gone and found were his daughters were living and gathered as much information on them as he could without raising any suspicions.

Now, after reporting his finding to Vancoln, Tom felt a certain fear begin t

o fill him. A fear directed toward the mans daughters. Tom had the terrible feeling that Vancoln was the exact reason his daughters had disappeared so many years ago and now! Now the former Mayor Vancoln was talking about murder! Tom felt the need to warn the family of the coming attack, he just couldn't live with himself if he didn't give them some sort of warning. This man was crazy and Tom was certain he would do whatever he had to to satisfy his warped feeling of justice. For some reason, Vancoln blamed his attack in his daughters and he hated them for the tortured years he spent trying to regain his body. They would pay, Vancoln would see to it and Tom had to make sure they knew if the impending storm.


Trent smiled at the beautiful girl in the green dress. Willow was quiet now, gazing up at the stars while Trent stopped the wagon at the pond. "Walk with me?" He asked as he tossed his hat in the back of the wagon.

"Of course." Willow placed her hand in his as he helped her down. "Somethings different about you, Trent." She mused into the night air.

"Have I grown more handsome?" Trent asked with a flirtatious wink.

"No, " Willow giggled, "in fact, I've been hesitant to tell you this but.." Bending closer she whispered. "You've gotten a bit uglier."

"What?" Trent laughed as Willow pulled away from him and took off at a run.

She didn't get very far before an arm wrapped around her waist and jerked her against his chest. "You better brace yourself baby, an ugly man is gonna kiss you."

"What?" Willow mumbled in surprise while Trent spun her around so she was facing him.

"What can I say? I'm found my favorite dessert on your lips." Bending down, Trent used his thumb to gently my stroke her lips. "You don't mind, do you Willa?"

"I like it when you kiss me." Willow whispered.

Trent's thumb paused, "You do?"

"Yeah." Willow breathed, he was so close she could feel his warm breath.

"Why, Willa?"

"Why do you kiss me?" Willow asked instead, for some reason his nickname for her didn't bother her like it usually did. Now it just sounded like an endearment.. Then again, Willow pondered, maybe he always had meant it as an endearment.

"Don't my kisses tell you anything, Willa?"

"You mean do they speak to me?"

"Do they?"

"They do, " She admitted. "But I don't know if what I think they're saying is what they're really saying."

"If you think they're saying that I love you and want you with me for the rest our lives, then you're right."

"Trent." Willow stood on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his. Trent wrapped his arms around Willow and pulled her closer to his heart.

"Will you marry me?"

Willow smiled and nodded. "When?"


Willow giggled, "so soon?"

"I could have said tomorrow." Trent teased as he places another sweet kiss to her pink lips.

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