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   Chapter 3 Angel among humans

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Trent, Willow thought. She smiled to herself as she walked home from the pond. She could hardly believe what had happened today. Her smile broke into a grin as she began to skip, swinging the boots that she carried in her right hand. Her skip broke into a twirl as she spun around with her head tipped back to face the heavens. "He kissed me. He kissed me!" Unable to contain her excitement, Willow dashed home. The smile never left her face until she arrived breathless to see her porch occupied by five women.

All five eyes looked up in surprise as Willow dashed up the steps and dropped a kiss on her mothers forehead. "What is that for?" Willow asked in surprise. Her daughters appearance was nothing short of scandalous. Her dress was damp and clung to her slender form. Her boots were in her hand, her hair was in a braid that was barely staying together. What concerned River most however we the bright pink blush that graced her daughters cheeks. Her eyes were sparkling- fairly dancing with delight.

"It's just a beautiful day!" Willow giggled as she disappeared inside the house, leaving five very confused women.

"What is that all about?" Sara mused as she stared after her friend.

"I don't know." River answered, "But I think we may be in for trouble."

Four heads nodded in agreement as they returned their attention back to their mending.

"Maybe she ate a bad apple." Mara suggested.

"Hog wash!" Lacey exclaimed. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say she was swapping kisses with a fella."

"What?" River and Lily exclaimed at the same time.

"Why do you say that, mama?" Mara asked in interest. If her friend was out swapping kisses with a fella- boy of boy did she want to know about it!

"Oh come on!" Lacey exclaimed with a pointed look at Lily and River. "Haven't you felt that exact same was whenever your husbands kiss you?"

"You mean with a constant smile, a dance in my step?"

"Maybe that's why the area around her mouth was so red. Looked like she rubbed it on Daddy's wool sweater." Mara innocently offered.

Lily, Lacey, and River shared a glance before they burst into delighted giggles.

"I wonder who kissed her?" Lily said when she finally caught her breath.

"I wish it was Trent." Sara said with a soft sigh. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if he swept her up into his arms and carried her off into the sunset?"


Willow dressed carefully in her best dress. It was a mint green color that looked truly magnificent against her auburn hair. The dress was beautifully fitted and flared into a full skirt. She had twisted her hair into a long braid and wrapped it around her head like a crown. She decorated it with a few daisies that she picked grin the field. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were bright with excitement. Trent told her that he'd call for her at six thirty. The clock in the mantle read six twenty five and Willow could feel butterflies taking flight in her belly. Sure, it was just Trent, her best friend. But somehow, this was different. Trent had kissed her, he flirted with her and invited her to go to the social with him. Somehow this felt different from his usual friendly invitations.

Willow walked out of the house and sat down on the porch swing. Smoothing the fabric of her skirt, she focused

in keeping calm. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Trent. Of course, Trent knew her every secret- well, every secret except one. Willow kept that one secret cached close to her heart. Still, Trent knew her. He knew her fears and hopes. He knew her embarrassing moments and held her while she cried. He taught her how to whistle and she taught him to bake a pie.

"The lady looks like an angel that walked among the humans to spread beauty and hope where they needed it most. The women adored her and flocked to her, they felt enchanted in her presence. The men desired her and fight dragons to see the lovely curve of her smile. She sits regally, her words themselves are joy. Her beauty is unmatched by even the brightest of stars."

Willow burst into giggles as Trent knelt before her, his hat in his hands. "What are you about, Trent?" She laughed.

"I'm seducing an angel. "Trent said placing a kiss to the back of her hand.

"Oh?" With a raised eyebrow, Willow looked around. "I thought it was just the two of us."

Trent smirked. "It is just the two of us, isn't it?" Taking her hands in his, he tugged a little harder then he needed to causing her to thump against his chest. "Are you ready to go dancing, Angel?"

"Trent, why are you acting so funny? You've never called me angel before."

"I've never kissed your before either."

"Why did you?"

"You dared me." Trent ran his finger over Willows lips. Her lips were so soft, he wanted nothing more than to gather her in his arms and rain kisses all over this wonderful girl.

"Is that the truth?"

"No." Trent smiled, "it's just what I tell the public."

An impish grin tickled Willows lips. Tilting her head to the side, she stuck her tongue out at Trent.

"You vixen." Trent mumbled as he turned and pulled her to his wagon. "You're gonna pay for that." He promised as he lifted her up into the wagon.

"Am I?" Willow asked as Trent climbed into the wagon and began moving the team away from town.

"Yup, and what's more, you and I will not be attending tonight social."

"What?" Willow gasped in surprise. "Why?"

"Because you'll be wrapped in my arms under our oak by the pond!"

"Trent! We can't do that!" Willow was visibly shaken by him implications. Oh she wouldn't have bothered if he appeared to be joking, but he wasn't. Instead of taking the team to the social in town, Trent drove away from town in the direction of their favorite pond.

"You've no choice in the matter now, Willa. You already stuck your tongue out at me. I wouldn't be much of a man if I turned down a dare as great as that one. Besides, since when does a man refuse to give a girl a kiss when she asks for one."

"But I didn't-"

"Relax, Willa. Kissing me isn't all bad. After a while you may even grow to like it!"

A/N so.... This is the first three chapters of my new story. What do you think? Anything you want to happen or hoping will happen?Leave a comment and let me know. Kinda neat having all the characters in one story. You'll learn more about them as the story progresses... As long as I don't run out of ideas for writing in which case long waits for chapters may ensue... Lol any how thanks for reading! Vote and comment and if you have a suggestion or idea let me know! Cheers!

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